Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic Review

Hi everyone….
I will be reviewing here today, one of my HG hair care product, and I wonder why I haven’t reviewed it as yet. When it comes to skincare/hair care products, I am never satisfied with a product completely and very rarely I buy the same product again. But this “Shatone scalp tonic” is one exception. I started using this around last year October and this is the third bottle I got.


What The Company Claims About The Product:
• Fortifies the hair and makes it stronger.
• It also helps to remove loose dandruff flakes and repair split ends.
• Specially designed to penetrate the roots and nourish the scalp, in order to achieve healthy looking, lustrous hair.


Method of Use
Apply directly on scalp, preferably every morning with cotton wool. Gently massage in circular movements with finger tips for a few seconds. Leave on. No need to wash hair after application as it is non-oily.

Active Ingredients
Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Harar Bahera (Myrobalans), Jatamansi (Spikenard) & Bael.


Quantity- 200ML

Price- INR 500

This scalp tonic comes in a long sturdy white plastic bottle, which is very simple/ordinary. The golden cap adds a little charm to it though 😀 it has a plastic cap on top which I had to pierce to start using it. The bottle is a bit translucent, so I am able to judge about the quantity used/left with when I hold it in front of the light 😀




My Experience With Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic:
This is my HG hair care product, like I mentioned this is the third bottle I got. My first exposure with this product happened last year when I got a hair spa done.
I had very weak hair roots, so every time I would do an oil head massage, it did more harm than good  as I lost loads of hair strands after the massage. So, this made me stay away from hair oiling.  I told about this to the hair stylist at my salon and he recommended me this. I remember I bought this the same day itself. Coming to how it works on hair and scalp. On immediate application, my scalps feels very energized, invigorated, stimulated along with a slight cooling sensation. It seeps in very quickly and doesn’t require a lot of hair massage like oils. I wonder if it has some alcohol content, as I have noticed that it just evaporates in some time if you take it out and just leave it unused 
It has a strong but bearable fragrance, some thing you generally find in herbal/ayurvedic products. I have sniffed this, like the 100th time but I am still clueless as to how I should describe the fragrance. 😛
Ok, I have noticed that it has helped to a great extent in controlling my hair fall and increasing hair growth. I apply this on my scalp every alternate day with a cotton ball and then do a slight massage. I don’t loose a lot of hair, like the way I used to happen after hair oil massage. Also, it keeps the scalp clean and removes any dandruff/ flakes. Unlike oils it doesn’t weigh down my hair, so I can just leave it on my hair and comb/style normally. Overall it’s an excellent product and I have all the love for it 😀

Good About Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic:
• Controls hair fall
• Promotes fresh hair growth
• Keeps the scalp free from flakes and dandruff
• Promotes blood circulation of the scalp.
• Has a very energizing and invigorating effect on the scalp.
• Is an ayurvedic product, free from chemicals and made of natural ingredients, which rarely have any side effects.
• Easily available across stores.
• A little goes a long way, so 1 bottle lasts for at least 4-5 months.

Bad About Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic:
• Unlike its claim, I have not seen any effect on split ends.
• Does not nourish the hair, so if you have badly damaged or dry hair you will need hair oil massages.
• At INR 500, some of us may consider it expensive.
• The packaging is not so travel friendly.

IMBB Rating- 3.75 on 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

Will I Buy Again= yes, of course, I am sure I will keep on buying this time and again to keep my hair intact 😛

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43 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic Review

  1. Hey Nupur ,

    Thank you so much for this article :heart: I was eying on this product for quite sometime but confused whether to take it or not :worship: . But now i’ll surely go for it :waytogo: Nice Article.

  2. Nice one Nupur.. I too have this “hair-loss-while-oiling-hair-problem” 🙁 I think I will try this 🙂 :thanks: :thanks: :pigtail: :pigtail:

  3. you wash your hairs after this ?
    I know its says you can leave in but doesnt that feel wierd ? :sidefrown:

    1. ritika… :teddy: :teddy:
      if i apply it at night i wash it off next morning…
      but otherwise if i apply during the day, i really dont feel d need to wash it off as it doesnt weigh down my hair like oils :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  4. haan i have the same query as ritika bt whatever i am getting this 100 percent. especailly in this monsoon season and even winters i get dandruff.. i kinda disappears after a hair wash but whatever i dont like it. :yuck: i’ll get this :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. do get this rati, works well on dandruff and hair fall both….
      n if u have normal to dry hair , u can easily leave this in and style your hair. you wont need to wash it off 🙂

  5. hey guys,
    I have quite long hair and this is what i use for my split ends alone:
    jojoba oil – 3 drops and essential oil – 1 drop (just for the good smell)

    I take it in my hands and flatten it out in my hair and I have stopped getting split ends.. yay! :jiggy1:

  6. Its kinda on the expensive side but i might give it a try as m having hairfall problem..especially during monsoons 🙁
    :thanks: for the review Nupur

  7. o god i guess i am itching to buy this already.. great review noopur.. i generally like shahnaz husain soaps , some of the creams , and hair care products too. i am going to get this pronto.

    btw try out shahnaz husain’s sunscreen shampoo. i dont know how to check if it works like a sunscreen or not, but keeps my hair soft and leaves them smelling of saffron. its funny the things that get us to buy products.

    1. :thanks: :thanks: supriya,,,,,
      i like a few products from shahna husain too , like dis, and thr henna, oxygen cream.
      will get the shampoo on your recommendation :victory2: :victory2:

  8. Hey Noopurrrrrrrrrrrrri…………..good review….me very tempted to buy….lekin I will have to leave this oil in my hair na….I am allergic to oils….I can’t leave them long enough……. :(( :(( ….I so want to try this,…..but then if I have to leave it for long enough…….. :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

    1. this is not oil jomoli..this is hair tonic….watery consistency, just seeps in the scalp 🙂 and this doesnot give dat heavy feel to ur hair, u knw like how oils weigh down ur hair..dis wont 🙂

  9. Nupur I have seen it like more than 100 times at the shop, wanted to buy it also but due to price didnt buy, thanks a lot for review ! I have very dry hair, does it make hair dry?? If not I will surely try !

    1. hey tapaswini….. dis wont make ur dry hair any further dry this m very sure of. but also, dont expect this to nourish ur hair a lot like oils… its a scalp tonic basicly 🙂

  10. Hi Nupur, does this work as a hair-thickening product too, if so, then I think I should buy this as I have very thin hair.

    1. hey sabrina, my 1 major reason for buying this was my thinning hair. n i can see that it has helped a lot in promoting hair growth/fresh growth. i wud suggest u shud try this, atleast it wont harm u like thoz minoxidil hair regrowth solutions as it is all natural 🙂

        1. oh , dats grt sabrina…. i really hope/wish that it works well on u too….
          also, why dont u try dis hair oil concoction which tapaswini reviewd a few days back…. i reccod that to a friend and she has had grt results within 2 months

  11. 3 bottles! it must be really good 😀 I’ll get this sometime. I’ve used the Lotus herbals hair tonic..similar concept, some time back. It was good but nothing exceptional!

    1. yes ankita…. u have picked up just the right thing… i mean i seriously get bored of using same face washes/shampoos/creams/toners etc etc but this is somthing i cant get over 🙂 O:) O:) O:)
      oh lotus hs a hair tonic too, i didnt knew, i ll check dat out 🙂

  12. iv tried this.. it dint work for me :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:
    it neither did harm nor good .. maybe ill give it a try again…

  13. thnx fr the timely review nupur. I have done rebonding twice in the past n that has left me with very dry hair n swollen roots…n not to mention severe hair fall….now that iam regrowing my natural hair, i need something extra to nourish them…i will def try this soon…btw is this available easily???

  14. Supplements that can be use as hair treatment such as creams, conditioner and shampoo are helping barriers that promote quality foundation of healthy hair. But other side of this, outside is pollution and chemical foods that consumed. Thus, there is a reason that hormonal imbalance occur in which hair loss comes out.

  15. Hi,

    i am facing the hair fall problem from last few years , and i am just 22 years old. i have tried almost every medicine to prevent hair loses.Right now i am under touch with Pantanjali ayervedic treatment but it doesn’t work …..very disappointing ….can i also use the above product.pls advise

  16. Used it continuously for 4-5 years…..but it was such a dissapointing product….n now I don’t even touch shahnaaz hussain’s products……

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