Sleek Wax Pack with Aloe Vera: Facial Hair Remover

Facial hair removal is a concern for many of us – be it upper lips, chin, forehead, jaw line area or side locks. Threading, bleaching, facial wax, laser therapy are the different methods for facial hair removal. There are a few epilators/trimmers available for facial hair removal these days too. No matter whichever method you follow facial hair removal can get really frustrating at times.  I have been regularly threading my facial hair – mainly upper lips since many years.
sleek wax pack facial hair remover
It was only until recent times when I was travelling abroad that I learnt that waxing is the most common method used outside India for removing facial hair and even eyebrows. There are salons that thread your eyebrows and facial hair but that would cost me a bomb each time I went there. In the US – threading at a normal basic salon costs eyebrows-$15, upper lips- $8, full face – $25-30 plus taxes and tipping charges. Imagine having to pay so much just for threading every time when it costs so cheap in India. You also have the convenience to go to a parlor or call a beautician home to get it done. I was surprised to learn that waxing was done to shape eyebrows too. I thought threading or tweezing was the only method to shape eyebrows.  I can’t imagine having my eyebrows waxed.  Every time I think of it I get weird ideas in my head. Imagine myself going to the parlor and coming out without any eyebrows – the lady might have waxed my entire eyebrow by mistake, and I end up being eyebrow-less– what a horror!! LOL!
sleek wax pack facial hair remover
Since threading would cost me a bomb, that’s when I starting looking for other alternatives for facial hair removal – Something that I could manage to do on my own and also that would not be heavy on my pocket. Bleaching was an option – but somehow bleaching doesn’t suit my skin – I end up having patches all over my skin and it takes a while for my skin tone to even out so I try to avoid it. I had heard about Katori wax from a friend many years ago – But I didn’t know much about it then. This was the time for me to explore this option. I visited my local store which sells skin care, waxing products and asked them if they had any wax for facial hair. The Store person instantly said “Madam, Katori wax chahiye?” I was amazed to learn that Katori wax was quite popular. He showed me the Sleek Wax Pack – facial hair Remover. That’s how my journey began with this product.

Sleek Wax pack with Aloe Vera – facial hair remover (Pliable Wax)

The product says: Get rid of undesired facial hairs, instantly.
This gentle Warm Wax system is a tried and tested way to remove unwanted hair quickly, safely and efficiently. Ideal for use on upper lip, chin and other facial areas, this caring formulation gives excellent results. Good quality Depilatory Wax should be pliable (elastic) and must not be brittle. A good wax should come off in a single strip – not in broken pieces. Sleek peels-off easily with minimum feeling.
Enriched with Aloe Vera, it is very easy to use & adds a natural glow to your facial expressions.
sleek wax pack facial hair remover
Cost: Rs 50 for 100gm of product
Product life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Availability: I have seen many local grocery stores that keep wax selling this. I had also seen it at a health & glow store when I visited Bangalore few years ago. So I think it is readily available.
It comes in a cardboard box which contains a metal katori which has solidified wax in it along with a plastic spatula. It also has a two page instruction manual on how to use the wax in both English and Hindi – written instructions as well as visual instructions.
sleek wax pack facial hair remover

How to Use:

1. Heat the katori at a low temperature until the wax melts to a honey like consistency. This would take about 2-3 minutes. You don’t need to melt the entire wax. Melt as per your requirement.
2. Remove the katori from the heat source and place it on a plate.  Be careful while doing this, you don’t want to end up spilling hot wax on your hands or burning your hands as the katori is hot. Once you have placed the katori onto the plate, carry the plate to the bathroom/mirror where you intend to use it. This way you will not end up messing up your bathroom/kitchen floor.
3. Before applying it directly on to your face it is always safe to do a patch test on your hand or leg. This way you will be able to judge if the wax has attained the consistency that it can be spread easily  in one go and also if the temperature is right to be applied on the face. If the wax starts to cool down, then heat it again.
4. Once the wax has attained the right consistency and temperature, it is now ready to be used on the face.
5. Make sure the area where you wish to apply on your face is clean and dry. Do not apply moisturizer. Hold the skin tight and apply the first thin coat of wax in the direction opposite to hair growth. Apply the next two coats in the direction of hair growth. In between each coat, wait for a 2-3 minutes for the wax to set. Do not apply next layer of wax until the previous layer has set.
6. Once applied let the wax to set and press firmly on the skin. As the wax is pliable (i.e. it can be peeled off), scratch the wax a little from one end to get a little grip. Hold the skin taut and pull back the wax against the direction of facial hair slowly.

My Experience with the product:

Katori wax has been a lifesaver for me when I was abroad where going to a parlor seemed a luxury.

What I like about Sleek Wax Pack

1. It is easy to use at my own convenience.
2. One katori lasts a long way. I used it every 3 weeks.
3. Though I use this only when I don’t have access to a parlor, it is the next best alternative to threading.
4. Easy to carry, doesn’t occupy much place. Travel friendly. Just make sure the wax has cooled down after you have used it. Don’t throw away the paper packaging that comes with it else you will have to store the katori in some container.
5. I have fine facial hair and I could barely feel any pain. It was less painful than threading especially near the corners of the mouth.
6. The hair which grew back after waxing was really fine.
7. Many a times after threading, the corners of my mouth were dark. I did not face such a problem while using this.

What I don’t like about Sleek Wax Pack

1. Until you get a hang of how to use the product, one can find it messy.
2. This is not a con, but it would have been better if the katori had a small handle to hold it. Once heated, you have to be careful holding it – Hot katori containing hot wax – caution! That’s where the plate comes to rescue.
3. It would have been better if the katori came with a lid. Would have been easy to store. The outer cardboard box would wear out over a period of time and then one would have to store it in some container especially if you are travelling.
A Few Pointers:
1. Any type of wax is messy and the same holds true for this too. If you end up dropping wax anywhere be it the floor or your dress, just let the wax solidify completely. You can scrape it off with a knife once it has dried.
2. This wax works best when you use it in patches rather than cover one big area in one go.
3. Though I did not have reaction to this like redness etc., it is better to use it in the evening/night so that the skin gets ample time overnight to settle down. Reactions if any would have subdued by then.
4. This one is based on experience -Do not try to peel off wax until it has dried totally. I had to attend a party and was in a hurry. I tried to peel the wax even before it had dried; my upper lip area was all red. I looked like Hanumanji and the red upper lip region caught a lot of attention at the party. It was embarrassing! Bottom line: Do not use it while you are in a hurry; make sure you have sufficient time to spare.
5. If you drop wax onto the plate and cleaning it is an issue, place the plate in the freezer for a while. The wax would have crystallized and it can be scraped of easily.
6. The product says that good wax should come off in one single strip and not in broken pieces. The first few times when I used it, the wax did not come off as a single strip but in broken pieces. But as I got more comfortable using the product, I figured out how to use it so that It comes off as a single strip. The trick is, the end of the wax patch from where you would be pulling the wax once it has dried, make sure the end is a thicker layer of wax. That way you would have a strong support to pull of the strip of wax. The strip would come off in one go.
7. To sooth the skin after waxing, lightly massage with coconut oil. If you experience some kind of irritation, you can apply a layer of honey and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off.
One common question that comes to our mind is that how is this wax different from regular wax. The only difference that I could figure out was that this wax is pliable. Even if I tried to use it like regular wax, I wouldn’t be able to use it that way since it dries up quickly. It won’t be able to stick to wax strip because once it dries it doesn’t feel sticky at all. However, if my regular wax would have been pliable and I had to use such wax all over my body I would have hated it. Though it would save me wax strips, I don’t think I would be able to run larger patches with the pliable wax as it dries up quickly. And running small patches again and again would be too cumbersome for me.

Threading v/s katori wax for facial hair removal:

I can’t really differentiate between the two as I ended up with same results with both the techniques. Katori wax is any day less painful than threading. I would resort to katori wax on those occasions when I do not have access to a parlor or emergencies. Otherwise, be it threading or waxing, I would like to enjoy the luxury of the parlor.
This was my experience with this life saving product. I would love to hear your stories.

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56 thoughts on “Sleek Wax Pack with Aloe Vera: Facial Hair Remover

  1. i knew about wax being used for facial hair but i thought it was similar to the strip wax procedure….this sounds great !!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. I am soo buying this. I am sure we get this in Delhi since all parlours here have it. And I do like Katori wax, It’s very convenient. 😀 😀

    Thanks for sharing. :))

  3. wow!!!!! AYEDEE this was a very informative article!!! i just didnt knew about its existance!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    please help me with my queries:
    1) i have done waxing before but never nothing on face….i know waxing hurts a little ..but does this katori wax also hurt…!! ok which one hurts more??? :rotfl:

    2) i have acne on my face.. is it still ok to use this katori wax??
    3) i also have open pores….will that be a problem?

    1. Thanks Radhika.
      I was scared to wax my face too.katori wax is less painful. I don’t have acne, so can’t comment on that but yes I don’t use it near my pimples when I have them.
      I do have open pores on my face too.Didn’t face any problem while using it.
      Hope i answered your queries. Do let me know if you any other doubts. 🙂

  4. oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!! katori wax i dont think it will be available in my place can i get it online ! but does it hurts?????

    1. I googled but I couldnt find the same brand being sold online…may be ebay might have it. It hurts a little the first time, its bearable.

  5. katori wax is anytime better I miss India for cheap luxuries like mani-pedi and head massages… yaha US mein to its so expensive- upar se the parlor wala gals have so much attitude. I had gone only 1nce and then didnt venture at all. bloody snobs — :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:
    Even I have got for me facial wax strips- Will review them soon- very convenient for me.
    grt article btw 🙂

    1. Hey Bee – Thanks :).I can totally relate to your feelings. I missed my parlor while I was in the US badly. its so damn expensive out there.

  6. i definitly want to get this…thanku sooooooo much for the review…

    but does it hurt more than/equal to regular waxing?
    and do we have to pull this strip like in one jhatka like we do in regualr waxing?

    1. Hi Neha, Glad you found the article useful. The pain is lesser than regular waxing. You don’t pull the strip in one jhatka – u could end up hurting your delicate facial skin, but gradually with medium pressure.

  7. yeahhh – a couple of posts back every1 – including me- was searching for katori wax.. now we know what to search for.. ehhehee :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    so thnks 😀 :aajanachle: :aajanachle: :aajanachle: :aajanachle: :aajanachle:

    1. Thanks Giasaysthat :D. I never tried on my hand except for patch testing. May be you could try out and tell me if it works 🙂

  8. Ayedee……………I read your review yesterday and even before commenting, I ordered it right away…………………today I will get it :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. Cool :bravo: Did you order it online? If yes can you share the details. A fellow reader just asked me above. Hope you like it.

  9. wow…thanks for such info…I never knew about this but will surely try H&G this time… query….do you have to peel the wax just as you peel the peel offs…..or a little hard?????and can we use it for complete face like cheeks and forehead too…the skin tone might look different after waxing so guessing that forehead also needs to be waxed……do you use hand to apply the wax or a spatula?????should the wax be hot ven applied or can it be room temp…….

  10. hey Ayedee you are a life saver…mwaahh…I got this one after reading your review all thanks to you I have decided to use this one instead of waxing…waxing hurts ( ouucchhh..) and even if that is bearable there is always a horrendous breakout post waxing which is ouccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

    I did get lil bumps after this peel off one but may be that cuz I didnt take enough precautions…I have horrible hair growth on my face and it did hurt especially the underlip area which is anyways very delicate…but yes even I thought that it would be a lot less painful if done n small patches…

    great I think I am gonna go with this until I get laser therapy….

    Ayedee thanks are adorable…


  11. Tried a couple of Health and Glow outlets, they didn’t have it. 🙁
    Where can I find this product in Bangalore? Please help. 🙁

  12. Hi 🙂

    My friend had suggested abt Katori wax, i had got this product (sleek facial katori wax) from Jalahalli, Blore to US but had just kept it lying in the draw since 6 months.., i was actually scared to use it… But after reading ur article , i made up my veins to gain courage & used it…., it works wonders :))):).. so happy nw…, Good bye to all the expensive & attitude parlour ladies in Chicago now… Thanks to Sleek & u for this joyous beginning of wax era… :):)

  13. Hey Ayedee

    I have too much of sideburns and I have tried waxing, threading and what not. But i end up getting rashes when i get those done at parlors. and I would like to mention that I have had this experience even at the best salons. Will using this Katori wax solve my problem of getting rashes after facial hair removal?. Looking forward for a quick reply.

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