Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes Review

Review on Johnson’s baby skincare wipes

Hi friends,
Today I am Reviewing Johnson’s baby skincare wipes for Makeup Removal.

Price – Rs 59 for 20 wipes
Shelf life – 24 months

From the packaging:-

Moisturizes and protects
Moisturizing Lotion and soft fabric as mild to skin as pure water
Johnson’s baby skincare wipes with no more tear formula. These wipes are extra soft with embossed soft fabric that helps reduce friction and enriched with moisturizing lotion to moisturize and leave a protective layer, keeping (baby’s) skin soft.


Ingredients- please see the picture:


My take-
When I went to new you to buy a lip balm I saw a dedicated counter of wet wipes. I went there and saw only the Kara wipes. As I am Allergic to Kara wet wipes I thought to give this Johnson baby wipes a try. I bought it against the wish of SA (she was insisting to pick a Kara one).

These wipes are from a Trusted Brand. And that too a product made for babies. So I thought there was no harm in trying these. I went home and checked its effectiveness. For which I swatched my Revlon color stay eye liner (non smudgy and doesn’t come off easily), Lakme enrich satin lipstick (darkest lipstick I own) and Maybelline colossal kajal (which sets in 2 minutes and becomes non smudgy). Then I waited for two minutes to set all the swatches.


On the first wipe of the tissue the lipstick came at once. Even the lip stain was not left behind. This was good. But it only showed the result on the lip color.


Maybelline and Revlon pencil took 4-5 swipes of it to pull it off. Did you notice the water it left behind? It took some seconds for the water to evaporate.

This product did justice to the removal of harsh makeup. And one thing more, it had so much of moisture in it that with the unused portion of it one can wipe off the full face, throat and arms and still the tissue remains wet (I tested and hence, concluded). And I was amazed to see the dirt trapped in it. The white tissue became brown (I just took bath half hour before doing this research). See the picture below. Imagine the effectiveness of a baby product.

dirty wipe
dirty wipe

Summarizing the pros and cons

Pros of Johnson’s baby skincare wipes:

• Very mild and gentle
• Excellent makeup removal product and waterline safe.
• Has baby powder like smell which stayed for sometime
• Highly moistened
• My skin felt amazingly moisturized and smooth (I am talking about the arms, rest you can think what it did with my face)
• Very reasonably priced.
• Available every where

Cons of Johnson’s baby skincare wipes:

• Nothing! As it is meant for baby’s diaper change tissue, I can’t really it blame for anything. It did it’s best to do what I wanted it to do.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for an effective product to remove your day to day makeup, this is surely a must have. It has all the goodness of wet wipes except the refreshing feeling and it completely justifies the price tag. Rest is discretionary to one’s choice and preference.


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43 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes Review

  1. Wow I have seen these wipes innumerable times, but never thought of using them to remove make up, :waytogo: :waytogo: :thanks: But I am these dayz against jonson company for patenting anti-hiv drugs due to which many people in developing countries are suffering and would suffer.I have signed petition against them. :((

    1. hi tapiswini 🙂
      Thanks for liking the review.. 🙂
      It’s very sad to hear this.. Hope johnson do thing asap in this regard.

  2. very useful to carry on short trips. comes in very handy since it dosent occupy much space. i dont like Kara either. dosent do the job for me.

    1. yeah you are rite.. 😉
      Kara is complete failure for me.. It gave me breakouts soon after using it. And i felt some chemical reaction on my face. Even my mom felt the same. :S

  3. Hi rati… i just saw some of your website content on this site “” … and photos from “IMBB Most Fashionable Party Look Contest” it your sister site or are they copying?

  4. hey rupam…me too use the same product for removing my make up……..Its truly effective… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  5. Rupam, nice review, will surely try these, the kara ones are too harsh for my skin. I developed allergy after using those and also they broke me big time….still recovering. Thanks for the review. :thanks:

    1. agree 🙂
      But mind, these don’t give any refreshing feeling. I need to get a seperate wet tissue for this purpose!! 🙁

  6. wow…very nice….m going to have a baby soon…..these wipes will now work for both of us :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  7. baby wipes are actually effective for removing make up…. nice review Rupam…. you miight also like the Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes…. try them too 🙂 Actually a friend of mine suggested that we can keep these wipes tightly closed inside the refrigerator and use them for those days when you are out a lot….. don’t try this on babies though :nono:

  8. i saw this same review previously too rati.. am i wrong :struggle: :struggle: .. i think rima gave this review.. i hope i’m not making a mistake here… 😐 😐 😐

    1. Nids Rima once mentioned that she liked johnson’s wipes a lot. there has not been a proper review on these wipes before. 🙂

      1. ohhh okk.. got it rati.. 🙂 🙂
        n sorry rupam.. u did a gr8 review :thumbsup: .. i too use them often as a makeup remover… get a lot of them in home these days.. 😉 😉

        1. it’s okay nids..
          I usually do reviews after searching it on the site so that my hardwork doesn’t go waste. I did a review in past and my work went vague.. 🙁

  9. I use these and they are really good 🙂

    The only thing i dont like about it ,is if u don’t seal the pack back properly,then it dries up a bit..I’m left with half a pack of dry wipes 🙁
    Hope the company does sumthing about the packing….

      1. oh yes i face the same problem…and i keep putting cellotape on it…but its really not possible to keep putting so much cellotape on the sticker kinda thing!!prolly there should some better kinda packing…like fresh ones or pampers baby wipes…

    1. yeah u r rite.. But this happens with every pack of wipes.. When u use them for two or more times, they lose their sticking/glueing power.. My whole pack of kara wipes got dried and i m now using them as tissues for toning skin with gulabjal.

  10. hey good review rupam!! u noe once i dropped some momo wala brightly colored chutney on my white capri and i immediately wiped it off with this and the stain was lightened to a great extent.. it is good for stains also!! 🙂

  11. I used these when I was travelling through train.. worked well for arms and feet.. though i didn’t use it for my face.. I’m sure it will work well for removing makeup on lazy days..

  12. Hi Rupam,

    I have seen my sis in law using it for her baby for some other purpose.. (even you can see it in the ad…). Is it fine to use it on the face…

    I am a regular visitor to this blog, but this is the first time, i am writing comment..


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