How to Use Makeup Setting Spray

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Most of us are used to primers. But, did you know that makeup setting sprays are as useful as them? They not only help to keep the makeup in place for a longer time (plus, add to the amazing pros of a primer) but also add gloss to your face without greasi-fying your look. But, wait! Do you know the right way to use a makeup setting spray? It is important to use a product in the right way. We’ve got something for you. Here is a complete guide about the right way to use a makeup setting spray. Read the post to learn.

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1. What is your skin type?

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Your skin type and skin’s nature is a concern when choosing skincare and makeup products. If you choose products according to your skin type/nature, they’ll work better and help you get the exact results that they claim. If you’ve oily skin, you should choose a makeup setting spray that is specially formulated for skin that is oily/ tends to get oily. Such a spray will not only help you to keep makeup in place but also control the production of oil and sebum. Similar is the way to choose a makeup setting spray for dry, sensitive, combination, and other skin types.

2. Choose the right setting spray:

Trusted brand + Non-comedogenic + Right ingredients.
What should be the motto? If a product is not working/giving the results that you desire, it should ‘at least’ not harm you. This goes with makeup setting sprays as well.
• Check for sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients.
• Check if the setting spray is labeled as non-comedogenic.
• If possible, choose a makeup setting spray that is alcohol-free.
• Always check for reviews (genuine ones) before buying a makeup setting spray. If possible, consult a cosmetologist for the same.

3. Use the right makeup:

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A makeup setting spray will only work when you’ve done the right makeup. What’s the point in holding up the wrong kind of makeup?
• Choose the right makeup products.
• Always cleanse and moisturize your face before applying makeup.
• Always apply makeup in steps. Work gently and do not rush.

4. Use the makeup setting spray at the very end:

Have you been waiting for this step? You should always (ALWAYS) use the setting spray at the end when you have completed your makeup. It is a very bad idea to use the makeup setting spray between each step. It is not recommended. A makeup setting spray should be used at the end only. This works the way, somehow, your hairspray does. So, be patient and spray your face with the makeup setting spray at the end only.

5. Shake the spray bottle well:

As already mentioned, you should do an ingredient check before choosing a makeup setting spray. Now, that you know that every beauty product and the makeup setting spray (which is in the liquid form before your spray) is made of ingredients that are much more than 1-2-3, you should shake the spray bottle well before using so that the ingredients mix up well and you get the exact results.

6. Close your eyes gently before you spray:

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You don’t want to get the product into your eyes, right? But, it has to be sprayed over the eyelids so your eye-makeup remains safe and intact for a longer time. So, the key is to close your eyes in the gentlest way possible. You do not really have to press them hard, like the way you press them during a sneeze, and be really gentle and soft.

7. Keep distance between the face and the spray:

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What should be the ideal distance? Not more than 8 inches. You should do this to ensure that your whole face gets sprayed with the makeup setting spray in a few sprays. You should not be spraying each part of your face separately. Just a few sprays and your whole face should be covered well.

8. Dabbing the spray into a cotton ball? NO!

You’ve been well provided with a spray bottle and a spray nozzle. Why? Because you’re meant to spray the mist and not dab it like cleansing milk. Just the way hairspray goes on your hair, a makeup setting spray goes on your makeup. No dabbing on cotton balls/pads.

9. Let the spray dry naturally:

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Do not touch your face for a few minutes after you spray the makeup setting spray. Let it dry naturally.

So, now that you know how to use a makeup setting spray when are you giving it a chance? Do you have any suggestions for ‘how-to-use’ a makeup setting spray? How do you do it? Tell us in the comments below!

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