Jovees Revitalizing Hair Tonic Review


This is my first article on my favourite site and I’m really excited about it! Literally!

There are days when you curse your hair because they do not set the way you want them to. There are days when you love the way your hair makes you look. We all love our hair and would not mind taking that extra step to take care of it; from the traditional Grandma’s recipes to the more publicised hair products in the stores.
We all crave for that flawless, shiny, silky soft mane of hair that is shown in all the hair product commercials and who can deny the countless yet futile attempts at juggling from one product to the next waiting until we meet the dream product that we expect would do miracles to us. I was one of the few orthodox believers to have tried almost all the brands that my local cosmetics shop could offer and even though I have liked a few, none have delivered the wow factor for me. Period.
So there I was, on my way to the shop again, expecting another miracle product to appear out of nowhere. Optimism is one of the few traits in me that I am really proud of! That is when I saw a new product on the shelf – JOVEES REVITALISING HAIR TONIC. I have tried innumerable products before, why not this…I seemed to be asking myself. I made the purchase and as follows my experience with it since the past few months.

Jovess Revitalizing Hair Tonic
This is how the bottle appears.

What the product claims of:
A non-oily hair tonic contains Jatamansi, Amla, Beal and other herbal extracts that help to prevent hair fall, improves texture of hair and strengthens the hair shaft. This non-greasy tonic penetrates hair shafts and nourishes the scalp while adding body and volume to hair.

Method of use:

Jovees Hair Tonic
Rub a few drops into the scalp with finger tips and leave on.

Jovess Revitalizing Hair Tonic
This is how the tonic is.

Price and availability: 250 ml for 175 rupees and easily available in all leading super markets or beauty shops. One can even order it online.

Ingredients: Jatamansi ext., Amla ext., Bael ext.

My experience: Seeing the long flocks of other girls in my locality, I desperately wanted to grow my shoulder length hair and have that lovely texture to go with it. A hair tonic, I had perceived till then, would help me achieve that. But sadly, Jovees removed that notion straight out of my head. Being an ardent user of this tonic for the past 3 months, I expected something of a miracle to have happen to me (Well, who doesn’t when they buy something new?) which it did not.

This tonic is a non greasy (light brown liquid) yet it makes your hair heavy and dense in a bad way which makes it suitable for application the night prior to washing your hair. You do not want to apply it and go out! Secondly, it did not improve my hair texture nor did it do wonders to my hair shaft. One of the biggest problems with it is you have to apply the tonic straight away to your scalp without taking it in your palm first. It has an acetone like consistency which makes it seem like its vaporizing or penetrating straight into your hands! The smell is very much chemical which makes it even worse.

It definitely was not the miracle product I used to dream of. But I am still going to be optimistic and will religiously use it till the last drop!


  • Non greasy
  • Washes off easily even with a mild shampoo
  • Reasonable for a 175 rupees price tag!
  • You feel like it is penetrating deep into your scalp and doing its job. Gives you a cool feeling!


  • It dries very slowly. Your hair feels damp if used excessively
  • The smell is very chemical which is alarming considering it’s an herbal product.
  • It has acetone like consistency and again the smell which might not be pleasing to everyone. People with a sensitive nose like mine will definitely find problems with it.
  • It does not do what it claims to do.

Will I buy it again? I don’t think so! Nor would I recommend it to anyone. This product gets a definite no-no from me.
Rating: 0 (Jovees definitely needs to raise its standards and stakes higher for products like this.)

By the way, can anyone enlighten me with whatever the H & N factor is?! : P

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40 thoughts on “Jovees Revitalizing Hair Tonic Review

      1. Hi Priyanka.. Sorry 4 late reply..i didnt see ur question thats why. Am using biotique Bio bhringraj hair oil.. I bought it coz I had massive hair fall..nd this hair oil has helped me but stil am looking 4 another hair oil which completely solve my prob. And
        Biotique green apple shampoo is really conditions our hair too..nd makes hair soft and shiny :-* 4 me this is my HG shampoo 🙂

  1. Hmmm..I didn’t even know about such a product.. :thanks: for letting us know about it. I’d definitely stay away from this. Nice review!! :)) 😀 😀 And welcome to the mad club here!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. this one looks bad ……what other hair vitalizer options do we have at market … used any other ???
    everything is so oily i cannot apply it all night long my derma negates me to do so 🙁

  3. Hi Jahnavi,

    Welcome to IMBB. :)) It’s sad these companies come up with products with such fancy names.. don’t they test out their products before launching in market? I would have totally fallen for something that looks so promising.. Glad you reviewed it. :))

  4. hello all

    i am new to imbb and this is my first comment over here.
    nice review @jahanvi

    @ rati, dear i had sent you a mail yesterday, did you receive it? and yes, rati you have done an amazing work by putting up imbb

    god bless all O:) O:)

  5. Too bad you had a bad experience with this Jahnavi. My cousin has this product and she swears by it. Uses this with the Jovees shampoo and conditioner and I’ve tried this a few times and it actually made my hair quite soft and silky-more nourished kind.

  6. i think olive oil is the best for hair, jahnavi.. just heat it a lil n apply in ur hair.. dont keep it more than 30 mins n wash.. hope tht helps.. :)) :))

  7. Thanks for reviewing this Janhavi!! You saved my money!! :-*
    And I agree with Nids…I have been using olive oil, and it has made my hair smoother and glossier. I also apply hair pack of eggs mixed with olive oil….and it makes my hair soft and silky.
    You should definitely try olive oil!! :))

  8. hws tht get uploaded ????? i have tried twice befor bt unable to post …n now this got posted ….. :silly:

  9. i got it..i am trying :struggle: to post a link ( ) …thts why its not get uploaded….

    rati i right ???? i think u got the post for moderation … 😕

  10. And ya..I’m gonna review some more out of this world products soon..!!So watch out..!!And yay!!! I’m so hyper!!!

  11. Do you trust me, if I say you that jovees is very expensive in France? There is a big difference between the price in India, n the price in France and the price in India if we want to buy on-line.(14,95$)
    To give you an idea, this oil costs in France 20,80 euro (1245 rupees) 😯 .
    It is shameful when we know, it costs only 175 rupees :shout: . I just wanted to share with you this information.

  12. Sad it did’nt work for you. Try the bhringraj and olive oil in jovees , my beautician says it works so well :yahoo: . She has been loaded with orders for the same. O:)

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