Jo Malone London White Jasmine & Mint Cologne Review

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I cannot wait to  review ‘White Jasmine and Mint’ cologne from the Jo Malone London series. I have been meaning to do it for quite sometime. If you are naturally inclined towards light floral notes, this could be your pick. You might like the addition of fresh mint with a tinge of musky aroma which it carries along with it.

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My sister picked this up for herself. I was not surprised to see ‘White Jasmine and Mint’ coming from her being a jasmine lover and she had no second thoughts. Gfits from her have been doing good so far as per the history of my vanity box. Handpicked by my sister, it suits her and least she is satisfied with the fragrance if not the price. Since we share a similar taste, I took her word and recommendation. I had to mention her for introducing me to this fantasy fragrance world of Jo Malone’s; guess what ladies, the best part Jo Malone is they have a concept where you get to combine fragrances.

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They have three variants of these colognes in Light Floral itself – like Red Roses, Wild bluebell and French Lime Blossom. Apart from these you have three exclusive variants from Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Woody and six exclusive variants under ‘Intense Colognes’. As tempting and as irresistible these fragrances seem to be, they also come in a beautifully wrapped signature ‘Jo Malone’ box tied with a black ribbon which can truly be a treat to the eyes but in my case not, because you do not get them when purchased from India.

Product Description and Claims:
(Jo Malone London)
Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne
A sun-drenched morning in an English country garden. Just-crushed wild mint adds a dash of eccentricity to an exuberant bouquet of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Enchanting.
Top Note – Mint leaf
Refreshing and green, mint leaf adds a clean, slightly sweet accent which harmonizes with jasmine in the heart
Heart Note-Heirloom Jasmine
This white floral, heady and sensual, adds luminosity to the bouquet
Base Note – Mate leaf
This green note infuses the fragrance with leafy freshness

Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne (6)

Price: 60 USD/4433 INR (approx) for 1 oz (30 ml)

My experience with Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne:

A Jo Malone London scented product was enough a treat for my senses be it a cologne or perfume. The minute I held and felt the coolness of the glass bottle in my hand I time-traveled to London. It is the way I connect with my products and they say “Feeling is the factor for foundation” which is true in my case. I let my senses and my instincts take over especially with scented products. They cannot go wrong is what I believe in. It is more like love at first sight.  The experience with this cologne was proof of the pudding and I passed this beauty from a nature lover to another jasmine lover. That would be my mom. She is happy and content with this scent too!

Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne  (6)

This cologne is more like an ounce of “attar” only that it is not that strong or a smell that can be intimidating to the nose; neither does it have the long lasting power as that of “attar”. It smells just fine and for floral note lovers but it would be more than just fine if they came at price that you can offer and quantity that would satiate for the price you pay. It can be perfect for ones who can appreciate soft jasmines blended with natural aromas like mint leaves.

Pros of Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne :

• Luxury packaging – The signature beige colored box with Jo Malone inscribed tied with a black ribbon that it comes with.
• Neither too mild or nor strong for a cologne
• Not a harsh cologne and therefore more than just safe for sensitive noses
• Perfect for the pocket carrying.
• Travel-friendly
• A refreshing fragrance with white floral notes with hues of natural aroma like mint and mate leaves to it.

Cons of Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne :

• Ridiculously expensive.
• Top, heart and base notes could be more specified
• Low staying power for the quantity and price offered – could have been more concentrated even for a cologne.
• Availability in India , even if available – not every variant or quantity is available and comes without the box .

Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne  (6)

IMBB rating:

Would I repurchase/ recommend Jo Malone London White Jasmine and Mint Cologne?
No, I would not repurchase ‘White Jasmine and Mint Cologne’ but I cannot wait to lay my hands on their limited editions which contains all of it. I highly recommend this refreshing cologne for the ones whose rooms are usually filled with Jasmine as their heirloom fragrance product .

Overall verdict:
Indulge your senses in the rich scents of nature smooth and wild, a treat that comes as a Genie in a bottle from Jo Malone’s to pamper the princess in you. Spot your Genie today.

• It is best to not let the SA make the final pick. Ensure that he/she helps to verify your choice with testers before adding it to your cart. Use coffee beans before you move on different testers
• Use Jo Malone’s Jasmine and mint with other floral colognes to create a fragrance of your own
• Jo Malone’s Jasmine and Mint is more of an everyday office wear. For the price and quantity that is offered, cheer up your work place by wearing this for your big days at office, meetings or a conference that requires a bit of motivation
• Perfect ‘Gift for Her’ option especially with the complimentary box that it comes with
• Pocket it for parties and spray it 2-3 times when needed
• Since it is white based cologne, safe to spritz it on clothing but be sure. Try before usage.
• Dab a good amount of the product on the pulse points- below your ear, wrist, neck and inside your elbow joints.
• Available in India (but without box )

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    1. I am one of them baby 😀 only that I want bluebells, red roses and orange blossoms…:/ I know a greedy perfumista me, can’t get enough of perfumes, fragrances ans mist 😛 but these re very expensive 🙁

  1. Jasmine and Mint!!! Interesting combination. I have never experienced these two together. It must be very refreshing and soothing. But a bit pricey for a cologne 🙁

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