How To Prevent Hair Fall

How To Prevent Hair Fall

Maintaining healthy hair is a chore in itself – a lot of love, care and nurturing is required to have healthy long hair. Hair fall is a common problem all of us girls face and I am pretty sure everyone would be keen to know a few tips that could prevent their precious hair from falling out. Follow these tips and I am sure they will make a noticeable difference to your hair.

How To Prevent Hair Fall

1. Eat Right:  I have always maintained this, we are what we eat. Eating right is a key essential in keeping our hair healthy. Deficiency of minerals, vitamins, iron and protein induces severe hair fall. Including iron in your diet will promote hair growth and reduce hair loss, eat food rich in iron such as beetroot and spinach to see definite results. Do include Vitamin C as well as protein in your diet. Since our hair is essentially made of keratin, food like tofu, soya bean, pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds are great sources of protein. Moreover, the market has sufficient oral supplements providing the necessary nutrients for our body, so if all else fails, purchase these supplements to reduce hair fall and for a more luscious-looking mane.

2. Use a wide toothed comb:  Avoid using a fine toothed comb to detangle your hair. A fine toothed comb will result in hair breakage, which creates more hair fall.

How To Prevent Hair Fall

3. Avoid combing your hair when wet:  This is a must, that everyone should follow. Hair when wet is more vulnerable to breakage and falls out more easily since the hair follicles are relatively weak at the roots when wet. Combing hair when wet will only pull your hair and increase hair fall. You can prevent hair fall by combing your hair before you step into the shower or comb them when dry or semi-dry.

4. Don’t expose hair to excessive heat:  Exposing hair to excessive heat is another factor that should be addressed to prevent hair fall. Making use of hot tools on the hair can damage hair and the keratin in our hair, which results in excessive hair fall. Try embracing your natural hair rather than using styling products to prevent hair loss.

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How To Prevent Hair Fall

5. Avoid tying your hair too tight:  I know those days when we can not leave our hair loose, and want to tie a top knot and forget all about it. But by doing so, you and I both are abusing our hair and making it weak from the roots. Avoid tying your hair in high tight pony tails and top knots. Yes, they might look massively good or prevent us from getting distracted, but your are calling for major hair loss. Instead of tying your hair, try making loose braids or make use of clips to keep the hair away from your face.

How To Prevent Hair Fall

6. Hot Oil Massage:  Oil as we all know has been used over the years by our grandmothers and our mothers to retain the shine in our hair. And massage on the other hand is a lovely way to increase blood circulation to our scalp, this will help reduce hair fall and promote hair growth on our head. So choose your favourite oil – olive, almond, jojoba or sesame and start massaging.

How To Prevent Hair Fall

7. Sulphate free shampoo:  Cleansing your hair is the most important task to keep your scalp free from dirt and plausible infections. Making use of the right cleanser is another key detail that needs to be considered. Sulphates and parabens are ingredients that are hazardous chemicals and can damage hair and hair roots. Avoiding these chemicals in your shampoos, will prevent damage to your hair, which is a must to reduce and prevent hair fall.

How To Prevent Hair Fall

Do address these factors as you go about your daily life to achieve healthier and fuller-looking hair and reduce hair fall drastically.  If you still experience hair fall, consult your doctor to analyse if you are anemic or have a genetic issue that needs extra care. Till then, stay stress free and pamper those locks!

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14 thoughts on “How To Prevent Hair Fall

  1. Hi Rasshi nice post. I am having terrible hairfall after delivery. It started approximately when my baby was 4 months old. I am worried if it continues like this I will be bald soon. I consulted my gynac she asked me to contact a skin specialist which I m not so keen to do. I just wash my hair once a week as washing makes hairfall worst. Pls someone help me HOW CAN I STOP MY HAIRFALL.

    1. My comment went on moderation. Anyway what I did say was that, hair fall after giving birth to a baby is pretty usual. It’s mostly due to the hormonal balance you had faced during your pregnancy. How long have you been enduring this hair fall for now?

          1. Neha, you might be low on iron. Have you got an iron level check? I never knew I was anaemic and found out only last year. You might be facing a similar issue, find out if you are and try taking supplements for the same. Do not stress, that is another reason for more of it to occur. Just wait for the transition period to be over, but please get your tests done to make sure you are not low on iron- this is very common for new mothers.

            1. Thanks Rasshi. I checked this with my gynac she says haemoglobin is good and I don’t need to tk any iron or calcium tabs if my diet is proper.

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