The Body Shop Face & Body, Blusher, Mineral Foundation Brush Review

Body shop brushes (Face & Body, Blusher, and Mineral’s Make Up Foundation Brush)


Hello IMBB Sweeties, :jiggy1:

Today I am reviewing few brushes that I have bought from Body shop store:

-Face & Body Brush
-Blusher Brush
-Mineral’s Makeup Foundation Brush
Earlier when I used to see others spending a lot on brushes I would always think why the heck spend so much on brushes and stuff. But now I seriously realize that investing on good quality brushes is as important as spending on good quality make up products. So I would advise all of you to invest on good quality brushes, you would seriously never regret. :haanji:

1-Body Shop Face & Body Brush:




Large and fluffy to give you even coverage with just a few strokes. Perfect for the Face neck and décolletage.
• Best if you want: A versatile, larger makeup brush that is just the right size for applying blusher, bronzing powder or shimmer to the face or décolletage.

• How it works:
• Soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate skin.
• Wide tapered head is ideal for applying and blending powder formulations.
• Slightly tapered handle makes it easy to hold and use for controlled, precise application.

Size: 0.05kg
Price: Rs. 775

Lightly dust powder products over the face. For a flawless finish, first apply a liquid foundation and then dust Loose Face Powder over the top to set. Sweep cheek colours or bronzing products evenly across the face, neck and décolletage for a natural-looking all over blushed or bronzed look.

My Experience:

This brush is totally apt for applying loose powder on face and neck. It glides effortlessly giving a flawless look. With one feather stroke, it spreads loose powder evenly on face and neck. :makeup: Bristles are strong enough and have a glossy finish with each bristle double colored (Light Brown and Dark Brown)

Pros of Body Shop Face & Body Brush:
-Made up of synthetic hair.
-It is soft and light like feather.
-It is wide and those who love fluffy brush, this is a must buy.
-Not even 1 % scratchy feeling on face.
-Glides effortlessly giving flawless finishing look. :preen:
-The bristles are quite strong, thus will last me couple of years without any problem.

Cons of Body Shop Face & Body Brush:
-It’s really pricy at Rs 775 for a brush.
-Only available at Body shop stores
-The brush handle is a bit bulky.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

2-Body Shop Blusher Brush:



Unsurpassed for sweeping on color and defining cheeks.
• Best if you want: An indispensable, soft-bristle makeup brush that is just the right size for applying blushers and bronzers.

How it works:
o Super-soft synthetic hairs are long-lasting and specially cut to be extra gentle on delicate face skin.
o Wide, flat tapered head is ideal for applying and blending powder formulations.
o Slightly tapered handle makes it easy to hold and use for controlled, precise applications.
Size: 0.02kg
Price: Rs.575

Using the Blusher Brush, blend Cheek Color into the middle of the cheek in a circular motion and then build up the color as desired. Sweep Shimmer Waves, Brush on Beads or Bronzing Powder evenly across the entire face or just the cheekbones for a natural-looking bronzed look.
My Experience:
I had not planned to buy a blusher brush before visiting the body shop store 😀 I have Vega blusher brush which is bit fluffy and am satisfied with it too. When I reached the shop and saw this beauty, I was amazed with its quality and look. Immediately without any second thought I bought it. I had seen these brushes at Ankita’s blog and had thought to check these out as well. I don’t have any regrets buying it. The best thing about this is that it has a wide tapered end which does not pick up much of the blush. It picks right quantity and blends the blush with one stroke. I don’t think I have till now gone wrong in blushing part after using this brush. :yahoo:

Pros of Body Shop Blusher Brush:

-Wide, tapered end that picks up the right amount of blush.
-It blends the blush and bronzer effortlessly in one feather stroke.
-Its bristles are extremely soft.
-Made up of 100 % synthetic hair.
-Doesn’t feel scratchy on cheeks.
-It has a glossy finish.
-This is one of the sophisticated brushes I would say.
-Looks damn attractive.
-It’s not at all bulky.
-Bristles are soft but strong enough to sustain couple of years easily. :thumbsup:

Cons of Body Shop Blusher Brush:
-Very pricy at Rs 575
-Only available at Body shop counters.
-If you like fluffy blusher brush, you may not like it.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

3-Body shop Mineral’s Make up Foundation Brush:



A high-density foundation brush that ensures just the right amount of loose powder is held in place between the bristles for progressive release and a smooth, even coverage. Rounded cut hairs are designed to allow circular movement across the face. Features a specially designed handle that fits easily into the palm, to allow appropriate pressure and flexibility.

Best if you want: A large, rounded, super-soft brush that evenly applies just the right amount of our Nature’s Minerals™ Foundation to your skin.

How it works:
o High-density, synthetic hairs pick-up ultra-fine powders and feel extra soft on the face’s delicate skin.
o Long-lasting, hygienic bristles resist flattening.
o Protective pouch ensures brush hairs won’t leave make-up residue in your purse.

Price: Rs. 1145
Tip the Natures Minerals Foundation SPF 25 so a little powder is deposited in the lid, then work the brush into the powder. Tap any excess powder from the brush. No powder should be visible on the brush. Then, using circular motions, apply evenly across the face.
My Experience:
I wanted to buy a kabuki brush since a long time for applying mineral make up. I had thought of buying the Bourjois Paris kabuki brush, but when heard from Ankita that it was bit scratchy so thought to buy the kabuki brush from Body shop after taking suggestions from Rati. Seeing its price, I was bit reluctant to spend so much. But then I thought it’s better to spend once in a time on good products than to spend bucks many a times for cheaper products which won’t last long.

Pros of Body shop Mineral’s Make up Foundation Brush:
This kabuki brush is so small, it easily fits my palm. It’s great to take this for travel and would be useful in touch ups. :woot:
-The touch of the bristles on my face is awesome. Feels heavenly.
-Blends mineral foundation so well that I don’t have a single complain against its quality. :thumbsup:
-Also useful in applying compact and pressed powder.
-Doesn’t make my foundation look cakey.
-One of the best investment I have done till date. :yahoo:
-Will last me for years.
-The bristles are quite strong enough.
-Bristles are double colored with shiny finish.
-It’s quite fluffy, blends foundation within seconds. :makeup:

Cons of Body shop Mineral’s Make up Foundation Brush:
-It’s really expensive at Rs 1145.
-Availability could be a problem.

Rating: 4.5 out 5
Thank you all! :thanks:

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  1. i was also thinking of buying its kabuki brush but 1145/- … :shocked: :shocked:
    njoy tapas ur brushes.. :spank: :spank:

    1. Yaaa the kabuki brush is damn costly, I didnt even get any discount :(( I seriously wouldn’t have bought it if its quality wasn’t that good,am loving these!

    1. Yaa costly !!! I wanted to buy CS ones and ecotools one, but me dont have paypal account na, so couldnt buy !! Thanks !

  2. Taps i have the face and body brush and i really enjoy using it…have been searching for the mineral foundation brush and it seems to be out of stock everytime …:(( its 50% off for members…so hoping to catch it today…. 🙂

    1. Ya the face and body brush is the best I feel from the three !! You all are so lucky members, me got no discount ! 🙁

  3. Nice review Taps! :yes: I love the face and body brush but the blush brush is a little flat so I don’t like it so much. Been eyeing the kabuki since a long long time now!!

  4. Nice review Taps :waytogo: I too am planning to buy few makeup brushes..but these are quite expensive..may start with little less costlier ones…any suggestions?

  5. OMG tapaswini :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: these brooosshess r awesom…… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. I love body shop brushes more than mac wen it comes to powder n mineral…. They feel amazing…. :waytogo: :waytogo: …. but wen it comes to variety mac is amazing 😛

  7. Nice brushes and nice review Taps! Very detailed and thorough. :)) I always look at the brushes when I go to the body shop. They’re so soft! But expensive and still have other brushes. :heh:

  8. I loved the last brush tapas.. these brushes are really really soft and stay as it for so long. 🙂

    I am def checking out face and body. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. Lovely article Taps!!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:
    I will check out these brushes the next time I go there.
    So glad you like what you bought! There’s nothing like the feeling of having bought something totally worth the price :toothygrin: !

  10. I love love love TBS brushes..I think they are the best in the not-so-costly brushes section..I have the LYB I get discounts, but you don’t really need to be a member. You should just wait for the sale and pick things up on discount..a bit of patience and you can get the brushes slightly cheaper. And they are supersoft 😀 :love:

      1. I haven’t tried anything from Inglot so no idea..i mean anything brush wise..I have their eyeshadows little bit and they are quite nice…but I don’t know brushes. You have tried their brush…which one?

        1. I havent tried, but I saw its quality, powder brush, very scratchy, and not good quality even bristles poking in different directions and price some 2200 i think, they are charging lot for their substandard brushes!

  11. Hey Taps…..I so want these brushes…especially the foundation coz its cute too……good review TAps…makes me wanna buy them….but body shop sale mein are these included ?:) ?:)

    1. Ya I think these are included in sale but you wont get more than 10- 20 percent discount !kabuki one has velvety touch, feels heavenly!

  12. Mineral’s Make up Foundation Brush……….but no discount on accesories
    and tea tree toner ……with 10 % discount

  13. infact i was also searching the same product but saw on MAC website didnt want to spent that much …thts why bght from body shop…and really its a gud investment :yahoo:

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