How To Look Glam with Minimal Makeup

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How are you all ? I am doing pretty good but feeling an emotional turmoil because soon I’ll be heading to a different city for my new job. I have never stayed alone, it’s kind of exciting but also sad because I have never ever lived alone. I hope PG life turns out fun for me. Anyway, getting back to the post, I have some really cool tips for all you beauties who would like to look glam but with less makeup on. Kindly read on to know how you can achieve a glam look with pretty less makeup steps.

How To Look Glam with Minimal Makeup

1. Use a primer that also serves as a moisturizer:

Some primers have moisturizing properties as well. Like Too Faced Hangover Primer, Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, and Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer are top hydrating primers which hydrate dry skin and provide a smooth base for further application of foundation and concealer.


2. Apply full coverage concealer first:

Rather than having a full face of foundation and then applying a concealer over it, apply a full-coverage concealer first. Get rid of shadows and then use your regular foundation to even out areas left. This way there will no cakiness and your base will look nice, light and fresh.

3. Either Contour or Highlight:

When you have a full face of makeup on, go with either contour or highlight. Both give your face a sculpting effect but choosing one of them will help you keep your makeup less complicated and more youthful. For day time makeup look, choosing either of the one will help you in not looking OTT.


4. Minimal eye makeup:

For days when you want to look dolled-up but with just minimal makeup, let your mascara do the trick for you. Use heavy coats of mascara to open up your eyes and after you are done, swipe your highlighter across your lid with a fluffy brush. This will give your eyes a fresh and young look. If you are a winged eyeliner girl, you can add a fake wing at the end of outer lashes without actually going the proper winged eyeliner route.

Chiseled face

5. Go for draping:

In case you choose highlighting over contouring, you may wanna try draping. Draping is using blush to contour and create a definition. Sculpted cheeks without harsh contour lines is the benefit you get with draping. You can use different blushes of same color family or one and work it well to create a gradient without messing with too many colors.

6. Use pigmented eyebrow setting gel:

Using an eyebrow pencil or pomade and then using a separate gel to set them may look a bit too much sometimes. To keep things light and breezy, pigmented eyebrow setting gel can come to your rescue ladies. Try them and I am telling you there’s no turning back. They are such a great time savers. You can go for eye brow pencil if your eye brow hair is fine and don’t go on party mode as soon as you step out. But, for people with caterpillar eyebrows like mine , pigmented eyebrow setting gel or mascaras are a boon.

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