Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review

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Hope you all are doing great! I am finally back after a long gap of 2 months. I am still not very regular in reading articles and posting reviews since my 2 months old baby keeps me really busy. Today, I had some free time as she is sleeping, so thought of writing a review for you guys. It feels good to be back!

Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review

Have been reading a lot of reviews on Jovees products, so recently I bought their De-Tan Face Wash. I am not going out in the sun too much these days, but my hubby does and he has been using this face wash as well. Read below to know how this product fares.

Product Description:
This face wash is produced scientifically making sure each ingredient used does not loose its properties during the processes. An excellent recipe for removing tanning and dark spots due to various environmental factors. It shall help improve skin clarity, leaving skin soft, smooth and visibly fairer.

INR 175 for 120 ml.

Shelf Life:
3 Years

Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review2

My Experience with Jovees De-Tan Face Wash:

The face wash comes in an orange colored tube packaging making it really soothing and perfect for summers, as we all need something citrusy at this time of the year. The tube is transparent, making it easy to identify the quantity remaining. The brand’s name is printed at the front of the tube and other important information is mentioned at the back of the tube. The tube comes with a flip open cap that shuts tight making the face wash travel friendly.

Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review1

The face wash is in gel form with fine granules milled in it. The granules are not at all harsh. The presence of such granules makes me feel that that this face wash does the job of removing dead skin really well . The color is light orange. The fragrance is very distinct which I am unable to identify. It is not at all overpowering and vanishes after sometime. The smell does not irritate sensitive noses like mine!

Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review3

The texture of the face wash is very smooth and is easy to spread on wet face. Only a pea sized drop is enough to clean the face and neck. It lathers well leaving the skin squeaky clean and soft. One good thing is that it does not dry out my skin, and sometimes I even forget applying any moisturizer after washing my face.

Jovees De-Tan Face Wash Review4

I can’t say about the fairness aspect of the product claim in the long run, however it does leave my skin looking clearer instantly! The presence of ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and various fruit extracts makes me happier with my purchase.

Pros of Jovees De-Tan Face Wash:

• Travel friendly packaging
• Contains soft granules
• Light fragrance
• Gel based
• Economical
• Leaves skin clear and smooth
• Does not dry out my skin
• Lot of natural ingredients present

Cons of Jovees De-Tan Face Wash:

• Partial list of ingredients mentioned
• Does not make my skin fairer

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Jovees De-Tan Face Wash?
I am really happy with this face wash and it can be your on-the-go product! It is easily available at various cosmetic shops, so you can go ahead and try out this mild face wash from Jovees.

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  1. Awww Tanya..congrats on your baby. May she have a blessed life ahead! 🙂 I haven’t tried many products from this brand, but with whatever I have tried, it hasn’t disappointed me.

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