How to Shrink a Big Pimple Quickly

When you have got an important event to attend or a date with your crush, what would be the one thing that would scare you the most? Yes, a giant pimple right on your face, most probably on the forehead or on your nose! In a frantic bid to get rid of the pimple, one might try everything from toothpaste to baking soda, which in most cases, might aggravate and increase the size of the zit further! Hold on, in this post, are going to tell you some safe ways to shrink a big pimple quickly.

What Causes Pimples on the Skin?

Our skin has pores that connect directly to oil glands present under the skin. Small sacs called follicles (out of which hair grows) connect these oil glands to the pores. The sebaceous glands present in the epidermis of our skin produce an oily substance called as sebum. This liquid-like substance pushes dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of the skin. When the follicles get blocked with dirt, bacteria, dead cells, and sebum, a pimple or acne arises. When the acne or pimple is inflamed, it leaves mark behind on the skin which becomes difficult to get rid of. Hormonal imbalance, comedogenic products, wrong diet, lack of nutrients, PCOD, not cleansing the skin well can all cause acne and pimples. Make sure you switch to a healthy diet and cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed to keep pimples at bay. It is also important to stay away from comedogenic products so as to not irritate and inflame the skin.

How to Shrink a Big Pimple Quickly:

1. Chamomile Tea Cold Compress: From boosting immunity to letting you have a good night’s sleep, chamomile tea is full of benefits. Brew a bag of chamomile tea and keep it in the refrigerator for 10 to 20 minutes. Place this bag on the pimple for a few minutes and repeat this process a few times through the day. Don’t rinse off. The calming properties of chamomile with reduce the size of pimple without irritating the skin.

2. Apply pure aloe vera gel on acne to soothe the irritation. If the inflammation is less, lesser is the chance of the pimple leaving a mark behind

3. Make a pack by mixing milk with one whole nutmeg powder, one strand of saffron. Here’s a detailed post on how you can make this effective face pack.

4. Make a paste out of fresh mint leaves and a bit of powdered oats. Add rose water and apply to the face evenly. Rinse off after 20 minutes.

5. Kaolin Clay and Rose Petal Mask: Kaolin Clay acts as a great cleanser while deeply cleaning the pores. White Kaolin clay also mildly exfoliates your skin, hence being a great exfoliator for people with sensitive and acne prone skin type. It also purifies the skin and gets rid of all impurities. It is very gentle on the skin and unlike Multani mitti which is a kind of clay too, it doesn’t make your skin dry and absorb the oil from your face. Here’s how you can make this kaolin clay and rose petal mask.

6. Cold compress with Green Tea: The caffeine content in green tea constricts blood vessels on the face and helps to reduce inflammation and size of the pimple.

7. Tea Tree Oil with Orange Juice: Tea tree oil is one among the ancient remedies that can help to treat acne and more. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist to treat the acne spots easily. Orange juice helps to soothe the skin, while tea tree oil helps to clear the clogged pores, thus, treating the acne. Mix tea tree oil and orange juice in 2:3 ratio and apply on the face using a cotton ball. Leave it for overnight and wash off with cold water in the morning.

8. Glycolic acid treatment with Sugar and Honey: This acid belongs to the group of alpha hydroxy acids. It is an extremely beneficial ingredient for skin because apart from loosening the bonds that hold the dead skin cells, it also helps to even out skin tone by revealing new layer of skin from beneath. Mix 1 tbsp of sugar in 1 tbsp of honey and apply directly on the face to get the peeling effect of glycolic acid from sugar and anti-microbial properties from honey.

9. Salicylic acid treatment: Salicylic acid clears out clogged pores by penetrating the layers of skin. Get yourself a good over-the-counter salicylic acid ointment prescribed by the doctor to see the pimple size reduce considerably.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar with Water: Use a Q tip to apply apple cider vinegar directly on to the pimple. If your skin is sensitive, dilute apple cider vinegar with equal parts of water and only then apply to the skin.

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