How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

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Before going ahead, I wanted to share my experience on how I started researching about the topic. For many years I have suffered from migraine and if you or someone you know has it too, you would understand the kind of pain it brings with it. Consultation with doctors mostly ended up with painkiller subscriptions which are not always the precise solution. So I started researching about what triggers these migraines and with experience I nailed down the following reasons: stress, incorrect diet and extreme weather conditions.

I could modulate the stress and weather conditions only to a certain extent but diet can be regulated to a 100%. So the key was to maintain the body in its optimum balanced ph. And this is what lead me to discover about the Alkaline diet.

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

Touted as one of the many beauty fads of celebrities, alkaline diet helps you to get your body to its natural alkalinity state of 7.3 – 7.5. It comes with hosts of beauty and health benefits. Incorporating fruits and vegetables always top the list for any healthy way of living. But what were the other steps that I needed to include towards an ‘alkaline diet’ lifestyle? Know here….

1. Drink Lot Of Water

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

This is a no-brainer as our human body is 70% water. Water has neutral pH so it neutralizes the food acids to take the body towards an alkaline state. Guzzling plain water is not an easy task, at least for me, unless it is scorching hot. So I add lemon slices or fruit slices to give it a flavor. Purified or filtered water is better than tap water as it has lesser toxic minerals which would subsequently cause further damage. Also artificially flavored water should be avoided because though they might be tasty, the flavoring agents cause build up in our internal system.

2. Avoid Acid Producing Beverages

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

From the morning cup of coffee or tea, to the sodas and alcoholic drinks, all of these beverages though taste good make the body acidic. For me to forego coffee is not an easy task but I do make an effort to limit myself to only one cup a day. Processed fruit juices are also not acceptable as they have preservatives and glucose content which make the body acidic work overtime to process them.

3. Avoiding Animal Based Food Products

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

This one would be an easier task for vegetarians or vegans. I have numerous times experienced that if I gorge on ‘chicken biryani’ in the evenings the next day I wake up with a migraine. The undigested food in our digestive tract tends to leave acid residue. Animal based products like meat, egg and dairy take time to be digested and should be consumed in moderation.

4. Limiting Processed Foods

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

Resisting fries, burgers and pizzas (and host of other fried foods) is tough. Who am I to preach when I am the first one to jump and order potato wedges! The oil, which is used along with the processing that the fast food undergoes ultimately, forces our digestive system to bear the burn. From developing acne, heart burns and scores of other health issues, they are not beneficial in long term.

5. Avoiding Sugar

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

This is the toughest one for me as I never find it easy to say no to cakes, ice creams and chocolates. Artificial sweeteners are equally harmful. Sugar provides a good base for the harmful bacteria to work and produce acid which further changes our body’s pH. For most of us celebrations means rejoice with sweets. Instead it is better to pick up fruits to satiate the sweet tooth. Fruits have acid too but it is in very minimal level compared to confectioneries.

6. Regulating Medication

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

Instead of popping pills it is better to try out natural remedies. During serious medical conditions, medicines cannot be avoided. Antibiotics do help to get us back on our feet very soon but they also tend to have numerous side effects. However for general wellness I prefer to follow homemade remedies. The best option is always to improve our immunity internally so that our body can fight back on its own.

7. Using pH Strips Kit

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

pH strips are similar to litmus strips that many of us would have encountered in our school’s chemistry labs. These strips can be used in 2 ways. The first method is to keep the strip in the mouth for the saliva to work on the strip and determine the body acidity/alkalinity. The second method is using the pH strip on the urine, which gives more accurate body pH level. These kits also come with a color coded chart to compare and find out the current status. The best time to take these tests is in the morning as it gives an accurate reading. I have seen these strips at the pharmacy and I am planning to get one very soon.

8. Additional Methods

How to Incorporate an Alkaline Diet in your Lifestyle

Exercising does not directly impact in maintaining body’s pH level. However it does help in regulating our body’s wellbeing. Any form of exercise from long walks, deep breathing, cardio or yoga helps body organs to function well and increase our metabolism. Activities like smoking should be avoided as lungs absorb the toxic products which then get circulated in our blood. Also using natural products in our day-to-day life contributes further to eliminate exposure to toxic agents. (This one is tough to do, as I have no plans to get rid of my serums, cream and makeup!)

Today after feasting on numerous ‘kaju katlis’ (which a friend got from India) I do accept it is not an easy task to incorporate all the principles in our lifestyle. I have failed multiple times but I keep reminding myself to take small steps towards it. It might not possible to follow all the rules every time, but we have to keep reminding ourselves to continue walking in the path towards our betterment. Whenever I have followed the above procedures I have tremendously benefitted from it. So I highly recommend that please give it a try in your lifestyle too. 🙂 🙂

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  1. This is very informative Alaka. A friend’s mom gets serious migraine attacks, and I have seen her crying in pain. So can kind of understand. 🙁 I am trying to include exercise each day in my regimen, whether it shows results or not.

  2. Thank you so much for the helpful article, Alaka. It’s very informative. My mother geta regular headaches, though she doesn’t have a migraine problem, but she says it’s because she develops gas and has an acidic body. I will surely but the pH strips and get her to check out her acidic level. How accurate are they?

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