L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review

After having used Chambor foundation for some time and before discovering Maxfactor foundation , I wanted a change . My friend was raving about the L’oreal foundation that her friend was using. This was enough for me to trigger a desire ( I would rather put it as desperation :)) to get the L’oreal foundation. I had already tried the L’oreal mineral foundation when it was first launched. But it was a failure for me. Negating that as my ignorance of mineral foundation application techniques, I decided to go ahead and try their liquid foundation.

Loreal True Match Foundation
I got “True Match” liquid foundation in “Warm Beige” Shade. As per the package it is “Super Blendable” , “Non-Comedogenic” and has an SPF17 in it. It comes in a  small transparent bottle (like how the injection bottle comes) with a steel lid. I do not remember the price as I had got it almost before 8-9 months.

Loreal True Match Foundation

Swatches of the True Match foundation, Warm Beige Shade :

Loreal True Match Foundation
Swtches of Loreal True Match Foundation Warm Beige Shade
Loreal True Match Foundation
Loreal True Match Foundation Before and after blending.

As per the swatch it seems to blend well. This gave me confidence to own it.

This is what L’oreal has got to say about the product

  • “True Match super blendable makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture and coordinates perfectly with True Match Powder, Blush, Concealer and Bronze Glow. Formulated with Precise Match Technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances or pore clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant and flawless skin.
  • Finish : Natural
  • SPF :17
  • Coverage : Light to medium
  • Skin: For all skin types
  • Available in 24 skin-true shades
  • Formulated with Precise matching Technology to precisely calibrate color.
  • Micro-fine optical pearls diffuse skin’s imperfections while moisturizing Glycerin, Vitamin B and E nourish your skin
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Non- Acnegenic
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Oil-free”

So, on my way back home, I was dreaming of a nice, neat, flawless, pearly complexion that glows with radiance only to realize it would remain a dream. I should have taken a clue from their mineral foundation that L’oreal products are not for me (their Force Vector range is an exception though).

What I like about the “True Match” foundation:
Frankly speaking, there is nothing I like about the product. Infact I had to scratch my head hard to write some positive points and so the list below :

  • It has got SPF17 in it ;
  • The packaging is convenient that it can be easily carried in a bag or pouch even. It would not dribble or break due to pressure
  • Shade selection is comparatively wider than the other brands . L’oreal says that it has 24 shades , however I do not think all the shades are available in India .
  • There is ingredient list available at the package itself.

Now that is all to it . I am surprised that I able to list down so many pluses. Atleast I can think of only these points as its Pluses

What I do not like about “True Match” foundation :

  • It sets to an oily finish. This I do not like since I have combination skin. I am ok for a glowy finish but not for an oily finish.
  • The packaging says “Super-Blendable” . I would say that it is easy to apply but it does not blend with the skin. It stays on the skin and gives a mask like look. I am a person who prefers a naturally made up look. I have tried applying with damp sponge , foundation brush , fingers and what not . It simply does not sink in.
  • It feels heavy on the skin. It is not light weight at all.
  • It oxidizes and becomes darker within 1-2 hrs of application.
  • It has got illuminating particles that is supposed to give a glow. The skin does shine, not with the glow, but with the greasiness.
  • The coverage is medium and is not buildable. If you try to build, you end up looking like a joker.
  • It is not at all for oily/ combination skin types. My face is an oil slick within an hour or so of using the foundation
  • It settles down in the lines and pores and accentuates pores and blemishes
  • The staying power is low. It is gone after some 4 hrs or so
  • The packaging is convenient to carry but not so convenient to use . There is no control on how much comes out. Also , as the product gets consumed, you have to dip in your fingers to get the product out .
  • L’oreal claims it as “Non-Acnegenic”. Alas, but every single time I use it, my skin breaks out. So this reverses the claim of “Non-Comedogenic” too. Clogged pore is also one of the reason for the skin to flare up
  • It contains Parabens. But now, it is hard to find any product without Parabens

Would I Repurchase: This foundation is a great let down for me. I would DEFINITELY NOT repurchase this nor will I recommend it to anyone. It might (again it is only probable) suit those with normal skin and do not have much to conceal. This is a “Not To Go” foundation for oily and combination skin.

Have you used Loreal True Match Foundation?


37 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review

  1. I wonder why I never pick up anything from Loreal. 🙁 May be the funny price range…Is it?

    Was laughing while reading the review. The cons completely *outshined * the pros. :rotfl:

    1. 🙂 I had to really think about what to write in the Pros. I’ve henceforth decided that “No L’oreal for me” . I like their Force vector shampoo range but

  2. Have never tried this liquid one..I do use the true match mineral powder..and no complaints.

    But one of my friends and her mom swear by this..I have seen both of them mixing this with a drop of moisturiser and applying it on the face and then set it with true match compact.

    1. Even I had got it upon my friends comments on it. I guess it would suit better for dry skin. But for dry skin also, it is hard to blend. Maybe as you said mixing a drop of moisturiser would help.

  3. Yeah… Even i have never tried a lot of stuff from Loreal…. :idk: :idk:
    I had their Volume shocking mascara though… But that was a dud!!! :no:

    This one sounds awful…. I hope your MF one is keeping you happy these days!!! :-))

    1. You bet :-)) . I swear by MF cosmetics. I even got their Second Skin foundation and am loving that too.After reading your revu on their eye pencils , I got the one in Charcoal grey and again I fell in love with it. The eyepencil that they gave me is a twisting type with a sharpener attached at the end. I guess they have changed the packaging. Planning to get one more in Brown 😀

  4. I would definitely have fallen for this foundation since it throws all these terms “oil-free, on comedogenic, non- acnegenic” at you. Your review has saved me from a major disappointment! 😀

    1. Even I fall for all these words. ’tis difficult to change even after such experiences. I am so much obsessed 🙁

  5. I have always wanted to try this.. i even swatched it like 3-4 times at the counter but dont know why i just dint bought it i always got something else and i would end up with no money.

    What tempted me was the vast shade selection..!!
    Thank God that i dint bought it since i have an over active T-zone..!!

  6. At the counter , all the brands seems to work well. Dunno why they fail to do when we own it 🙁 . Even for me this was looking so good that I din think twice abt getting it. But only after I tried, I realised, ” There goes another product down the drains” :laugh:

  7. It may be perfect for someone with try skin though. 🙂

    I have a super oily T-zone though so this isn’t for me. I’m actually looking for someone who tried their paint roller type foundation :rotfl: that’ll be a fun review :rotfl:
    .-= ki.´s last blog ..Lacto Calamine Lotion =-.

    1. Ya It would suit ppl with dry skin and also ppl who have normal skin with no problems. Paint Roller Type Foundation ?

  8. hey Lavanya,, I hv a dusky complexion,, so wht kind of foundation I shd go for,, till date I hv nt fnd a gd one fr m!! :disdain:

  9. Hi can you please explain the use of coloured make up bases/shade correctors like blue green etc used before foundations?


    1. Make up bases are generally used as a preparatory product to prepare the face for applying the foundation and blushes. This enhances the staying power of the make up.

      I have absolutely no idea abt the shade corrector as I have neva used them.

  10. The correct shade varies from brand to brand. Correct match can be found out only if it is swatched. As far as the brand is concerned, I am happy with Maxfactor. They do have a handful of shades that might suit your complexion. The SAs should be able to match the exact shade for your complexion.
    If you have a normal skin with nothing much to cover, then you can go for their Second Skin foundation. Otherwise, if you are looking for a medium coverage you can try their liquid illusion foundation

  11. i so super hated this one ! mine came with a pump though,it might have been a later version ,i also got the wrong shade (amber n7) ,too dark for my skin tone,turns into an oily mess within 30 min of application -yuck ,my precious 700 bucks down the drain..it didnt break me out though..but its bad enough without that 😐

  12. I personally love this foundation however i got the kind for combination skin i dont know if that makes a difference. I bought it in W6 which is almost identical to a MAC NC40

  13. I was hearin alot about this foundation…So i bought it yesterday..For the most part all women are goin to have Warm undertones, less ur really fairskinned..Warm is for yellow undertones. I like the coverage, used a primer and a setting spray and it feels lite on my skin..I had a severe issue with MAC Studio Fix breaking me out so im very hesitant when it comes to foundations but the good old Kandee Johnson Youtube PRO Makup Artist said this is a GREAT foundation and if u buy one ur shade and another like 5 shades darker u can really conture u face nicely cus its true we arent ONE shade all over are face.. Im introducing it slowly maybe twice a week for 3weeks to see if it causes any breakouts..I have Bare Minerals and think its great just want a decent liquid foundation also.. I have Dry/combo skin and the Primer by BARE Minerals is great and packed with Vitamens and good stuff for ur skin, I set it with Mac Fix+spray to get rid of any dry areas and for stayin power, so far I really like it..Try Foundation matrix to get an idea of what ur shade is its a wonderful tool on the web and is DEAD ON! ?:)

  14. I bought three different shades and still cannot find my match…… will never buy it again…. everything said in the review is true

  15. Perfect review. I wish I would have seen this before I used this makeup. I’ve been wearing it off and on for about a week and this morning I woke up with a face full of tiny whitehead/waterblisters. Not sure if they are from clogging my pores or an allergic reaction or both… all I know is that I wouldn’t recommend this makeup to anyone.

  16. Hi.

    I just bought a L’Oreal BB cream and foundation and after a few days, red rashes start showing on my face! At first, I thought it was just me PMS-ing but I knew it was different because this time, it iss a whole lot worse than before! It is rather itchy and the number is exaggerated!

    I will definitely NOT use it again. Maybe, it’s not compatible with my skin type.

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