How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut

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Today, I am up with a very beautiful topic about blush. Blushes are my weakness. I love them so much that I have a collection of blushes. Every makeup lover loves blushes, but does everyone know about applying blush according to their face cut that they are blessed with? Some of the beauties might not be knowing. So today, I am here to tell you about applying blush according to your face cut.

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Oval Shaped Face:

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut 02

Oval shaped faces are considered to be the most appealing, as they can pull off most styles very easily, be it any hairstyle, eyebrow shape or even blush strokes. If you are one of the lucky women having an oval shaped face, then all you need to do is dash a color on your cheeks. Start your blush at the apples, then brush it along the cheekbone all the way up to the temples.

Oblong Shaped Face:

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How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut 03

Oblong and rectangular faces have length but not width. So, if you have an oblong shaped face then with your makeup, you have to try and make your face look broader and not exaggerate the length. Start by applying the blush on your cheeks, then take it horizontally towards the ears. Use a soft blush but no bright colors.

Square Shaped Face:

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut 04

If the width of your cheeks, jaw-line and forehead are almost the same, then you must be having a square shaped face. If you can shade the cheeks strategically then you might reduce the harsh angles of the bone structure, especially the prominent jaw-lines. Apply a soft shade of blush on the apples and down into the hollows of your cheeks.

Round Shaped Face:

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut 05

Round face shapes have round chin and chubby cheeks. To make the face look slimmer, you will need a tapered brush. Apply the blush in long vertical strokes at 45 degree angle from underneath the apples and then towards the ears.  This will help you get the desired blush and it will not make your face look chubby.

Heart Shaped Face:

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Cut 06

If you have a broad forehead and your cheeks are tapered down to a narrow chin, then you have a heart or diamond shaped face. The square bone structures have high cheek bones and can be toned down with soft blushes. Apply the blush in opposite direction, from outwards to inwards area. Start from the outer part of the cheekbones and sweep the blush inwards. Shade the corners of your forehead to enhance the top of your face.

So, these were some clever tricks about applying blush according to your face shape. I hope you all liked it. If you guys want to know about how to highlight according to your face shape then please comment down below. I would love to write for you.

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