How To Keep Your Hair Protected From Pollution During Diwali

A vital part of Diwali is burning of firecrackers. No matter how much restriction the government imposes, this will never stop completely. And with that, comes in a lot of smog and pollution. Undoubtedly, pollution causes irreparable damage to your hair and skin. This cannot be cured completely, but something can always be done to minimize the effects of pollution. You will not want your gorgeous tresses to get affected by the harmful effects of pollution during Diwali. Hence, it is needed to follow proper hair-care steps to keep them well–guarded. This article will tell you how to keep your hair protected from pollution. Just keep reading.

How To Keep Your Hair Protected From Pollution During Diwali

1. Use the hair shampoo and conditioner:

It is very important to choose shampoos as per your hair type and scalp conditions. During festivities, it becomes even more important to keep your tresses well-nourished and protected. Since you all know, pollution from burning crackers during Diwali can harm your hair a lot, you should update your hair care routine to a new level. Choose a hair shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. There are many anti-pollution shampoos available in the market that guards well against the harmful effects. Invest in them during the festivals as it will detoxify and purify your tresses well. Also, follow up with an anti-pollution conditioner to nourish and replenish the lost nutrients.

2. A champi is a must:

I know most girls hate to apply oil on the hair, but believe me it prepares your hair against environmental damage. During Diwali, you should go for a regular hair-massage. It makes the hair strong and healthy and fights off ill-effects of pollution. Mostly, oils of Bringaraj, Brahmi and Hibiscus are to know have medicinal properties and they promote hair growth. Apply oil directly on the roots; this will reduce hair fall and will protect a shield from pollutants. Make this a part of your Diwali hair care routine if you want to keep your tresses safe from pollution.

3. Going outdoors with wet hair is a big no!

Hair Care. Beautiful Woman With Wet Hair In Towel After Bath

Do you know that wet hair is weak from within the roots?? When I say that, I mean that wet hair is susceptible to a lot of problems outside like attraction of dirt and pollutants, scalp problems, dandruff and so much more. May be you don’t have time to towel-dry or blow dry your hair, but that surely prohibits you from going outside with wet tresses. Take your time to dry your hair and then go out. Don’t ignore this hair care step, girls!!

4. Steam treatments can do wonders:

Pollution rips your hair off essential nutrients and moisture. During Diwali, this damage is even well-pronounced. It is time to recharge the lost moisture from the locks and restore the natural balance. To solve this problem, make steam treatment a part of your hair care routine and do it once or twice every week. This will keep frizziness at bay making your hair more manageable. A good steam treatment restores the moisture levels of your hair and provides it with a good health. Go for hot hair towel during the festive season to keep your tresses well-pampered.

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5. Hair mask to the rescue:

And when I say that, it implies that pamper your tresses with a good hair mask. A hair mask will lock in moisture and guard your hair against pollution. How you can make it?? Use natural ingredients like eggs, honey, milk, strawberry and vinegar to prepare hair masks at home. Apply them on the strands and keep it for half an hour. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water. You can also use pumpkin in your hair masks as it is a potential source of potassium that causes hair growth. Do this during Diwali and the results will surely be noticeable.

6. Coconut-oil treatment:

Bottles with fresh coconut oil on wooden table

Our grandmothers and mothers have always relied on coconut oil for strong hair. Even today, this oil is used to pamper your hair and get strong tresses. During Diwali, use some hot hair oil treatment to give it a moisture boost. Take coconut oil in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Do this a night before the festival. Keep it overnight. Rinse off next morning with a mild shampoo. This will protect your hair from pollution.

7. Enrich your hair with Moroccan argan oil:

After taking bath, nourish your hair with Argan oil as a hair serum. It provides your hair nice shine, restores and strengthens damaged hair, protects it from styling tools, and deeply conditions hair, reducing split ends and tames the frizzy and unmanageable hair. The treatment is really luxurious and good results are surely guaranteed!

8. Avoid using too much styling tools:

This is a well-known fact that the heat produced from styling tools causes damage to tour hair. This festive season, your hair has great chances of getting affected from outside pollution, so don’t aggravate the issue by using too much styling tools. Even if you do, use a heat protectant spray prior to that and follow up with a good hair serum. Also, avoid excessive coloring/ straightening of hair as it does not good to your tresses in the long run.

9. Go for a deep-conditioning hair spa at a salon:

PhotosHairdresser squeezing hair conditioner on hand

Going to salon for pampering your hair during Diwali is a common thing. This is needed to supply moisture to your hair strands, stop dryness and give it a healthy shine. It also protects your hair from pollution and prevents it from becoming lifeless and brittle.

10. Aloe vera gel is the way to go:

Aloe vera gel is the universal solution to any beauty related problem. Apply aloevera gel on your hair as this will stop hair fall due to pollution. It also makes hair more shiny and manageable and imparts a nice shine to it. Take aloe vera gel and add a few drops of almond oil and apply this on your scalp. Leave it on for an hour or so and then wash off. This solves the problem of thinning hair.

I hope you find this article useful and follow it to protect your hair from pollution of Diwali. Wish you all a very happy and safe noise-free Diwali in advance!!

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