How To Get Rid of Brown Spots on Face: Ask IMBB

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Resma asks:

I used to have perfect, acne-free, even skin tone. Now, due to unknown reasons, I can see small brown spots near my chin area and my whole face has darkened.I cant even think of wearing short dresses as my face is at least three shades darker than my body skin now. Please suggest something.

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21 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Brown Spots on Face: Ask IMBB

  1. Is it tanning.. or some other kind of spots.. wht ever meet a dermatologist.. as you never know the reasons ..boil cumin seeds and wash your face, use turmeric, buttermilk, tomato, cucumber, walnut, papaya, yogurt.. all these help.

    1. Rati…After reading your comment..Googled @ FabIndia Cream & read really good reviews @ it. With Kojic Acid as an can be sure of safe lightening effect..!! Thanx for your suggestion..Added it in the list of Cosmetics-to-be-purchased-in-India-Trip… 😀

  2. me 21…thanx guys for the suggestions..any one knows a good derma in mumbai??and rati di,i read the kiehls review..sounds awsome…will try definitely!

  3. Resma….Am also suffering frm these tiny freckles since past few years. Avoiding Sun is MUST..!! I use wide brimmed Hats all the time as I hate Sunscreens. Dunno wat works xactly..but I keep on trying various DIY packs..and they are helping to lighten spots. But even once xposed to scorching SunRays & all freckles start blooming again like Sunflowers .. 😀

    1. Agreed.. I once consulted a derma for white patches on my skin that I get in summers.. and she said that I was allergic to sun! Imagine.. what one does when one is allergic to sun rays..!!?

  4. Even i have got tiny brown spots on my cheeks now. I always had very clear and glowing skin but faced lots of acne breakouts during pregnancy. Its been nine months of my delivery but pimples / acnes keep coming back and now I have blemishes all over my face. I apply Forest essentials mltani mitti ubtam after reading reviews of it on many websites and once a week I also apply lemon honey juice mix. Any suggestions to get my glowing skin back? And how to reduce these ark acne blemishes from face :-(?

    1. Priya..

      Pregnancy marks/blemishes take time to go but they eventually leave. And I think till the time you breast feed your baby, your skin may act like this. Once you stop breastfeeding and attain your hormonal balance, it should be okay. My skin also took a longgggg time to get okay. Infact, I still have some pigmentation on my neck that I got during pregnancy.

  5. Also can someone recommend a good moisturizer for night usage for my kind of skin? I am currently using Neutrogena oil free SPF 15 moisturizer after washing my face at night.

  6. What I would recommend is very simple but VERY effective. I used to have marks all over my face, but I did this religiously for a month. It stopped the acne and dissolved all the blemishes! It is a long term solution but, so don’t expect it to work in a week, it will give results in 3-4 weeks and also help your skin glow from within. Before sleeping every night, rub a raw tomato or apply raw tomato pulp on your face, let it dry (or leave it for 15 minutes) and then wash it off. Dry your face. After that rub a slice of lemon all over your face so that the juice of the lemon rubs off on your skin, and leave it on the whole night. Wash face with routine cleanser/wash in the morning. This may sting a little initially, but it is well worth it. Hope it works for you! 🙂

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