Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit Review

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During winters, I badly need a good foot care kit for my dry feet. So last month, I picked up this Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit. It is a three step pedicure kit. I really enjoy using this. Let’s get into the details of this kit.

Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit Review

INR 355 for 295g

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My Experience with Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit:


Pediglow kit comes in a big, white cardboard box. As it is a three step procedure, there are three white tubes in the box. All the details and procedures are nicely described on the packaging.

Once I open the box, I can smell a beautiful, fresh, natural fragrance. It feels very pleasant and nice to me. According to the quantity, it is totally worth a buy and is easily available at local market. You need not really travel with it, but you can easily carry it if you wish to.

pedicure kit

Step 1 – Foot Cleanser

foot cleanser

Foot cleanser is the first step of this pedicure technique. The cleanser comes in a nice green gel form which has a runny consistency. It has an extremely beautiful and soothing smell of lemons. It is smooth and gently cleanses all of the dirt from feet. Before cleansing my feet, I always soak them in warm water. And then I apply this cleanser all over my feet. Then, I nicely massage my feet with a foot brush or hand. It never makes my feet dry. It keeps them soft and deeply cleanses them. It works well on cracked heels too.

Step 2 – Foot Exfoliator

foot exfoliator

The next step is to exfoliate your feet with this nice foot exfoliator. It is thick and creamy in texture, which spreads well on skin. Exfoliating granules are medium in texture and really work well on dry feet to remove dead skin cells. My feet are tanned, and this scrub helps to remove tanning also. It gives soft and smooth heels and deeply cleanses cracked heels. I like this step the most. My feet look healthy and smoother after using this scrub.

Step 3 – Foot Cream

foot cream

This foot cream comes in a white, creamy medium consistency and it glides smoothly on feet. It smells so good and gives a glow to my feet. It makes feet smooth and decently moisturized. My feet look healthy after using this cream. It keeps my heels soft and nourished. They look smoother and fresher after using this cream. But, this is not an extremely moisturizing cream for very rough feet. It doesn’t stay for a whole day. Also it can’t repair extremely cracked heels. On my feet, it works fine to makes them soft. It needs reapplication after 4-5 hours though.

I have dry feet with medium cracked heels. Also my feet look lifeless at the end of the day. So overall, this pediglow kit provides clean, smooth and soft feet with a healthy glow. It makes my medium cracked heels smoother and definitely touchable. It helps to heal them and to hide the signs of dryness. It also works to remove tan. Overall the effects also stay for almost 4-5 days.


As I live in a polluted city, I need to do this pedicure once a week. Regular usage and maintenance makes feet nice and smooth. This pediglow kits contains so many good natural ingredients which are nice and gentle for skin also. But, this is not a great option for extremely dry feet during winters as the cream is not moisturising enough. Still, I would say, it is a good pedicure kit.

Pros of Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit:

• Nice, compact packaging
• Affordable & easily available
• Lovely scent
• Contains three proper products for pedicure
• All the products are very smooth
• Gives smooth and radiant feet
• Scrub removes dead skin cells well
• Foot cream heals my medium cracked feet
• Products do not dry out my feet
• Effects stay on for 4-5 days
• Feet do not feel greasy

Cons of Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit:

• Softness doesn’t stay on the entire day
• Can’t repair extremely cracked heels
• Foot cream is not super moisturizing

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit?
This kit works well on my dry feet, so I will repurchase this. You can try this product too. It is a nice, pocket friendly pediglow kit which keeps feet healthy and soft.

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