Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream Review

So, Innisfree has finally entered the Indian market and we get to try the Korean skin-care product. I have always been a fan of their hand creams because I feel they are the best choice! Massage it and there is no chip-chip at all. I am a berry girl so, this time I picked up the hand cream in the “wild-berry” variant. See how I liked it 🙂


Price: Rs 300 for 30 ml
Product description:
• Texture.
• Deep nourishment with olive oil emulsion and shea butter extracts.
• Ultra-hydrating texture that fully moisturizes the hands.
• Lightweight texture that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a sticky or oily residue.


My Experience with Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream:


Packaging: The hand creams from Innisfree look super cute and are of a palm size. It comes in an off-white colour with some cute berries over it. It has a flip-flop open cap, which is easy to handle. But, it breaks very easily since it is a little tight, but that does not bother me. The hand cream is very handy and can be easily carried around in a clutch or a handbag. It has a lot of variants to choose from and I picked up the “wild berries” variant. I loved the range because it ranges from floral to fruity, so that’s a nice thing. The hand creams are not expensive and they are last-longing.


Consistency and Smell: The hand cream is white in colour and only a pea-sized amount is required at once. The consistency is pretty thick and nice. The smell of the cream just transfers me to a different zone. It smells of frozen juicy berries that are sweet and I like it. The scent is sweet but it is not over-powering at all. The scent lingers for like 15-20 minutes and then fades away. If you like fruity scents, then you will surely like this one.

I like thick hand creams because they moisturise my hands really well and this cream is really nice. It hydrates my hands really well and makes them look a lot fresher and youthful. The best part is, it does not leave my hands greasy as it gets absorbed within minutes of application. But re-application is needed every 2-3 hours which is a pain but this hand cream can be easily carried around so, that is okay. Overall, I like this hand cream and would love to use it during the winters. I am so glad Innisfree came to India and now, we can get that flawless Korean skin!


Pros of Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream:

  • Super cute flavours available to choose from.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • The thick consistency hydrates my hands very well.
  • A pea sized quantity is required at once.
  • It smells like frozen juicy berries which are sweet and tempting.
  • It gets absorbed in my hands in seconds.
  • It does not leave any greasy film behind.
  • Keeps dryness at bay.

Cons of Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream:

  • I wish the quantity was less for the price.
  • Re-application is needed every 2-3 hours.
  • They test on animals.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream?
I loved this little cutie and would love to try the other flavours as well but when it comes to the price, I think I can get The Body Shop hand cream which smells a lot better than these. But yeah, these are a must try.

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