Homemade Green Tea Sheet Masks : DIY

I am back with yet another DIY and this time I will share on making your own Green Tea Sheet Mask. The green tea recipe is similar to my Green Tea Ice Facial and Toner which I shared earlier but this time I have also added few drops of lemon and neem essential oils along with tea tree and lavender oil.

So lets get started with the list of ingredients you’ll need

1) 1 cup freshly made green tea
2) Tea Tree essential oil – Fantastic for oily to acne prone skin!
3) Lavender EO – Soothes skin
4) Neem EO – Powerful anti bacterial abilities and again good for acne prone skin
5) Lemon EO – Helps in lighting spots and pigmentation.
6) Compressed sheet mask (easily available on ebay)

Step1- You’ll need unused compressed sheet mask or any other unscented mask sheet. I got mine via ebay and they are quite cheap around 1 to 2 dolars only

Home Made Green tea sheet masks

They are compressed and look like these, once you dip them in liquid they expand.

Homemade Green Tea Sheet Masks

Step2- Prepare green tea as instructed and add 2 drops of each essential oil – tea tree, lavender, neem and lemon

Homemade Green Tea Sheet Masks


Step3 – Put the compressed mask sheet in the green tea solution and see the magic!

It will expand immediately πŸ™‚

Step4 – Your green tea sheet mask is ready to be used πŸ™‚


I love to use these compressed masks as they are so light weight, travel friendly and cheap! Also this gives me opportunity to make my own potion of serums at home.

Hope you all liked the post, until next time tc and stay beautiful!

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31 thoughts on “Homemade Green Tea Sheet Masks : DIY

  1. Nice DIY parita πŸ™‚
    I have used similar kind of compressed mask face pack from shehnaz Husain ….
    It was fun to see the mask expending… The unfolding needs to be done carefully though.

    1. hey varsha..i keep the sheet on my face for atleast 15 to 20 mins..once i remove the sheet i let all the goodness of green tea and essential oils soak in skin for good 1 hour before i wash my face with plain water..also i usually do this in the evening after I come home from office..hope this helps

  2. I am so going to check out the masks. Totally didn’t know about these. Thanks a ton for sharing. They sound really nicee. :))

    btw their packaging reminds me of angry birds. πŸ˜›

  3. wow, that’s amazing! thanks for sharing with us all… will surely check out those masks:)

    oh btw, i have seen similar tablet type napkins at Crazy Noodles outlets… they come and stylishly dish out these tablets, and then pour water with a syringe…. it really amuses me each time…

  4. OMG sooooooooo interesting!!! thanks for sharing girl πŸ™‚ they look like candys in the packaging! wud have to keep these away from little kids πŸ˜€ I WANT!

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