Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush – You Need This!

Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush

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Today’s review will be on the Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush.
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About The Product:
A dual-ended brush with applicators for foundation/blush and concealer.

What it does:
This travel-friendly, retractable brush, like all Hourglass brushes, boasts a weighted metal handle and high-grade, PETA-friendly Takelon bristles that ensure optimal application of product.

What else you need to know:
Takelon bristles harbor less bacteria than animal hair, are an excellent alternative for those with allergies to animal hair, and are easily washed with alcohol or mild soap and water.

Price: $68

My Experience with Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush:

You might know the brand “Hourglass” by their renowned ambient powders which are hyped up to be revolutionary. I wasn’t really impressed by them and you can read my review of Mood light here on IMBB. But I still wanted to try this brand again and give it a second chance to redeem itself. This time I decided to go for their brushes rather than the makeup and I am very pleased with it.

I have always been fascinated by “travel-friendly” cosmetics. You can easily find travel-sized makeup but as we all know the same cannot be said for makeup brushes. You can’t really take your regular brushes which run the risk of the bristles getting misshaped. I loved this brush from the first sight based on its design alone. It has two different brushes in one. One being a flat brush and the other a round fluffy retractable brush. Both come with a secure cap.

Both brushes are made of synthetic Takelon bristles which I find so much better than natural hair bristles. These synthetic bristles absorb lesser products hence less wastage, also it is much easier to clean and they feel smoother than natural hair bristles.

Let’s talk about the brush purpose. The flat brush can be used for both foundation and concealer blending. It is not too big not too small in size. You can easily cover a good amount of area of your face for foundation and can also get easily around the corners of your face for concealing purposes. You can also use the pointed tip to get a precise application for cream bronzer.

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The other side is is fluffier rounded end brush which can be used for setting powder, blush or bronzer. It can also be used to buff mineral makeup. It has a retractable feature which keeps the bristles from never getting misshaped. Both brushes apply makeup so flawlessly. There are no streak marks, no patchy application. It doesn’t shed and it is also very easy to clean. I spot clean it after every use with my Cinema secrets brush cleaner (reviewed here) and deep clean it once a week.
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With this one product you get 2 brushes which are all that you require to do a full face of makeup. How amazing is that. So next time you are taking a vacation you can spend less space carrying you makeup brushes and have more space for shoes. 😛 !! Overall I love this brush and will recommend.

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Pros of Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush:

• 2 brushes in one
• Super soft bristles
• Synthetic brushes means no animal cruelty issue.
• Synthetic brushes absorb less product
• Easy to clean
• 1 brush can help you do you full face of makeup

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Cons of Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush:

• Expensive.

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Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush  (4)

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10 thoughts on “Hourglass Double Ended Complexion Brush – You Need This!

  1. Dude, give the portability, and that it is one brush which can complete your whole base makeup, I don’t mind paying so much. Though obviously I would have loved it at a lower price. Amaaaaazing product 😀 😀 Though I usually go nuts at the sight of makeup brushes, the good ones. 😉

    1. Well hourglass is known to be expensive since it a luxury brand..but given the quality, the performance I would say it is so worth every penny… He he same here..anything makeup related is enough to drive me crazy

  2. this looks brilliant neha and looking at it i cam imagine how soft it must be. really good review. and carrying one less brush while travelling is always a big plus! 🙂

    1. Ur right Rati.. It is so super soft u have to touch it believe it.. I totally agree..it helps when u don’t have a whole suitcase dedicated to only ur makeup items on ur travels 😛

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