Frizzy Hair: Causes, Treatments, Products, Home Remedies

frizzy hairFrizzy hair is one of the most untamed and stubborn hair types. But there are ways to tame them too. It’s not true that only woman with curly hair face frizzy hair problems, frizzy hair can be caused by different reasons and can be treated and tamed in different ways too.

The causes of frizzy hair:

• Blow drying regularly
• Curly hair are the most frizz prone hair
• Abuse of styling products
• Chemical damage caused to the hair
• Hair color
• Dry hair
• Perming
• Bleaching
• Regular straightening
• Genes
• Weather conditions (ahan, now you know why you have frizzy hair in winter)
• Hot oil treatments (avoid massaging with extremely hot oils)
• Product build ups
• Lack of moisture

Taming frizzy hair:

• Women with curly hair embrace your natural curly texture. Frizzy curly hair can be tamed by using appropriate pomade. Look out for a conditioning and moisturizing pomade, so that you can avoid dry hair.

Here’s how to use it:  Post washing your hair, spread the pomade through your hair. Twist and separate each curl with the help of your fingers.frizzy hair

• Use a deep conditioner at least once a week and leave it in the hair at least for a minimum of 30 minutes, I am using Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight, silky and straight conditioner (will review it soon) and yes I am done and totaled with the Dove series of conditioners (they suck). A cream conditioner is a good option.
• Avoid an oil based conditioner since it contributes to hair dryness.
• Use the right combs and brushes. Do not use a hair brush for untangling your hair. Never. Use a comb instead.
• Do not shampoo daily, this cause’s unwanted dryness and strips of the natural shine and moisture of the hair. Use shampoos with normal humectants, they help in protecting the hair. I use Herbal Shampoo Amla & Bhringraj, and find it ok ok. I didn’t buy it, it was gifted to me.
• But if you really want to wash your hairs daily use water and plain conditioner minus the shampoo. I advice you to avoid very hot water since hot water causes dryness, whereas cold or lukewarm water locks the moisture and smoothens your hair. Cold water helps in closing up the cuticle layers of the hair.
• Trim your hair regularly to prevent frizzy hair ends. Ensure that you trim your hair at least four times a year and strictly avoid razor on hair since it gives spilt ends. (I have to get my hair trimmed with razor since my hair cut demands it.?)
• Use a hair mask at least twice a week. Let it be for at least 15 minutes and use rinse it off with cold water.
• Do not squeeze the hair; rub them off with a towel. If you have curly hair, you can squeeze and twirl your curls at the end tips.
• Use a wide toothed comb for de-tangling your hair and use a natural boar bristled brush for retaining the moisture and shine.
• The Frizz control serums must be emphasized at the ends of the hair. Silicon based hair serum proffer shine to the tips of the hair.
• Reduce the use of heat styling equipments and tools.
• Let your hair dry naturally, do not blow dry them. If you blow dry your hair, use the lowest setting for temperature pointing the nozzle downward. Swathe your hair in a towel.
• Use a leave- in conditioner, moisture block or hydrating cleansing shampoos.
• Use a mousse. I recommend Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair StyleStraighten & Smooth Crème
• Unlike normal hair which are combed and de-tangled when wet, do not comb your wet frizzy hair, do not even run your fingers through them.
• Do not sleep with wet hair.
• Gel wax is great for styling your hair.
• Avoid alcohol contained products.
• Keep your hands-off your hair whilst drying them.

Home remedies for frizzy hair treatment:

• Wash your hair with vinegar once a week at least, Yes you read it right I mentioned VINEGAR.
• Rinse your hair with a dilution of water and apple cider vinegar post conditioning.
• Take an egg and a tablespoon of mayonnaise and beat a creamy mixture out of it and let it remain in your hair for 20 minutes. Do this at least once or twice a week.
• You can also use eggs with olive oil. It serves as a hair mask
• Olive oil massage is great for treating frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is a result of reduced moisture; hence olive oil proffers the moisture that the hair need. Olive oil is also enriched with fatty omega acids which help in the nourishment of the hair.
• Jojoba oil is supposedly used in all most all the skin and hair products. According to me it’s a mimic of sebum which is found in the scalp and skin. Jojoba oil massages strengthen and moisturize the hair from the roots to the end tips.
• Good old coconut oil massages is a cent percent tested and tried treatment for frizzy hair. It nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the hair since it has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair shaft.
• Avocado oil is vitamin E rich which helps in taming frizzy hair. Avocado oil can be used as a deep conditioner too after hair wash. It also acts as a hair mask.
• Pre-shampoo massages with all these oils are great for tackling frizzy hair problems. Do not forget to wrap your hair in a towel after these massages.

The 7 essentials for taming frizzy hair:

• Hair mask
My Pick: L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque Review
frizzy hair
• Silicon based anti frizz serum
My Pick: Garnier Fructis  Sleek and Shine Anti- Frizz serum

•  A deep conditioner
My Pick: Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight, silky and straight   conditioner

• Anti-frizz shampoo
My Pick: L’Oreal Elvive Anti- Frizz Shampoo

• Anti frizz conditioner
My Pick: L’Oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner

• Bristle brush

• Wide toothed comb

Note: Apply anti frizz products before styling.

Hairstyles for the unruly frizzy hair:

• NO short haircuts please.
• NO too many layers.
• Never ever get a blunt cut.
• Keep the hair long.
• Have a half pony or a hair bun done, this will prevent hair fall too.
• Try side swept bangs with few light layers.

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55 thoughts on “Frizzy Hair: Causes, Treatments, Products, Home Remedies

  1. try Paul Mitchell’s super skinny serum and super skinny relaxing balm…they are real good….im sure shampoo n daily treatment are good 2 but i havent tried them yet..

    i agree rinsing ur hair with vinegar after shampooing does help…

    1. Hey Zeeba. This is quite informative. Totally needed this – wil check out soem of the products you mentioned. My search for anti-frizz anything is endless. I’m quite happy with Herbal Essences Moisturising shampoo:)

        1. zeeba zeeba zeeba! I bought L’oreal’s Smooth Intense leave in serum and it worked wonders! My hair was so silky, although for a day, was totally worth it! :yes:

  2. I had bad frizzy hair.. especially aftr coming to US. but now i use dove shampoo and conditioner and garnier fructis serum. and also olive oil massage once in 2 weeks. its much better now.
    nice article though 🙂

  3. Thanks zeeba, for so many wonderful tips. i have super dry hair…and tends to get frizzy. i am scared of even touching blow dryers and straighteners…these tips really help.

  4. fructis range ha never worked for me!! it was super crappy on me… not only me actualy all my friends never liked it.. 🙁

  5. Reeeally nice of you to write this article Zeebs. So many people have this problem and this article explains it all.
    Even i have frizzy hair at times, after trying what feels like a hundred brands , i’ve come to the conclusion that nothing works as good as coconut oil. I’ve been massaging my head with warm coconut oil on sunday, and its been working great. Like you said, its cent percent fool prrooof ! U mentioned other oils too, so i think i’ll try them as well.
    Dove doesn’t work for you?? And loreal elvive does ?!!? 😯 Exactly the opposite for me 😆

    Cant someone please explain these 2 emoticons to me –
    :ass: & :ass2:
    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  6. I personally love vinegar on my hair, it makes them glossy and smooth, I would suggest not to go for silicon based remedies too much on the other hand, as on the long run they ruin the hair causing the opposite result. Silicons only de-freeze hair apparently. Home remedies are the best and another perfect way to prevent hair from beeing too frezzy is using pure henna

  7. Hi- Not sure if this is the right place for this question but i shall ask anyways ‘cos i am desperate. :((

    I changed my hair color from a dark brown to a golden blonde (what was I thinking???? 😥 ). 😥 😥 😥 It looked good in the salon (thats what they all said naturally :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: ) but this morning after i had washed it, it looked very tacky. almost like yellow straw and the guy gave me quite a generous helping of the highlights (3K for the whole thing). Now I am really uncomfy and I want to change it back to a light brown/dark brown.

    I need you help. Can I do this at home (buy l’oreal in dark brown perhaps)? will it go away if i wash it a few times? i leave friday for the engagement OR should I head back to the parlour. I am fair skinned and have recd some good comments on my hair so i am very very confused. :(( :(( :((

  8. awwwwwwww..i never seem to get a response from anyone for any of my questions EVER on IMBB ..think my questions are all wrong perhaps or maybe i am just not as popular as the others.. 😥 😥

  9. Hi Aruna,

    it’s not about being popular. We do one query per day and the query was already posted before you came up with yours.I am sorry of you feel that ways but I try to post as many queries as I can.

    I had already scheduled your query for today but anyway…I ‘ll post it today

  10. 🙁 hey thanks Rati..sorry abt that outburst. 😐 🙁 had posted a few queries on the forum with no luck so was in a self pity mode (and the obvious desperation for that query to be resolved)

    (but if this helps, i did decide to go to the parlour and get my hair recolored or rectified I shud say cos I was really uncomfy with it) 🙁 🙁

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