Jog Your Way to Better Health – The Dos & Don’ts of Jogging in Cold Weather

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Jogging is a favorite form of exercise for many. Jogging has many benefits during winters, provided they are done in the correct way. Not only it keeps you active throughout the day by increasing your energy level, but it also helps in maintaining your shape even if you consume some extra calories. Read on to find out the dos and don’ts of jogging.

Jog Your Way to Better Health - The Dos & Don’ts of Jogging in Winters

Dos :

1. Wear thin and loosely woven clothing

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Choose clothes made of thin synthetic fabric while jogging as this type of material is effective in absorbing the sweat from your body. Additionally, you can also wear an outer layer of nylon, for protection from the wind and precipitation, besides maintaining the heat balance of your body. Avoid cotton material at all costs.

2. Cover your hands and feet properly

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The heat possessed by your body escapes mostly through your hands and feet. So, cover your hands and feet with running gloves and socks during jogging when the cold is mild, and with mittens when the temperature further decreases.

3. Maintain your regular fluids intake

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Irrespective of the weather, your body loses fluids in the form of sweat while jogging. Also the chilly air of the winter increases the chances of dehydration. So, it’s a must to keep yourself hydrated during, before and after jogging by drinking enough water or sport drinks.

4. Warm up

Do stretch out a bit before jogging to wake up your tired muscles. Before starting your daily jogging regime, always ensure that you get a bit of physical activity.

Don’ts :

1. Stay in damp clothes

Getting wet from rain or sweat while jogging on a cold day, increases your chances of developing hypothermia by decreasing the body temperature further. Immediately change your clothes if they are wet and turn on your heater to warm yourself.

2. Overdress

Never dress in a way that makes you feel warm and comfortable before starting to jog. This is going to make you feel warmer as your movements increase, and in turn result in more sweating or discomfort.

Women jogging through snowy forest.

3. Forget to cover your head

Astonishing it may sound, but your body actually loses 40% of its heat through the head. So, never make the mistake of leaving your head bare before stepping outside to jog in the winter. You can wear a hat, woollen cap or a scarf during this time to protect your head.

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