Gold Facial Treatment Overview

Gold Facial Treatment Overview

Gold Facial Treatment Overview

Indian women love gold and even with the constant price hike that gold has been witnessing, the gold jewellery shops experience no less footfall. The special bond that women share with gold however has gone beyond the traditional concept of jewellry. Of course, what else can account for the demand of gold facial treatment as one of the most sought-after treatments? In fact, I was contemplating to invest in a top-quality gold facial kit or go for gold facial session in my favorite salon, and that is why, I thought of conducting a research on what to expect and what are the advantages (and disadvantages) associated with gold facial treatment. In this article, I would like to share all that I gathered in course of my research. Keep reading.

Gold Facial Treatment – Skin Care Benefits:

Since gold figures among the softest of metals, there are quite a few benefits associated with gold facial treatment if the right massage techniques and ingredient application are included.

Gold Facial

Here are the top benefits of gold facial:

  • Gold facial can be customized for both oily and dry skin types.
  • It helps in betterment of blood circulation.
  • The process of cell renewal is made fast by gold facial.
  • It also helps in lymphatic drainage and toxin removal.
  • Gold facial works wonders in rejuvenation of skin and enhancement of elasticity of skin.
  • Gold facial has anti-aging properties and helps in reduction of fine lines.
  • Gold facial fixes oxidation damages and sun damages that skin suffers from.
  • Pigmentation control and melanin-formation are unique capacities of gold facial and thus, to some extent assists in complexion lightening

How To Do Gold Facial Treatment at Home:

A good quality gold facial kit is required for the purpose, although it is believed that you reap the maximum benefits when you get it done at a reputed salon as it lets you get a more professional touch in the massage techniques as well as the mode of application of gold facial. However, you can very well get it done at home too. Here is what you need to follow:

• Facial skin should be cleansed thoroughly with the gold facial cleanser that comes with the kit. Be gentle on your skin while cleansing and rinse with trepid water. Pat you face dry.
• Exfoliate the skin with gold scrub which is available in the kit.
• Massage your face and neck with gentle upward strokes with the gold facial cream, which is generally loaded with extracts of gold foil, gold powder, sandalwood, wheatgerm oil, saffron, aloe vera and honey. Alternately, you may have a gold-gel instead of gold-cream, or both. This may vary from one kit to another, depending upon the brand you choose.
• The cream/gel should be left on the face for a few minutes and then, wiped off with a wet wash cloth.
• Now it is time to treat your skin with the gold facial mask. The mask too has the goodness of gold foil, aloe vera and turmeric among other components. Wait till the goodness is absorbed by the skin and the mask is dry. Remove the mask.
• A skin cooling session is desired and can be done with a cold compress for 10 minutes.
• Apply a moisturizing lotion which may be available with the kit.

Gold Facial Treatment

This is a generalized version of the step-by-step procedure and might have to be altered slightly, depending upon the components of the kit you choose to use. If you want to get it done in salons, let me tell you they often charge anything between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 approximately.

Gold Facial Treatment – Another View:

Just like every coin has two sides and every product has its pros and cons, during the course of my research, I also came across another aspect of the gold facial treatment. I don’t know what the truth is and how far this truth is a truth, but, while concluding, I would like to quote (without altering a word) what I came across in an article-‘Truth behind facials’ in the Hindustan Times website dated July 17, 2010:

“Gold facials have now become fairly ubiquitous in high-end salons. They are said to give the skin a radiant lustre. The gold in the products is said to retain moisture in the skin, increase flexibility and smoothness, slow down collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. Gold facials also apparently improve lymphatic drainage (a network of veins in the body that removes toxins) and regenerate skin cells. Also, they are said to fight damaging free radicals and prevent premature ageing.

Myth busted: According to Dr Sanjeev Gulati, “When gold is massaged on the face, or a face pack is applied, the face does look better by 30 per cent or so, but this is all temporary and could be due to the massage the client receives.”

The second claim that gold reduces fine lines and wrinkles is false, claim experts. Dr. Mohan Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon, Breach Candy Hospital, says that gold doesn’t have a role to play in either lymphatic drainage or collagen regeneration. “It has been shown that massage aids lymphatic drainage in cases of women with breast cancer. Massaging any part of the body might improve the drainage to a degree, but it doesn’t lead to a delay in the ageing process.” He adds, “After spending Rs. 1,000, any change you notice might be the result of a feel-good factor.””

P.S.- The whole article is a product of research. No view expressed, except in the introduction, is personal. Readers are welcome to share their own experiences and opinions.

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25 thoughts on “Gold Facial Treatment Overview

  1. thanks for this article Somreeta . I have done a similar research on gold facial just out of curiosity and the result i got were similar to yours. After reading the cons on gold facial by renowned doctors i got a second thought on gold facial but still when to have one in a reputed salon. The result was not something i have expected. I just felt that i had a clean up done and my face was back to normal after a week, though the salon lady told me that the affect stays for about 3-4 months . The only thing i loved about gold facial was the face massage and the thing i hate about it is the harsh scrubbing which was done for about 5 minutes i guess. I have acne scars and big pores and scrubbing hard for minutes made it more worse
    P.S : i have oily skin

    1. O naazo..thanks for sharing ur experience…Gold facials r quite expensive and should have yielded better results. i too have oily skin and i think i wd skip this one… facials r more suitable on normal skin i think

  2. Nice one Somreeta!
    Just a few days back, I too goggled about gold facials 🙂 and people who know and understand and treat skin don’t really swear by it… I had gold facial quite a few times and don’t mind going for it again for the feel good factor… 🙂 or I may take it easy after reading all this 😀
    PS: The third pic I think I have seen it in one issue of Femina…and the article is about a facial with gold flakes and it costs as far as I remember some 5000 bucks 😀

  3. Hmnnn somehow I feel the gold thing is hyped. Probably because I’m quite a cynic myself and I agree massaging and all has temporary effects and the feel good factor is always associated with a relaxing, pampering facial!

    We had a beautician who would come home for our routine waxing etc and she had recommended one gold and a diamond facial to us! We asked her, what is the difference between the two(Apart from the cost, of course) And she said “Arrey!!! Din Raaaat ka farak hain!” with such arrogant confidence, I felt too dumb to ask her for more details. It was subjective I guess, tumhe din pasand hain yaa raat. 🙂

    I have just had facial done 2 times in my whole life so far, once before my marriage and once ainvayi hi. And honestly, it hardly made any difference after the first 3 or 4 days. What has really worked wonders for my skin and I vehemently advocate is a good fresh fruit and salad intake and the strict “no touching face” policy adviced by my doc!

    1. what u say is quite right Varsha…….though i agree i have gone for quite a no of facials so far but i dont see much difference….i too think i will skip this gold facial thing… 🙂

  4. Nice Write up Somreeta. I too was considering getting a Gold facial done for my sister’s upcoming wedding and in my city the charges range from 2000-4000 varying in salons.

    Now I think I will stick to my regular ones.

  5. Well this explains so so aptly the recent aversion for my Parlour visit for facials…..inspire of spending big bucks I cud never find so called glow a day or 2 after it. The only good thing is massage that is difficult to do on my own at home!! Nice post Som 🙂

    1. Thank you sooooooooooo much TA….indeed so, and im not going to spend any money on gold facial…..not interested anymore…lol

  6. Somreeta : i guess the whole facial depends apon the the person who does it for us like if the technique is right than the result would be long lasting
    i have done only gold facial so i have put down my experience in the above comment and guys please share your parlor facial experience so that we’ll know weather to go for it or not .
    MP : your facial lasted for 3 months, that is like really awesome .

    1. yes. actually i dont get to see any difference immediately. only after 5 to 7 days, i can start seeing a glow. and gold facial with lymphatic drain massage is soooooo relaxing & soothing.

      1. yes Naazo,,….im really impressed with what MP says…bt i think gold facial is more suitable for dry skin beauties…i have oily face and i guess i gotta keep my research on…

        1. but i heard GOLD facials are good for oily skinned ? you can still give it a try and who knows you too would get a good result lik MP got 🙂

  7. hi guys..when i gt married, i hd a pre bridal package from my salon n they hd gold facial included in it.since i ve oily n pimple prone skin,i was told the gold facial will help with the pimples n settle them..after a few days when i ws doing trials for my make up.i found this unbranded salon which ws lead by a lady who wanted to gv me her own pre bridal if i ws takin her bridal make up.
    so when i tried to tell her abt how i ve already paid for my gold facial. she told me that for my skin type gold facil is nt rt,.she said i need some cold facials like pearl .
    i did agree on her plan. n underwent her facials before my wedding.
    there ws glow on m y face n pimple free still dint understand whether was it bcz of the cold facials, steam or just no gold facial.

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