How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

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We all love to make DIY beauty products. They are natural, inexpensive and also free of all toxic chemicals but they also have a downside to them. They can go bad in a matter of few days as no preservatives are added to them. In today’s post I will tell you how you can increase the shelf life of homemade beauty products.

How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

Add Vitamin E

How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

Vitamin E is an excellent anti-oxidant and not exactly a preservative. It can prolong the shelf life of your products for a few more days. Avoid exposure to light and air for more effectiveness.

Avoid Adding Water

How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

Water will encourage the growth of bacteria or fungus in your DIY beauty product. You don’t want that. Do you? So try to avoid adding water in your homemade beauty products.

Refrigerate the Products

How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

The cold temperature in the fridge delays the growth of bacteria and fungi. So if you do not want to use any preservative, refrigerating can also be an option to increase the shelf life for a few more days.

Do Not Store in the Bathroom
Bathroom is a humid place with all that wetness, heat and steam. This atmosphere is the breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. So a bathroom is the worst place to store those jars and containers.

Use Sterile Containers
When preparing your mixtures, make sure you have clean hands. Thoroughly wash containers with hot water and soap. Wipe them clean and then put the mixture in. Try to use squeezable bottles or spray bottles. They are more hygienic than jar packaging.

Judge by the Smell
If you open the product lid and it does not smell the same or it smells fishy or musty, then it is time to let go of the product. You do not want that on your face or anywhere near your body.

Add an Essential Oil

How to Increase Shelf Life of Homemade Beauty Products

An essential oil will work just like vitamin-E. They have antimicrobial properties and they slow down the oxidation process which in turn increases the shelf life a little more. Rosemary extract, tea tree oil or lavender oil can be used. But do not go overboard with essential oils.

Store in Dark, Cool Areas
Some products are not meant to be refrigerated. Those kinds of concoctions should be kept in a dark and cool place. Use opaque and air tight containers so that the products won’t oxidize and lose their effectiveness.

Make Small Batches
If you are making facial cleansers especially with perishable ingredients, they are meant to be used within 1-2 days of making. So make these products in small batches to avoid wastage. Make a fresh batch whenever you need it.

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