Johnson’s Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream Review

Johnson’s Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream


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The brand Johnson’s is well known for its moisturizing properties since our baby times. I miss those days so much when there were just Johnson’s products in our washroom and nothing else. Johnson’s products are really limited here, hence I soon as I see them, I don’t think before picking them up. A collection of shower gels is always great to maintain, so that you don’t get bored rubbing the same one every day. This one was pretty unique from my other body washes and that was the reason of trying this.


Price: Rs 240 for 250 ml.


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Product Description by Johnson’s:

Giving consumers the convenience and affordability they want, JOHNSON’S® Silky Skin combines gentle cleansing, smooth shaving, and moisturising in a creamy body wash that can be used every day. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Shower & Shave Cream creates a thick velvety lather that protects the skin when shaving to leave it soft and smooth.

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My Experience with Johnson’s Silky Shower and Shave Cream:

I have never used a 2-in-1 Shower and Shave Cream, so this baby is a first-timer. The body wash comes in a baby pink bottle which is broad in shape. So you can make out that there is a good quantity inside. It is not a completely opaque bottle, so you can see how much product is left inside. The bottle looks very sweet and relates to that baby soft image.

The texture is creamy and thick when you get it. But I noticed as time passed by, after 4-5 months it condensed a bit and the texture became uneven very similar to curd. But it works the same way so it was fine.

The fragrance is a soapy one and smells somewhat like grapes and apricots. The fragrance is calming enough and not that strong.

Not even a coined size amount is required or one use, even less than that. It works the best with loofah, without it the body wash wouldn’t give us the required foam to clean up the skin. It lathers very well on the skin. It cleanses the skin very well and leaves it hydrated and moisturised. I don’t require a moisturiser after it. The skin feels very soft and supple.

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Coming to the shaving part, the razor glides smoother than usual when used with this cream. When the skin is wet, it is not that easy to shave without foam. When I use this, shaving becomes really easy. It just took 2 minutes to shave my legs. The shave was effortless and it in just 2 minutes I got shaved, clean and silky legs. While without a foam I usually take 10-15 minutes to shave both my legs. But at times when the foam is all over your legs or hands, you may not be able to notice that whether all the hair below are being removed or not. You only come to know when you wash it off. So if there are some hair that are not removed, you will have to repeat the process again.

The Company claims that this product prevent nicks and cuts but I do not know how. How would shaving foam prevent cuts? So I wouldn’t believe that claim. This product is amazing when you instantly decide you want to go out and do not have time for a wax. This product worked wonders for me as bathing and shaving gets over at the same time revealing your beautiful skin all together.

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Pros of Johnson’s Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream:

  • Johnson’s products as we know are very hydrating and moisturising.
  • The texture is thick and lathers up very well.
  • It is a 2-in-1 product, so the bathing and the shaving gets over at the same time.
  • The shower cream cleans the skin very well and makes it very supple and baby soft.
  • It hydrates the skin very well and there is no need of a moisturiser.
  • The bottle goes on for a long time and it is not that opaque, so you see how much product is left.
  • The shaving is effortless along with this; it just takes 3-4 minutes to shave your hands and legs.
  • It removes all the hair with ease and softens the skin along with it.

Cons of Johnson’s Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream:

  • The consistency becomes very weird after some months.
  • Sometimes under the foam you may not be able to see if all the hair are getting removed or not.
  • They claimed to prevent nicks and cuts but I did get them; Not sure how could they make such a claim.

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Will I Repurchase/Recommend Johnson’s Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream?

Yes, I will get it if I spot it again. This worked very well for me and I have never seen such a 2-in-1 product, so I will want this once more. You know how well these Johnson’s products work, so do not get hesitated before trying these.

Rating: 4/5.

Conclusion: Although I recommend this product, I would recommend not shaving regularly as well. It is only to be used during those busy times when we don’t really find time to wax. I have observed that shaving makes skin darker with time, so it is better to do it only at times of emergency.


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