How to Blow Dry Fringe/Bangs for Curly/Wavy hair.

How to Blow Dry  fringe/Bangs for curly/wavy hair


blowdry curly hair
blow dry curly hair

When I used to be in the 4th grade, I used to go the bathroom , with my hands clenched.And right inside my clenched hands used to be a pair of kitchen scissors and a comb.

What I used to do was wet my hair and chop it straight across my forehead like a Barbie doll fringe.
Little did I know that , my hair was curly and it’s going to twist back.It did look fine.But as I said my hair was curly,so you know?

As I grew older , I learnt about blow dryer , straightener etc

I used to wonder how do these celebrities get such beautiful , glossy hair?As a kid,You can only imagine. Everything exists only in the fantasy world, as you didn’t have the money to initiate or do something and at times it would turn up to be irrational .You had to depend on your parents and throw tantrums to get things done.:P

As I grew up, I was allowed to handle money.So with money came the straightener ,blow dryer and the other hair products.
I learnt to dry my own fringe.I learn to straighten it.I used to cut it occasionally with kitchen scissors.
Mind it, kitchen scissors damage your hair,So ended up buying a haircutting scissor.
Recently my hair stylist didn’t do much for my hair.My fringe looked thick.I thinned it down and now it looks fine.
[if you have super curly afro hair i wouldn’t suggest you to get a fringe.It looks very funny on such girls.It looks as if your hair suffers from MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER :P.Your hair is supposed to be normal curly or wavy to get a fringe according to me so that it blends with your hair. ]

blowdry curly hair
blow dry curly hair

It should look more settled down like the picture above.

Let get back to work
Talking about making your fringe look presentable –for people with curly /wavy hair. The first thing which is extremely important is the cut.
Make sure you do not cut fringe too SHORT.
The longer the better for starters.I have a short fringe, but i am used to handling it haha.If so , even you can go ahead and get a short fringe.But shorter the fringe , the more trouble it i will give you.

First and foremost –
1.Use a good brush

blowdry curly hair
blowdry curly hair

I use a round brush.Why?Because round brush gives you that natural twist to the fringe. It doesn’t make it look super ultra fake or straight.Make sure you get a medium size round brush.

Paddle brushes can be used to give a sleeker ,straighter look.

2.A good blow dryer.

I used to use this super normal mini PANASONIC hairdryer.Around Rs.1000 i guess
Now i used the Philips Salondry PRO –Its around Rs 3000 [INR]
It also comes with this diffuser for curly/wavy hair, i don’t use it.I let my hair dry naturally.
So make sure your blow dryer also has this Narrow diffuser to dry your fringe.

3.Then you need a good leave in or a heat protectant .
I use none.Actually you should use it.i don’t use it because it makes my fringe oily no matter how much i use.

How to blow dry?
Heard about reverse psychology ?Whenever you tell a person to do something , he does the opposite thing.
So why not go the opposite way and make him do the thing?
Same goes with the fringe.To make the fringe work, dry it in the opposite direction.

  • If you wear your fringe on the left side, dry it on the right side.
  • Take the whole hair and comb your hair and dry it towards the right side.
  • You will get a VOLUMINOUS fringe.You can do the same while straightening too.
  • While straightening your fringe make sure you twist it a bit to the end, [inside] so that it doesn’t look super poker straight.

Hope this helped you all 😉
If you have any queries feel free to comment below.haha I like sounding formal and all !

Take care 😀

How do you blow dry your fringe?

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22 thoughts on “How to Blow Dry Fringe/Bangs for Curly/Wavy hair.

    1. There’s this panasonic one
      For 700 bucks or something.
      Don’t know the model number 🙁
      But the thing is that
      they do not come with a narrow it might be a BIT difficult to make the fringe look super straight 🙂
      still it works though
      Philips is a better brand according to me 😉
      Try philips
      As i have mentioned i have the philips with the AC one.
      It’s for around 3000 bucks
      You also get cheaper ones 😀

  1. i have a dryer, but it never came with any diffuser…

    could u suggest a good light weight dryer suitable for home use? coz where i would go and buy i.e. beauty centre they have a lot of variety as they even keep for professional use…could get confusing..

    which is a good lightweight one which is easier to handle,from a reputed brand and as well as is good..?

    1. Philips Salondry PRO –Its around Rs 3000
      I use this one and it’s amazing 🙂
      But i think you get cheaper ones UNDER this brand
      If you go to
      they have it with the price 🙂
      There’s a salon dry control hairdryer for Rs.2195
      I would say Just try investing in a good hairdryer and it will stay for years 😀
      Trust me!
      And not all dryers come with diffusers.
      Depends on the type of hairdryer you buy.
      Before buying it , make sure you ask the shopkeeper about it 🙂

  2. Hey Gia……….great tips for curly hair…..I am going to try with dryer…although I don’t have a fringe yet……i am just trying to straighten and then curl my hair at the ends……………expect more tips from you for curly and wavy hair :-)) :-))

  3. I’ve always had a problem with my wavey fringe… It used to drive me crazy cause it curled every night after sleep :dazed: I used to straighten it every morning until I realized I was losing alot of hair from that area and it scared me. So I let it grow, even though I kind of miss it sometimes, as I feel my forehead is a bit too wide…

    But lovely tips! I’ll be sure to follow them if I ever reconsider on cutting a new bangs!


  4. nice tips gia..i usually straighten my fringes wid hair straightner….vl try dis method soon..also dere is an easiest method dats come handy.just put a broad roller inside up ur hairs and in 5 mins u lv get beautiful straight fringes…. :-))

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