Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta

Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta

Hello friends! How are you all? Last week was quite busy for me. I had to attend so many weddings. Here in Hyderabad marriages are quite a gala affair. Everybody just loves to dress up and put their best foot forward in the weddings in every aspect let it be clothes, accessories, makeup almost everything. The one thing that hasn’t changed in this city of Nizams is the royal attire for the wedding day, that’s “Khada Dupatta” the exact meaning being Upright stole. It is an elaborate wedding ensemble comprising a kurta (tunic), churidaar and a 6-yard dupatta .
khada dupatta soha anamika khanna

History of Khada Dupatta:

Khada dupatta is worn by women of the Deccan plateau and so the influence can be seen with the addition of a long kurta and a pyjama ensuring maximum coverage unlike in the other forms of saree draping that involve a small choli or a blouse .The Khada Dupatta was not only worn by the royalty during the Qutub Shahi era, the Asaf Jahis and the Nizams, but commoners also wore this outfit. There dresses though would be simple mul cotton khada dupattas with a choli kurti and cotton pyjamas for daily wear.

khada dupatta

For special occasions, the khada dupattas would be woven in silk with pure gold and silver threads. It was common for people to own sanchi/real(woven in gold or silver) sarees and khada dupattas back in time.


Ensemble of Khada Dupatta:
Kurta: This is a long A- line tunic mostly with puffed sleeves. There is heavy border generally called masala on the neck and sleeves of the Kurta.
Churidar: It is mostly made in brocade and is of the contrasting colour of the dupatta.
Dupatta: The dupatta is usually made of net material and embroidered with zardozi work. The border of the dupatta has masala or a ribbon border with embroidered golden motifs.
Draping style for Khada Dupatta:


The dupatta is draped with the very top part of the middle of the dupatta tucked into the back of the chooridaar. The dupatta is folded accordion pleats at both ends, which are held in place on the left shoulder with a brooch. The free ends of the dupatta are worn under the right shoulder and over the inside of the right elbow.

The legacy of the Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta is still kept alive by Hyderabadis as it remains the official traditional bridal dress for Hyderabadi brides and bridesmaids. Celebrities like Sania Mirza, Soha Ali Khan too have worn it in their wedding.

It is a completely unique style of draping the dupatta which I think needs a mention in our blog IMBB. So, that you all can also have a new option to try it out in the weddings to come. It completely transforms you and gives an elegant look to the whole attire. I hope after reading this article many of you would love to try it.

P.S: The last pic is of my wedding. I hope you all like it. I was a bit shy and nervous to share it.Heheheh 🙂
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    1. Thanks neha *puchhi* this is my first fashion post was a bit nervous whether I have written it well or not .. Glad everyone liked it

  1. Wow!

    U look great!
    Iam not much of a fan of this attire,but, u do, look, graceful in it
    When did u to married?

    1. Awww …it a good option fr a change even I was apprehensive abt khada dupatta wore it for my marriage first time.. And some then just love it *pompom* *pompom*

  2. I love this attire…have heard alot about here in Hyderabad from Hyderabadi friends. I want to have one they said me i can get them in Charminar Area..please let me know where I can get the same I am desperately looking for one. Between You looking so adorable in the pic…color is also woow.

    1. True divya.. Charminar is the area where u get this .. Recently there r a few website which ship the dress too u can search it online too.. Thanks fr the comments *puchhi* I am sure u too will look pretty in it

  3. Abeerrrrrrrr you look gorgeous and really beautiful *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* why were you scared, you look so pretty *drool* *drool* *drool* and yes very informative article… good to learn these new things *happydance* *happydance*

  4. Inspite of having lived in hyd for the past 12 yrs, i wasnt aware of this. Thanks for the info. And you looked really pretty on your wedding day. Well written article too.

  5. lovely article abeer. I seriously had no clue it’s calle khada dupatta. i think that’s soha on saif’s wedding. Totally loved reading about this. you look lovely on your wedding. :))

    1. *puchhi* Rati I had just hoped that u should read my article.. Ur comments mean a lot … *jai ho* thanks fr ur compliment *happy dance* *happy dance*

  6. Please could you show how to drape khada dupatta’s dupatta step by step.. it would be very helpful as I have a wedding in near future and I have my wedding khada dupatta and t I have least Idea as to how to drape it..

  7. This looks so elegant . Although we are not Hyderabadi’s . I got this made for the immediate family for my sons Nikah. All of us wore identical suits and it looked so elegant , regal and grand !
    On the lighter note- before the Waleema, my hubby asked me – “ BTW what all are your becoming today as last night you all were butterflies “

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