Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask Review

Hi ladies,

Hope this New Year is treating you well so far! I have a resolution to get back the health of my hair, and this is the second product I got for the purpose- a hair conditioner/post-shampoo mask from Japanese brand “Essence.” I have an oily scalp and so I shampoo every alternate day. This leaves the ends of my hair dry and brittle and almost impossible to keep my hair open without turning into Hargid 😛 This brand, Essential, had a promotional drive in which they were handing out free samples of products on filling out an online form. They asked questions about the respondent’s hair type and sent samples on the basis of that. I got a sample pack of the conditioner in the same product-line and I liked it, so decided to buy something from the line. Since I believe my hair needs more nurturing than a conditioner can provide, I got the mask instead.


Product Description:

Intensely revitalizing mask deeply nourishes hair to rebuild damaged strands and restore elasticity and shine. Luscious and long-lasting conditioners wrap locks in a protective shield to prevent breakage and boost hair strength. With regular use, hair is able to retain moisture more effectively, leading to softer and shinier locks with renewed bounce. Highly recommended for weak and damaged hair.

Weight : 200 gm


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SGD 9.90 (approximately Rs. 500).

Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask

About the Brand:

Essential is a product line from Japanese brand Kao.  “Kao creates quality beauty products for men and women based on a solid philosophy of mutual respect, trust and social responsibility. The brand uses innovative research and development techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and predict customers’ future needs. Kao’s beauty collection focuses on a range of hair and face care products including the brands Biore, liese and Essential.”


Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask 3

My Experience with Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask:

The consistency is thick, creamy and butter-like. It makes for a smooth application and doesn’t run down on application. As I have an oily scalp, I apply the conditioner from mid-length to the tips and leave the roots out. As instructed, I keep the mask on for about 3 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. My hair feels soft and smooth and looks healthy even a couple of days after use. However, the de-tangling effect doesn’t quite last that long and my hair gets messed up and is full of tangles after a day in the office. Still, it’s quite a bit of improvement over not using any conditioner at all, so I am satisfied.

Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask

My pet peeve about this product is that it comes in a tub packaging. I HATE dipping my wet fingers in the tub to take the cream out. Also, after using the product, my hands are so slippery, I can’t even put the lid back on :/ – and I can’t keep it open or shower water will get into the product 😡 A tube packaging would have definitely helped.

I like the amount of product that comes in the tub though. I will probably be using this about twice a week, and at that rate this should last for 2-3 months easily.

Pros of Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask:

  • Detangles hair and keeps it detangled for 24 plus hours.
  • Less hair breakage when I comb my hair after a shower.
  • Hair doesn’t feel overloaded.
  • Nice, non-overpowering smell which makes me feel fresh.
  • Hair end looks shiny and healthy.

Cons of Kao Essential Nourishing Breakage Defense Hair Mask:

  • Tub packaging. WHY, oh WHY do these brands think that dipping you wet fingers into a tub of cream is a good idea?
  • Doesn’t live up to its claim of “up to 3 days manageable hair” when kept for 3 minutes (stays a maximum of 2 days).

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

It’s a good product, but not a great one. I had a similar experience with Dove’s Intense Repair treatment Mask –and it’s cheaper.  I will probably not re-purchase it since I would like to keep searching for a better product. (Also because, given the quantity of the product, it will last me a long time –and I am sure to get bored by then: P).

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