How To Achieve Size Zero Figure

Bollywood has always had an ample amount of talented and beautiful actresses and on-screen performers. There have been several actresses recognized for their noteworthy effects of trimming down for the silver screen. Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha are some A list celebrities who have shed tons of weight to get fit. However, it was Kareena Kapoor who made set the trend of trimming down and becoming size zero for her 2007 film “Tashan.”


Firstly, this isn’t an article about discriminating different body types. This is simply an article about reaching your personal body goals. This is not to say that one body shape is better than another. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but we may not always be comfortable with the shape we have. If it’s a turning point for your insecurities, then you may want to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

It’s also important to understand that becoming size zero does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication and most importantly, patience. Here are a few tips that I’ve put together that may help you in getting the body you want.

1. Consume more fluids – Drinking lots of water will not only keep you hydrated for long periods of time but it will also prevent you from over eating. Drinking lots of plain water might be difficult at first, which is why I suggest adding drinking coconut water into your daily schedule. Coconut water is loaded with vitamins and minerals that will boost your metabolic rate and promote weight loss/sustainment.
2. Avoid having junk food. Most junk food comes with lots of trans fat and sugars, which do nothing positive for your body. Greasy foods don’t digest well and end up forming as fat.
3. Lower your dairy and fat intake to a minimum. Do not over do it with the cheese on your pizza and put down the ice cream cone. Have cheat days where you enjoy your favorite food but definitely do not eat foods containing high fat on a regular basis.


4. Always opt for chapati instead of rice. Opting for chapati will ensure that you have good carbohydrates in your system, which requires less work to burn. Rice is filled with carbs, which only serve you well if you’re planning on doing a high intensity work out. Making this simple small change can definitely aid in weight loss.
5. Self-control. No matter what, you’ll always be tempted to reach in to the fridge for an extra slice of cheesecake, or that snickers bar you have stowed away. We must learn to help ourselves become healthier by committing to a cheat day rather than having desserts and chocolate daily.

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6. Pick a workout that suits your needs. Opt for power yoga if that’s what you’re into. Or try attending a spin class to tone your muscles and lose weight rapidly. I prefer power yoga as it tones every single muscle of your body.

It’s not always easy following all these tips to lose weight fast and may take you a long time. However, patience is key to achieving anything extraordinary. Starting is the first step in achieving your goal, so I urge all of you to make the first step towards your personal body goal, whatever the goal may be.

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