Livon Hair Gain Tonic Review

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Mine was a quite busy one and I wasn’t able to check IMBB the whole day. But I made up for it by reading the posts at night. Hehehe .. so, here I am today with another review .Its Livon Hair Gain tonic for reducing hair fall and increasing the hair growth rate.
Livon Hair Gain Tonic

Product Details:

Worrying about hair loss need not be a daily hassle anymore as this Hair Gain Tonic from Livon gives you beautiful hair. The Livon Hair Gain Tonic is perfect for men and women. Also, this Gain Tonic stops hair fall in fifteen days and promotes hair growth. Enriched with active root energizers and hair regrowth molecules, the Livon Hair Gain Tonic penetrates to the root of the hair follicle and clears up the debris around, thus restoring proper blood flow to the follicle. Besides transforming your hair from very fine vellus to thick terminal hair, this Livon Hair Tonic enhances the texture of your hair.

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Livon Hair gain’s 3 –way action not only stops hair fall but also promotes hair re-growth:

1. It penetrates to the root of the hair follicle and clears up the debris around it. This helps in restoring proper blood flow to the follicle.
2. It restores proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle. It helps provide nourishment to the follicle for healthy growth.
3. It also prevents shrinking of hair follicle and helps it grow in a healthy cycle: Hair typically transforms from thick terminal hair to very fine vellus hair as a result of follicle shrinking. This leads to thinning of hair and eventually hair loss. Since Hair Gain prevents the shrinking of the follicle, conversion of terminal hair to vellus does not happen. Hence hair thinning can be prevented.
This Hair Gain Tonic is effective till stage three of the Hamilton Norwood scale of hair fall pattern in terms of normalizing the hair growth cycle. Prevents the shrinking of hair follicle and also provides nourishment to the follicle for healthy growth. Clinically tested by dermatologist to keep you away from any kind of side effects. Suitable for all hair types, this Hair Gain Tonic from Livon helps you get that voluminous hair on-the-go no matter what type of hair you have.


It is priced at Rs. 600 for 150ml.

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My Experience with Livon Hair Gain Tonic:

I had recently suffered from typhoid and as you all know that the side effects of typhoid are too adverse. One major effect is considerable hair fall. I wasn’t able to take biotin tablets or other such medication because my liver had become weak. So, I had to think of an external option only. Just oils weren’t working at all. So, I thought of trying this hair tonic by Livon which claims to show its result in just 15 days.

The tonic comes in a black and white capsule shaped bottle. When we open the cap, there is a nozzle through which the solution can be used. The nozzle is again had a small cap to it to prevent any dripping of liquid . You can directly apply the tonic to your scalp or else take a bit of it in your hand apply it. Massaging isn’t advisable .As per the instructions; it has to be applied twice daily.
The tonic is transparent and runny in nature just like water. It gets absorbed easily without leaving any greasy feeling. It so light that in half hour your hair are back to normal which I think makes it convenient to use it on daily basis. The thing that irks me a bit is that it has a peculiar Brylcreem kind of a smell which stays back especially when we girls are using it. 😛

About the effectiveness of the product, I have seen a considerable decrease in my hair fall in just 15 days. But hair gain was a bit slow for me .But touch wood now it has picked up the speed. This is my third bottle and I can tell you it is a good and a promising product. It surely helped me a lot for my battle against hair fall.

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Pros of Livon Hair Gain Tonic:

• Good, travel friendly packaging.
• Reduces hair fall considerably.
• Starts showing results in just 15 days.
• Non greasy.
• Gets absorbed easily.

Livon Hair Gain Tonic  swatch

Cons of Livon Hair Gain Tonic:

• Smell is a bit annoying.
• Price is on a higher end.
• Hair growth isn’t as expected.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Livon Hair Gain Tonic again?

Like I said this is my third bottle, I would surely buy it again till I get back myold hair thickness.

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12 thoughts on “Livon Hair Gain Tonic Review

  1. i was using this too *pompom* used 2 bottles *haan ji* yes it reduced my hairfall and i love this one *woot* *hifive* yes actually it did not help in growth but it did a good job for the hairfall *pigtail*

    1. Hai na saloni…I thought my hair regrowth was slow Bcoz of typhoid… I think they have to work on that part of the claim *smack* … But I am still happy that my hair fall is at bay *jalwa*

  2. I was thinking of buying this for hair regrowth! I suffered from typhoid twice so U can think how my hair would be! *headbang*
    I was waiting for d review of Livon hair gain. thanks to U ! *thankyou*

    I will try this out for hair regrowth. *haan ji* #FingersCrossed *pigtail*

    1. Meghal this product is just for ppl like us dear.. *puchhi* Trust me and give it a try I am sure u will get positive results. *jogging* . As I said in my review hair fall is reduced tremendously but hair Growth may take a bit of time *scared*

  3. Abeer, I want to thank you so much for this review, I would suggest this to all my friends who complain about hair fall, I will use it myself too. I don’t have hair fall as such, but can I use it to increase hair volume *scared*

  4. *shy* awwww it’s my pleasure jomol.. IMBB is here always to help everyone with their beauty and health related woes .. It’s a highly recommended product from my side to reduce hair fall .. And the best part is it shows result in just 15 days *happydance* *pompom* *pompom*

  5. thanks for the heads up abeer. I like hair products especially that make my hair smell good. I mean something smelling weird.. is weird/. 😛 *chudail*

    1. Heads up for the effectiveness of the product. *clap* . But I really find it sooo weird that it smells like Men’s styling gel… rofl rofl

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