Purederm Olive Collagen Mask – Review

Purederm Olive Collagen Mask

Hey Gals,

Today’s pick is Purederm Olive collagen face sheet mask. I have used a sheet mask for the first time and am really impressed with its performance. Collagen masks help to reduce the signs of ageing. As skin ages, it loses collagen which is a king of protein present in the skin. This depletion of collagen begins around the age of 25. A collagen mask helps replace the lost collagen and promote the development of new collagen.

Purederm Olive Collagen Mask

Purederm claims that Olive collagen mask:

• Easy and effective skin recovery treatment formulated with olive leaf extract, collagen and vitamin E
• Thanks to pure olive, it revitalizes your skin call to maintain firm and healthy
• Natural pulp sheet prevents skin troubles and provides close adhesion to the face.

Purederm Olive Collagen Mask (2)


Rs. 89


1 sheet for single use.

Shelf life:

36 months


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My experience with Purederm Olive collagen mask:

I was very hopeful when I applied this mask on my face and honestly, it has lived up to my expectations. Purederm olive collagen mask comes in a sheet form, you just have to remove it from its outer cover and put it on your clean face, little adjustments are required here and there to make sure that your eyes and nose fits in the cavities provided in the mask. But otherwise, it covers your entire face properly. As soon as I pressed it against my skin, I felt a tingling refreshing sensation. It has a very pleasant fragrance which is very soothing. I did not feel any irritation or itching after applying it, although I have a very sensitive skin. This mask needs around 20-25 minutes to dry completely and frankly I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t feel like removing it even then.

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The sheet is very soft and is fully soaked in liquid which was dripping initially and then later on it felt as if my skin has soaked all its goodness. After removing the mask, I could see and feel the difference; my skin was soft and bright.

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You need to wash your face after removing as there is a little bit of stickiness, just plain water would be fine. There is no stretchy feeling and I am enjoying and loving all the attention I am getting after using the Purederm olive collagen mask. This sheet mask is for one time use, so I suppose I will have to buy a lot of these for future use.

Yays for Purederm Olive collagen mask:

• Natural and amazing ingredients.
• No irritation or stinging on the skin.
• Very soft, one time use sheet that is made of natural pulp.
• Mask fits properly on the face.
• Brightens up the face.
• Leaves your facial skin soft and supple.
• No stretchy feeling during or after application.
• Can be used on sensitive skin also.
• Gives a very refreshing and relaxing results.

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Nays for Purederm Olive collagen mask:

• Can be used only once.
• Sheet is very delicate, hence has to be handled carefully.
• Availability might be an issue.

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Would I Repurchase Purederm Olive Collagen Mask?

It’s a yes for me 🙂
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  1. Again a sheet maskk .. Rati and Jomol ..have already tempted me a lot 🙂 .. nice one ..will lay my hands on these 🙂 ..have to hav to try it :-).. nice one Shilpi.. olive is soo gud for skin 🙂

  2. Shilpi U sud have showed ur face after application 😉 Löved ur review and will try this 🙂 BTW I loved ur nail paint color 😀

    1. I clicked a before, during and after application pics, but cud not post them 🙁
      thanks for the nail paint, I had worn specially to show 🙂

  3. wow.. collagen mask that too wid olive.. ek try to banta h.. 🙂 😉 never used any sheet mask.. its time to go for sheet masks now yayyyyy

  4. Oh..another one… the Olive in the name itself is very inviting 😀 I really wanna get one of these..where do you buy these from?

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