Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703 Review

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A few days ago, I had ordered some products from Inglot and in that order, I bought 5 Inglot nail colors. I have already reviewed one of the shades (Shade No. 355) here.  The shades that I am gonna review today are No. 955 and 703.  Inglot nail paints have only numbers against the shades and that makes it really difficult to recognize the colors.

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Price and Quantity:

15 ml/ 0.51 US FL OZ.  Inglot has nail enamels in various price ranges.  Shade No. 955 is worth Rs. 600 and shade No. 703 is worth Rs. 700.


Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Product Description:

No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No DBP, and no camphor.

My Take on Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703:

Inglot nail paints come in square-shaped bottles with black cylindrical caps.  The number of the shade is mentioned on the cap for easy access, but as I have mentioned before, the nail paints have no names. The square shape has an advantage over the round shape bottles, the color of the polish can be seen even from the top and so it becomes much easier to store the bottles (they can be stored in drawers and still the color can be recognized in the stack).

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

The brush that comes with the polish is of average size. It is neither too small nor too large; it needs to be swiped twice to cover the nail completely.  The consistency is neither too thick or runny, they have a decent consistency. The lasting power of both the nail paints is pretty awesome too.  The colors stay for about 4 days without chipping or fading. Even after 4 days, the nail paints do not chip, but yes, they start to fade.  Usually, I remove my color after 5 days, but I tried 955 for a longer time and after 8-9 days, the color faded and it started to chip, making small dents in the manicure.

Shade No. 955:

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

It is kind of a dusty royal blue which does not have any shimmer, it’s a glossy shade that is easy to wear.  Though the color is a shade of blue, it does not look too bold on the hand  due to the kind of shade it is.  The color is decently pigmented, though the color does not come completely opaque in a single coat and 2 coats of the color are needed. Some shades look streaky in the first coat, but thankfully, this is not one of those colors.

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

The color has a glossy texture, so I avoid going over with a top coat.  I am aware about the fact that top coats are applied to make the color last longer and not to make them glossy, but I usually do not go beyond 4 to 5 days with the same nail paint, and this color does stay for that much time on the nails even without a top coat.  Also, the color does not stain the nails and is really easy to remove. So overall, I liked the color and also a majority of things about the color. I did not have anything like this in my collection, so I am glad to have this.

Shade No. 703:

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Unlike 955, shade No. 703 is a matte pink color. It is a bright pink that becomes completely matte on drying. When I picked this color, I was not aware that it’s a matte shade. I fortunately had to pay just Rs. 600 for this instead of Rs. 700. The staying power and everything else about the nail enamel is the same as that of other shades that I got from Inglot. I do have many pinks in my collection, but I am happy as this is my first matte polish and I am already in love with matte nails.

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Inglot Nail Enamels - 955 and 703

Pros of Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703:

  • Takes less time to dry compared to other nail polishes.
  • Comes out opaque in just two coats.
  • Does not look streaky even with a single coat.
  • Does not stain the nails.
  • Stays for a decent amount of time without chipping or fading.
  • Good packaging.

Cons of Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703:

  • There’s no name assigned to the product.

That’s the only con I can find about these nail enamels.

Would I Repurchase Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703?

If I don’t get any color similar to the blue one, then yes I might repurchase it.  The matte pink has become my favorite shade, so yes, I will buy it again.

Do I Recommend Inglot Nail Enamels – 955 and 703?

If you these colors, then you should not say “no” to these polishes.

IMBB Rating:


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