How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lips

By “Makeup Artist Shruti

Hello, everyone!
This is my first submission on this platform; hope you guys will like it. I have created a pictorial on “Ombre Lips”. In the past, I have seen a lot of people following this ombre effect majorly as a hair trend. I have got you this trend in makeup.
How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lips

Products Used:

• Darker shade lip pencil – MAC Magenta Lip Pencil
• Lighter shade lip pencil – Dolly Mix by NYX
Lip brush
Concealer brush
• Foundation that matches your skin tone

Step 1

First and foremost, apply a lip balm to keep your lips well moisturized so that the application is smoother. My lips are quite pigmented lips, so to start off after the lip balm, I have applied a little foundation on my lips so that the lipstick shows its true color.
Step 1

Step 2

After creating the perfect base on your lips, start lining your lips with the darker shade.
step 2


Step 3

Using a lip brush, smudge the outline inwards leaving the center of your lips.
step 4

step 5

Step 4

Now, with the darker lip pencil, fill the corners of the upper and the lower lip. Be careful while filling as you need to leave the center of your lips. This is how it should be done.
step 6

step 7

Step 5

Now it’s the time for the lighter shade. Here I have used a baby pink color lip pencil. You can use any lighter shade from the same color family. Fill the center of the upper and lower lip.
step 8

step 9

Step 6

A good ombre effect is seen when you see two colors meeting each other effortlessly. Blending the two colors beautifully is the key to perfect ombre lips. Blend using a lip brush or by just dabbing your finger on the edges where the two colors meet.
step 10

step 11

Step 7

The finishing touch for any look is very important. Take a clean concealer brush with some amount of foundation on it and clean the edges of your lips. Feel free to dab some loose powder through tissue paper and repeat all the steps to make it long lasting.
step 12

Final Result:

With Flash
with flash

Without Flash
with out flash

About the Makeup Artist:

Shruti is a professional makeup and hair artist from “neonsNcorals”, and she is based out of Delhi. She is known to live up to her favorite quote “I work best when I feel passionately about things”. It reflects in her work and her zest to keep herself abreast with the evolving trends of makeup. Her eye for discovery, undivided focus, and pleasant persona adds to her craft.

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