Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack Review

Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack

Hi Lovelies,

Hope everything is fine with you all beauties. Monsoons are here and we all are enjoying the showers, the chai and pakoras 🙂 but just before the monsoons we had the mango season and too much love over mangoes gave me too many pimples on face. Mangoes went away but the pimples they gave me stayed so now I had the task of driving them away. The pimples slowly, took there time to leave my face but ufff they left behind those black marks. Now, I had to get on the task of clearing away those black marks. So much for the love of mangoes!!!!!!!!



I have wheatish skin which is oily. Earlier I was using Dabur Vatika Chandan face pack to brighten/lighten my complexion. But this time when I went to the store I saw this Joy keshar chandan face pack and decided to buy it on impulse. Now, let us see what it did and what it did not do.

Product Description:

Anti-darkening. Brightens. Lightens.
Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, it penetrates deep into your skin and makes it fairer by preventing photo damage such as discoloration, hyper pigmentation and formation of spots and marks.

Quantity: 60 ml

Price: 60 INR

Availability: Should be available in any cosmetic shop.

Ingredients: Aqua , Kaolin , Glycerin , Fuller’s Earth , Stearic acid , Glyceral Monostearate , CetylAlcohol , Dimethicone , Mineral Oil , Methyl Paraben , Propyl paraben , Titanium Dioxide , Carboxy Methyl Cellulose , Magnesium Aluminium Silicate , Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , Carboner , Fragrance , Saffron Extract , Sandalwood Oil, Turmeric Extract , Niacinamide , CI 19140 , CI15985, and few more .


My Experience with Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack:

Now, coming to the most important part of review and that is my experience with this product. Having seen the huuuuuuuuuuge list of chemicals, I was not really interested to put this thing on my face but since I had purchased it I decided to see what it does. The texture is uber soft and creamy as if someone has given you freshly ground sandalwood paste to apply on your face and this is THE best thing about this product. I so love the texture, the way it glides, the way it spreads and the fragrance is heavenly sandalwood, transforms you to the ancient era where women were using pure sandalwood paste on their bodies. If you like the divine sandalwood smell you can smell this product on and on and on. It really scores on the fragrance front. Although, some girls who are too sensitive may not like it. But I personally feel that beauty products should smell good because aroma therapy is an integral part of beauty therapy. I don’t like products which have no smell, very less smell or medicine kind of smell .But that’s a personal opinion. To sum it up, nice fragrance soothes the nerves and takes us in a different world and this is what face packs should do else how would they be relaxing??????????

Now, that was about the texture and the smell but what about the claims of fairness. Well, the product doesn’t score much here. Yeah, the face looks firmed up (thanks to kaolin, fuller’s earth) but that any face pack would do. As far as, lightening/brightening is concerned I didn’t see much improvement in my skin as compared to Dabur Vatika sandal face pack and Himalaya fairness pack. It reduces oiliness but again this any face pack with fuller’s earth would do. Since I realized that this wasn’t doing much on lightening front also the ingredient list put me off, I think I may use it as a part of body scrub. I am totally hooked by its fragrance and uber soft texture and this I thought would make a good ingredient for body scrubs or even face scrub.


Pros of Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack:

• Uber soft texture
• Dream fragrance
• Firms the skin
• Reduces oiliness
• Inexpensive
• Easy to carry
• Easy availability
• Can be used as an ingredient for body scrub / face scrub

Cons of Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack:

• Does nothing on lightening/brightening front, at least it didn’t work for me. You know some products work for some people some don’t.
• Huuuuuuuuge list of chemicals, but then which product doesn’t have them?

Will I buy this product? Yes.

Do I recommend this product?

Now, this is one tricky part. It didn’t work for me on the lightening/brightening front but it may work for you. So, you can give it a try. Its not that expensive, comes for 60 INR only. So go ahead.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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7 thoughts on “Joy Keshar Chandan Fairness Face Pack Review

    1. neha , you should definitely buy it once . the sandal fragrance is divine and you can use it for body scrub too .

    1. yeah , it controls oiliness and clears the skin . for me , i didn’t see any significant improvement , but you give it a try as its not expensive .

    1. yeah saloni , its worth trying once . its a decent product for 60 bucks . its very soothing and relaxing as it contains sandal extracts .

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