How To Do Fruit Facial At Home

How To Do Fruit Facial At Home

How To Do Fruit Facial At Home

Fruits are always great for your skin. Whether you make a dessert out of it or use it in your beauty recipe, fruits offer wonderful benefits to your skin and to your health. No doubt that fruit facials too are very popular among women these days and today, I am going to talk about a few aspects of fruit facials. As you can understand, like many of my other articles that have been posted here, this one too is a product of my research. If you want to know more about the various aspects of a Fruit Facial, read on.

To start with a very positive note, let me share a quote that I came across in course of my research. In the Times of India website, I happened to read an article,‘Wanna look fab? Get a fruit facial’ and there, an extract read- ‘Skin expert Dr. Rashmi Shetty affirms, “Using fruits on the skin is one of the oldest, most cost effective and trusted methods used for safe skin care treatment. Firstly, fruits provide your skin with tremendous hydration, imparting it with a very fresh, quenched look. Another major benefit of it is in the loosening of the cement between the dead cells on the top layer of the skin. For example, the papain enzyme in papaya acts in this way.”’

Fruit Facial – How To Do It?

Normally, a fruit facial kit contains a fruit-based cleanser, fruit scrub, fruit massage gel/cream or both, fruit face pack and a fruit-based moisturizing/anti-tanning/anti-ageing formula. You start by cleaning your skin and then exfoliating it mildly and then you go for a facial massage, application of pack and then follow up with a skin care lotion. It is done best at a salon of your choice. At the same time, you can choose to invest in a fruit facial kit available so easily in the market and get it done at the comfort of your home.

Homemade Fruit Facial Ideas:

I prefer a homemade fruit facial and trust me, if it is about something as readily available as fruits, I am just not ready to invest in a packaged kit, which will contain many preservatives and chemicals apart from the much-desired fruit extracts. I hope you would like to go through some of these ideas which I am going to share now:

  • Cleanse – Mix lime juice with raw milk and a pinch of salt. Soak a cotton ball in this lotion and deep-cleanse your skin by rubbing the cotton against your face in an upward circular motion. Do this for a couple of minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Lime

  • Exfoliate – Now it is time for scrubbing your face with your favourite fruit scrub. Depending upon the season, you may choose to have seasonal fruit-based scrubs like orange scrub, watermelon scrub or papaya scrub. You may also like to use a lemon scrub if your have an oily face or bananas scrub for dry skin. Know more about these fruit scrub recipes in the article – Homemade Face Scrubs with Fruits.
  • Strawberry Scrub

  • Massage – Mash some banana, strawberry or some papaya. Mix it up with a spoon of milk and some honey. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you may like to skip the milk and use lemon juice instead. Blend it to get a creamy mixture and use it to massage your face gently. Wipe it away.
  • Facial mask

  • Face pack – Now make your favourite face pack depending upon your skin type and based on your skin needs. For instance, if you want to get rid of tan, prepare a cucumber juice-lemon juice solution or a yoghurt-lemon pack. If you want to get a glowing face, mix orange juice with milk and a few drops of honey and use as a pack. If you want to treat excess oily secretion and pimples, make a pack by mixing multani mitti with mashed cucumber and rose water. Just be creative to use your favourite fruit according to your skin needs.
  • Orange

  • Tone – Use a homemade toner using cucumber, lemon, coconut or lime. Check out the ideas here – Top 15 homemade face toner ideas.

Of course, homemade fruit facial demands your patience and you need to keep things ready before you start your fruit facial. For instance, you need to keep the fruits ready either in a mashed or in a juice form, as required. But definitely, it makes you happy as a creative person and your skin benefits naturally.

P.S. The ideas contained in “homemade fruit facial ideas” section are entirely personal and generalized. Skin type varies and skin needs also vary; hence, use these recipes wisely.

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  2. I love fruit facials but I’m extremely wary of using Lemon on my face. I used it once (diluted with water and Baking powder) and broke out all over my face which took 2 months to heal 🙁

    1. Ohh…i think in dat case u shouldnt use lemon. it happens dat some people r allergic to lemon, tomato and even mango application…n the other hand, i often use lemon toner and im absolutely fine with it 🙂

  3. banana + honey works wonderfully well as a face pack for combination skin. I am waiting to try the papaya one too. I saw a couple of scars fade away with this face pack. have used this so much that I have given my Lush Bazened honey and crashcourse packs a break 🙂

    1. Will try it Aru…..I have so many scars now that need to go away….BTW, I got some ayurvedic jadi bootis from Kerala and people claim they are very effective, I am yet to try them….

  4. wow, i’d end up eating all the fruits if i were to buy some or take from fridge, like you said this would definitely require a lot of patience! but i’m gonna try the banana+honey+milk wala ASAP 😀 my skin surely needs some of dr luv! thanks for this 🙂

    1. err…i dont think u should try it in that case. try multani mitti based pack…and for fruits, use cucumber, lemon or watermelon base 🙂

  5. I top love fruit facials….all salons tend to use chemical based fruit facial packs but in Lakme salon I found they use actual fruits milk and honey…. Give it a try u may love it and is easy on the pocket too compared to other facials

    1. OH…I dint have an idea……have never been to Lakme….i think i must check out once 🙂 thanks for sharing Nidhi

  6. I top love fruit facials….all salons tend to use chemical based fruit facial packs but in Lakme salon I found they use actual fruits milk and honey…. Give it a try u may love it and is easy on the pocket too compared to other facials

  7. Ms Mukherjee this article is really nice one. Due to my extreme oily skin, I have got Fruit Facial using these natural fruits instead of creams during my wedding . It really does wonders on my skin which is very prone for breaks-outs.

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