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Neeti Asks,

Hi IMBB Gang,

Can you guys plzzz suggest me some easy way to remove facial hairs? I have few hairs on my chin. earlier i used to remove them by katori wax. And then 2 years back, I had laser therapy for them. But it is all useless. And now I am back to tweezers and katori wax. But I have heard it somewhere that katori wax makes your skin sag sooner. And also sometimes i have under growth.. OMG its all so messy. Can you guys plzzz suggest some easy way out?


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  1. Neeti,

    I thought Lazer treatments are like the fool proof things. :(( I also get katori wax done on my nose because oflate i realized that what I used to think of blackheads were actually tiny hair growing on my nose 😐 I have got it done couple of times now but have never faced such problem. regarding sagging part, i think you are right because it is a thick wax that gets pulled from your skin and that would also stretch your skin a lot.

    May be you could bleach every few months. it is a chemical but wouldnt harm your skin if you do it once in awhile. A simple home made bleach is curd + lemon mixture but you don’t get any major effects after using it. it should be like your regular thing and it would start showing results slowly.

    regarding ingrown hair, I think you need to do regular scrubbing.

  2. well…..hi neeti…i knw this problem is very frustrating….i suffer from same issue…..i do threading…..i knw it hurts but only in beginning…..and the best part is i can do it myself… no parlour visit and no messy hairy chin…..

  3. hey neeti,
    my mother had laser hair removal on her upper lip and thankfully it worked wonders for her. i don’t think using katori wax to remove hair from your chin will stretch out your skin. that is something you’ll be doing once a month or so, i guess? we stretch our skin a lot more every single day just by laughing, crying, smiling and talking! i don’t think you should worry! :party:

    1. No it is a facial wax. They put it in katori and heat it. Then they put the wax on your face..wherever and pull it. It is quite thick and you don’t use strips to do it. You just peel it off slowly-slowly. Imagine putting a nose strip and then pulling / peeling it off.

            1. rati u know , i always thought it means normal wax in a katori and people have just given it a fancy name for timepass types .. :toothygrin:

              1. 😛 😛 Thank god you didn’t think that you stick your nose in katori and do something with the katori only..

                :secret2: Okay if anyone asks about me don’t tell that I am hiding under the table. someone might be coming soon to kill me for writing this. :toothygrin: :secret2:

            2. Nikki,

              I get it done at a parlour only and they dont tell the name of the brand. 🙁 It can be easily done at home considering you know where to get the facial wax from. :((

              May be you could check out these cosmetic stores for the facial wax.

            3. KATORI WAX?
              first time , i have heard of something like that..
              rati, pleaseeeee write some article about it naaaaaaa.. :panda: :panda: :panda: :panda:

          1. my god but it does sound painful they remove in one fast jhatka in katori wax also..or its a slow painful death??

            i have horrible facial hair..fully bhaalu i am…once i went to wax my face..she used regular wax and strips method… i got innumerble boils next day on face which turned brown with tym and i looked ghastly…. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: it took about 2 months for the those ghastly boils and thrir brown colour to go :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

            since then iv never removed facial hair (except threading eyebrows and upper lips) and bleach my face only…. not that i like goldan goldan hair on my face :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

  4. hi priti…….
    yes u can thread on your own…..i can thread my upper lips and chin on my own…..yes ofcourse i dont mess with my eyebrows….
    i just make a loop of threading thread…..and twist it three four time….and try and engage hair in the twisted loop to pull it out…..but before i started doing it on my face i practiced this technique on my legs…..i learnt this technique in my hostel days….
    i seriously wish i could tell you hw to thread on your own but i cant explain it in words……

    1. hi priti…..i will try my level best to do a youtube tutorial but i am a very camera shy person….and dont knw if i’ll be able to do full justice……but still i’ll giv a try…and i think u can finds videos on youtube fr this thing…try and search….

  5. Laser hair removal does wonders :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:
    It does work :woot: :woot: :woot:
    My friend got it done and she did like 3 sessions and although she has growth ,she doesn’t go there as she just shaves it..:D
    so you can stretch your sessions accordingly
    Even my sister got it done. :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: and it’s amazing

    1. when u do threading on upper lips, will it darken ur skin?

      how much does it cost for laser treatment for upper lips? I have this prob and want to get rid of the unwanted hair

      1. No,threading doesn’t make your upper lips go black.
        Not at al
        Because you arent using chemicals, you’re just using this thread to pluck the hair out.
        I have a wax heating machine at home – like we have in salons and wax strips
        I don’t use it on my face, but mom does sometimes,.You can do that too 🙂
        Laser treatment for upperlips might be around Rs 2000-4000 maybe 🙂

  6. Hi Neeti,
    Waxing does sag the skin, because of the constant pulling. If you have already under gone Laser, and it hasn’t worked, maybe you could try more traditional methods like threading. Threading will make you hair-free for 2-3 weeks, but it works really well, and works on the tiniest hair too. It has no side effects 🙂

    What is Katori Wax ????????????

  7. hey guys if it helps,there is a diff in the consistency nd making of both katori wax and normal one!the katori ones in an actual katori in the market and on the fox it says specialy for facial hair removal!
    yes it is also thicker nd u apply a thicker layer
    i used to gte my uper lips nd facial hair waxed from this until i relaised it actually does make my skin feel a lot stretchy! :shutmouth:
    i m a bhallu!
    on face i have sooooooooooo much hair everywhere especialy cheeks nd the neck :pissedoff: i bleach them often .not a great sollution
    but i would recomend twezing or bleachng nd then going for a laser treatment from a good salon whn u can afford it! :yahoo: :tongue:
    till then bear with the mess :violinbash:


  8. I try threading once in a while. I got it waxed once and the salon used regular wax and I got such a terrible terrible rash after that- was hiding in the house for the next 10 days . I get a rash sometimes with threading also(sensitive oily acne prone skin:weep: ) if I do any other area apart from brows and upper lip. I saw ‘facial waxing strips’ at the supermarket a few days back, in a packaging like veet strips. Will check them out the next time I go.

  9. hahaha ok katori wax is actually called depilatory wax and yes it comes in a katori in the box 😛 it can be used on the face but also on the rest of your body, in fact in many countries this is the primary way of removing hair and not our regular waxing ….

    and again – I will say go to a dermatologist who can suggest the right way to go .. unfortunately laser treatments arent always fool proof … my mom sticks to her tweezers every morning… another friend of mine bleaches regularly every 3 weeks .. its not the most ideal situation but its better than the alternative

  10. neeti wer did u get laser done from?
    kaya has always worked for my frds n cousins..n sum dermats have der own machines too..may be goin in for a few more sessions wud help…
    or u can try threadin or bleachin…

  11. Hey u can use elyn reduced hair growth, under growth. …also it reduces hair thickness…apply it regularly before waxing or threading.and also after getting it daily apply it twice

  12. To be a great candidate for laser hair removal, the hair being treated must have some density and some color.

    With that said, fine hair is sometimes a candidate for laser hair removal, but it depends just how fine it is and just how much color it contains. Your skin type also does matter.

    Lasers work best on people with pale skin and dark hair , but these days there are even options for women with dark skin and light hair. Keep in mind dark skin may require 2-3 more sessions.

    Are the results guaranteed? It’s impossible to predict how successful lasers will work on everyone. Results depend on the quality of the laser, the type of hair you have and the number of procedures you have done. Never trust a company that guarantees hair removal. I suggest you try to a consultation in person before you sign up.

  13. try a herbal bleach…i can’t do threading or waxing cos i end up getting boils n ingrown hair.even my dermatologist asked me not to wax and she even said laser wont work well for me cos my hair is v fine…so now i only bleach and it works perfect for me 🙂

    do a patch test…if it doesnt irritate ur skin or u get no side effects u can do it…or try doing it at the parlor the 1st time and then continue doing it at home…

  14. i totally hear you guys… i had the same problem and got laser done recently and seriously… i do see a difference since the skin tone got lighter but the hair regrow which is the pain in the ass.. since i have fast hair growth (i dont know if thats a curse or not) i have to thread every 3rd day…
    i have been thinking of going back to the laser place and getting another session done soon but we will see..
    i would highly not recommend waxing the face since that causes more hair to grow – well thats what i have found .. and then those stupid ingrown hair are a pain in the ass ..
    i highly recommend threading since it is easier and does decrease the amount of hair that grow back.
    i thread on my own too.. which was hard in the beginning but then you get used to it .. and it becomes easier as you go on ..

    p.s. if you do find a better way.. do let us know .. i would love to try something that would last longer than threading … though i do wish the laser treatment was better … it is for some people but it depends on hormones and bla =/

  15. katori wax is something which comes in a katori/bowl. Its ery much condensed like hard candle.
    Its used for hair removal on upper lips, and near the ear (Zulfi),some people have quite alot of hair there in the area near the ear.

    You have to melt it over fire. you can melt it over gas stove or even a lighted candle. But care needs to be excercised , as one might get burns. One of my hostel mate used to do that, she used to hold it with tweezers over the fire.
    After it melts, you have to carefully apply it on that too quickly, because this wax hardens very fast.

    EG: if you are waxing your upper lips, you have to apply a first layer of this wax, in opposite deirection of your hair growth, then two layer over it in the normal direction of hair growth and then when it hardens , pull it off with firm single stroke, not to hard though. Then peel of whatever is left.

    I hope you all can make sense of this :))

  16. Neeti, We have several temporary methods like waxing, threading, katori wax , bleach etc. But permanent solution is either Laser or Electrolysis treatment.

    But Since you have already tried Laser and it didn’t worked, also you have few hair in small area, in that case You can consult a dermatologist ask about the Electrolysis treatment. This one is a bit painful and time consuming because it targets each hair separately but is most permanent and sure shot solution.

    All the best, Hope it works for you 😉

  17. After u wax any facial hair, apply aloe vera gel to close the hair follicle pores and sooth the skin. U cud also apply haldi + malai on the area later. Wait for it to dry off and gently rub it away. Then wash ur face with a facewash to remove the yellow color. Haldi helps alot to remove facial hair.

    1. wow thanks for your comments gals…. I will try Kaya Laser treatment, but i am not sure if i can finish 3 sessions in 15 days when i am in Bangalore…. but thats my GOAL… LOL

  18. Thanks a lot guys for ur suggestions. i m really sorry for replying after such a long time… actually i m frm punjab, n it’s damn cold here… so after office, i can just see my blanket…lol.. bt seriously thanks a ton guys for all ur help. yep, i got my laser treatment from skin specialist/cosmetologist. i had total 6 sessions, n it didnt help me at all. infact, in one session, they did burn my skin. bt later on gave me sm ointment made frm human placenta to apply on tht (eeeks!).. n thank God, finally all scars were removed. yep, my mom got laser therapy, n she just get 2-3 hairs now once in a while. so may be bcoz of my age n hormones kinda things, it ws nt successful in my case. n i seriously feel tht katori wax is much more better than threading, n in the mean while u can use tweezers to pluck them out. as regrowth frm katori wax is much more finer, wheras threading make the hairs more brittle… so i guess, watver i m dng is ok.. as i m feeling much mroe relaxed nw tht i m nt the only one with this problem. bt yes rati thnks for tht suggestion of scrubbing.. as nw i m feeling tht most definitely tht wd solve the problem of under skin growth. as i m using scrubber frm soo long, bt may be nevr focussed properly on chin area. in the end, gals thnxxxxx a ton. u all r awesome n love ya all.. :-*

  19. Hey… Good tips…. I will surely try some of them….
    I m a 23 yr old girl., and hv too much of hair on my face and neck… I tried katori wax twice or thrice.. But got major breakout…and I m worried Abt my skin sagging At an early age.. Plz let me know dat do face waxing leads to sagging of skin.. And is it safe for me to get katori wax done…..
    I m eagerly waiting for ur reply… Pleeeeeezzz help me out

  20. i too have some hairs on my chin n i swear it sux a lot:( wat shud i do? i don noe abt katori wax.. one aunty in parlour used sm white wax or brail wax n its awsm.. u can peel it off.. bt i wan a permanent solution.. suggest me.

  21. Hi girls
    I underwent laser treatment twice for my upper lip and chin and it was absolute shit. I dont know what is the criteria for the bloody thing to work. And now I am back to threading. I wanted to try katori wax. My skin, being the sensitive little thing it is, I am freaking out. Should I try a patch first?

  22. Hi all

    I am very afraid of clinical/parlor treatments *nababana* , and just use the old granny trick *secret* : take a little ball of kneaded flour from the dough and roll it all over my face.. it doesn’t show immediate effect, but within a fortnight or so, you can see the difference yourself. This is the least painful, low cost and zero side effects treatment

  23. same problem with me…. i am using katori wax since a year from now… but my chin hair are growing quite coarser… dnt knw if i shall go for laser treatment aur not… 🙁

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