How To Shop For Skin Care Products

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With the endless number of skin care products adorning the market, it gets a little difficult to choose the best product for yourself, one that matches your skin type and that can do wonders for you. Because while the right product does wonders to your skin, with the wrong products, the end results can back fire instead. Hence with today’s post, I aim to help you with choosing the right product for your skin.

How To Shop For Skin Care Products

1. Know your skin type:

The most important thing to know while shopping for skin care products is to know your skin type. There are many methods to determine this. Believe it or not, each individual has different skin needs. Knowing your type will guide you best towards buying skin care products that would work best for your skin.

2. Take your time:

Be it the department store or the drug store, never hurry while buying skin care products. You might even want to open IMBB and look for the review of the product just before you decide whether to purchase the product or not. Stores are mostly crowd-free during morning and afternoons especially on weekdays.

3. Mind the ingredients:

Choose products that contain herbal ingredients, any day over ones that contain harsh ingredients. They help you to maintain a healthy skin. Ditch products that contain harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphates. Always invest in products that contain coconut oil, neem, jojoba oil, argan oil and herbs like thyme and rosemary.

4. Never believe miracle claims:

Understand that achieving healthy and beautiful skin takes a lot of time and effort. Never ever expect your skin colour to change by six to eight shades with any skin care product. Products or treatments that claim quick and miracle results are fake. I have fallen prey to some such fake claims and ended up wasting a lot of money and time. You don’t! Be patient and you will definitely see the results.

How To Shop For Skin Care Products skin care products

5. Do not blindly trust high price:

High price does not guarantee high quality. Sometimes the same ingredients that are present in a top-notch brand product maybe present in a drugstore product, which would give you the same results. It is always better to do start your research a while before you try out a product and also to compare ingredients list. If you already love a product that you use, stock up during sales.

6. Try before you buy:

Never skip this step. Testing a product on your skin is mandatory. This will not only check for allergic reactions but will also introduce you to the smell and feel of the product, which is important for many of us, to use up the product entirely.

7. Ask for help:

Always ask questions like “Is this suitable for my skin?”, “How much should I apply?”, “How often should I use it?”, “How long will it take for the results to show?” and many more. Most importantly, if you have serious skin problems, always consult a dermatologist.

How To Shop For Skin Care Products skin care products skin radiant

8. Shop from a trusted brand:

If you have used many products from a particular brand and almost all of them have fared well for you, go for more products from the brand. But if you have decided to make a bold move and try out a brand which you have never tried before, at least make sure to check for reviews of products from the brand.

9. Decide where to splurge:

If you really want to make a big buy, make it a sunscreen or a retinol product. This is what every skin needs the most. When on a budget, you can always cut down on not-so-important products for your skincare regimen.

10. Look for packaging:

Practical packaging is not something which blends with the interiors of your room or appears too cute to resist. Instead, practical packaging has to protect sensitive ingredients like retinoids and anti-oxidants, from light and air, thus preventing them from losing potency. Aluminium tubes and air-tight opaque bottles serve the purpose.

11. Learn about returns:

Most stores help you to make a hassle-free return if you keep the product in proper condition and with the itinerary. Some stores do not accept opened products. Return can be in the form of store credit while some give a proper refund. Inquire about returns beforehand to avoid any problems.

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