Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!

Hii everyone!

I am going to share some informative tips with all the contact lens wearers. I have eyesight issues and I use spectacles since I was in grade two! 🙁 I always had a plan to shift to lenses, but I did not have the courage. But, since last year I have been using lenses occasionally! Here are some tips which I came across all this time, hope you’ll find them useful. 🙂

Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!1

1) Even if you travel with your lenses ON, make sure you carry your eyeglasses with you.

2) Always make sure that you carry the lens case with fresh lens solution in your handbag. You can’t say when the dust and other particles will enter your eyes or when your eyes will have a discomfort. During such situations, you can always take off your lenses and put them back in the case easily.

Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!

3) Before you take the lenses in and out of the case, make sure you have washed your hands and they are completely soap and oil free.

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4) Instead of having a wet finger, wipe your fingers with a clean towel and then handle the lens. I use my micro fiber towel.

5) If you have redness or itchy feeling after removing your lenses, and it lasts more than 24 hours, it’s important that you get a good physician’s advice.

6) Don’t use disposable fancy lenses for more than six times. And, make sure you clean them properly while handling it.

7) Never ever use a lens which has a tear or scratch. Never try to wear such lenses for any reason. Once, I bought lens for a special occasion and the lens accidentally got torn. Don’t try to wear it please, it’s important!

8) Use lenses before you wear makeup. And, take them out before you remove your makeup.

Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!3

9) If you are using a deodorant, use it before inserting the lens.

10) Never use your lens if you plan to swim.

11) For cleaning your lens, you can use a protein remover enzyme tablet. Use one tablet for each lens case for 4 hours.

Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!4

12) Never leave your lens in case with no sufficient solution. It dries out your lens.

13) When you are traveling with lens in your bag, make sure you have used sufficient lens solution and give a slight tap to the use to make sure the lens hasn’t stuck to the cap or sideways. Never show hurry or you may tear out the lens.

14) Wear sunglasses if you plan to handle paint, chemicals or if you use your two wheeler for the ride.

15) Never use your daily wear lenses beyond expiry date. Also, discard the lens solution when its outdated.

16) It is best to leave the idea of wearing a lens, if you plan to take a nap while travelling. Sleeping short or long with lenses on is a very bad idea!

17) It’s better if you change your lens case regularly, say after every 3 months or so.

18) Avoid washing your face with lens on, even though you have shut your eyes tightly. Remember, it is risky if the water gets into your eyes.

19) Better avoid being too close to hot objects. Don’t cook with your lenses on. It is not because it melts in your eyes (unlike the scary stories we read), it is because the heat takes away the moisture and your eyes will turn dry and the lens will not stick on! Also, make sure you always wear sunglasses when out in the sun!

Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!2

My sister, who is also short sighted like me, consulted an eye doctor for getting her first yearly disposable contact lenses and she posed many questions at him. And, I found this particular question quite interesting. She asked, “What should I do if my lens came out unexpectedly?” He replied, “Don’t worry! Call your friend or relative for help and turn off all the lights around. The lenses shine in dark and anyone could find them easily.” And this is my 20th tip!

So that’s it! Do share your tips and I would love to hear them. Stay blessed and bye! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Important Tips Every Lens Wearer Must Know!

    1. its not something we can’t handle arya. just some extra care while handling. follow the rules and you will be happy with your lens for sure!

  1. I think these are really good tips Sana… I have always been intrigued to try out colored lenses, but then I realise I am too lazy to take this much precautions.

  2. I’m a regular contact lens wearer since 10yrs for now and yes first time even I was scared of lens but now I love them.

    Wanna tell people who want to try lenses, please don’t be scared of all the “negative things”.
    Everything in life comes with it’s good and bad, only you need to weigh the two and go for the one which gives benefits more than disadvantages.

    Those who dread of eye infections due to lenses:- If you take proper care and hygiene like washing hands prior to handling lenses [both before and after] and cleaning lenses before and after use, you’ll be safe and happy lens user like me. 🙂

    P.S One tip not mentioned above, I would like to mention here….

    “Do Not use lens solution more than 90days after opening the bottle, irrespective of the date of expiry mentioned on the outer carton.”
    This is because once you open the bottle, it’s prone to contamination due to exposure to air and temperature, hence on the safe side, discard solution after 90days even if you didn’t use the whole solution.

    Nowadays lot of lenses are available like J&J which retain moisture and permit oxygen to reach eyes even with lens on for 16hrs. So choose such lenses.
    [During travel, I used lenses sometimes upto 12-13hours at a stretch and I never felt discomfort.]

    Another tip missing above which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT is NEVER SLEEP WITH LENS ON! Because when eyes are closed, there’s no oxygen supply to the eyes which leads to dry, irritated, red watering eyes. So please follow this tip.

    1. oops, just realised I missed the line in the article about not sleeping with lenses. She has covered it. 🙂

      1. I have heard about that tip before shilpa. i guess I saw it some where on the lens solution packaging itself. buying smaller bottles of solution is the best option I guess. Anyways, Thanks for reminding that 🙂

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