Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine

By Smriti Prabhat

Every morning, I am in front of the mirror for a long time (I am not going to say hours because *shy*). But, as soon as I step out into this sweltering Delhi heat, yikes the sweat ruins it all for me. I was not sure if I sweat more than others or whether my makeup products were not working. But the fact is that if you picture me with my melting makeup and sweat on my body & hair, it is not attractive at all. So, after a lot of research, I have found a way to sweatproof (as much as possible) summer beauty routine. Here are some essential tips!

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Do Choose The Right Makeup Products

Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine3

The first item on this list is a decent moisturizer, something like by Cetaphil or Neutrogena, depending on your skin type. Next, prep with a primer that would keep the oil at bay. Try to find a primer with some coverage like The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur Makeup Primer, it is best for skin that does not need any extra coverage. Go for cream blush, waterproof liner, waterproof mascara, eye primer and cream eye shadow. For lipsticks, choose stains that would leave behind a burst of color after they are absorbed (licked away, in my case). Finally, set everything with a setting spray.

Do Not Go For Sheer Foundation 

Sheer foundations melt off the face. So if you desire that prepped look, dilute a full coverage foundation with your favourite matte moisturizer and then use it. Full coverage foundations are designed to stay on for hours.

Do Invest In Quality Makeup Essentials 

Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine1

Your summer makeup essentials must include three things –

  • Blotting papers that just leaves your face, oil and sweat free but do not touch your makeup
  • Amazing setting powder for touch ups
  • A deodorant that you can use all through the day without worrying about white marks

I have also found that investing in a decent primer keeps the face sweat at bay. Clinique has an amazing product called “Stay Matte Hydrator” that offers a nice base before you apply makeup. Make sure you choose a shine control setting powder.

Do not Underestimate Layered Makeup 

Even after everything, my mascara still melts off and occasionally it has given me itchy & burning eyes. All I do to avoid it is first apply a layer of mascara, next talcum, then mascara again. This layering helps to keep it in place and also gives me defined lashes.

Do Get a Great Dry Shampoo 

Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine

Dry shampoo is not only amazing when you do not have time to wash your hair but it can make your summer routine sweat proof. Use the dry shampoo right along the crown area to get that effortless “just washed and dried my hair” look. It can also be used for adding a bit of volume to your hair.

Do Use An Antiperspirant with Aluminium Tetrachlorohydrex 

If deodorants and normal antiperspirants are not working for you, go for something like Secret Outlast that always works, no matter what the condition may be. It contains aluminium tetrachlorohydrex which acts as a sweat plug. For best results, you should use your deodorant when you are not sweating so that it can get there and start working.

Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine2

Don’t Use Deodorant Everywhere 

Sweating is a function of the body that allows the temperature to be maintained. So, don’t apply your deodorant all over and just stick to the main problem area – underarms. For your back and feet, I would recommend sanitizing or cleansing wipes for best results.

Season changes and so should your beauty routine. Keep it moving all through the year and do not get stuck with the same products, except when you really need them. Happy sweat-free routine, y’all!

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11 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts of Sweat Proof Beauty Routine

  1. Great post Smriti! I don’t sweat much personally but I know a lot of people who do and might require this.

    1. After moving to Delhi, I have bought all new products for dealing with the sweat T–T impossible to survive without them

      1. You can also try to use the napkin technique. After you have applied your foundation and it sets, cover your sponge or beauty blender with a napkin and just start bouncing it off your face, especially on your T-zone. Some excess product will come off but do it gently. Then finish with your powder. I have an extremely oily skin as well and my makeup stays longer this way :))

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