Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack Review

Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack

Hello sweeties,

How are you guys doing? As I told you in my last post that I have bought two products from Khadi. I have never tried any product with Gold ingredient; I have only worn it :p Out of curiosity I bought this product through online shopping. Let see how it worked.


About the product:

Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Removes Suntan, makes the complexion Glow and will tighten the skin.
Khadi comes with Gold Thermo Herb to brighten your skin and add that radiant glow to your skin. Khadi Gold is ideally suitable for men and women to attain that flawless skin.The Khadi Gold Thermo Herb is enriched with ingredients like gold dust, shimmer, plaster of paris, fullers earth, calamine, soya beej, ashwagandha, gurhal pushp, babul gondha, sudh gairika and sanjirahat.

Also, gold dust will help remove layers of dead skin cells and add an instant glow to your skin.
Fullers earth will improve your skin tone and absorb the oil on your skin.

Ashwagandha will treat the acne on your skin and keep your skin healthy. Besides skin tightening, this natural Thermo Herb will nourish your skin. With the presence of the active ingredients in this organic Gold Thermo Herb, ensure your skin to be hydrated. Additionally, this Khadi face pack promises to revitalize your skin and rejuvenate it. You need not worry if this Herb pack suits your skin, as it suits all skin types.


Directions to use:

After massage apply extra cream on face leaving eye brows, eyes circles & lips. Give a fine layer of cotton round the hair line, for avoiding the hair grip in the pack. Make a thick paste with cold water (in winter for better results use warm water) and apply it immediately. No face movement tills dry. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

Price & Quantity: INR 200 for 100 grams

My experience on Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack

Packaging: The Thermo herb face pack comes in a steel tin. The lid fits quite well. Packaging is very simple and travel friendly


Texture & Color: It is a fine powder. Color is light mauve with gold particles.

Fragrance: No fragrance

I had a mixed experience with this product. I opened the tin and saw fine powder in a packet. I took out all the powder in the tin and read the instructions of how to use it. I felt bit confused because the instructions was not clear “After massage apply extra cream on face”. What do they mean by apply extra cream and massage? Not sure which cream they are referring to. So I figured it out on my own and did the following: I mixed my massage cream and tis powder and applied it on face like any face pack. I kept it for 10 mins and it hardened and dried by that time so I tried to remove it with water. But it just wouldn’t come off easily; my skin felt stretched. It was coming out in small bits and pieces like we remove skin from a boiled egg. My face resembled a boiled egg. 😀 After washing off my face, skin looked fresh & clean, pores were closed & my skin was soft & supple. There was little glow as well. I didn’t require immediate moisturizing.



Once when I was in a hurry I applied this pack as it is; without any massage cream. That day I felt like I have applied some cement on my skin and took me 1 hour to remove this pack. My skin was all dried up; so immediately I took almond oil and massaged my skin. Though nothing bad happened to my skin but I was horrified. Since then I never used it without massage cream. It is not necessary that you need a specific massage cream; I have used different kinds of moisturizing product beneath. Did you read the ingredient “plaster of paris”? I was shocked to see this mentioned. Not sure why we have it in this product. I goggled but couldn’t find anything over the internet. I didn’t see anything negative in this product except for “How to use” part and its tedious washing process. It does give a glow, helped in minimizing  pores and tightening skin.

Pros of Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack:

• Herbal Product.
• Huge quantity for 150 grams.
• Makes skin look clean.
• Didn’t face any break out.
• Helped in tightening of skin
• Pores were minimized

Cons of Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack

• Very tedious to wash off
• Confusing instructions
• Results were not that great as claimed.

Will I repurchase/recommend Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack?

I am using it once a week so this will go for a long time. I would recommend it to people above the age of 28. Never ever ever (comes from Arnab’s recent news program) use it without moisturizer or massage cream.

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7 thoughts on “Khadi Gold Thermo Herb Face Pack Review

  1. Neha…..he he…..I guess it’s the same with all thermo herb face packs. I had used the aroma magic one which came off exactly how you have described, in pieces like boiled egg shells 😛 Didn’t they mention in the instructions to use it under a gauze because removing such packs is such a pain

  2. gosh.. pop n tedious washing sessions.. *scared* I ws tempted to try it for it closes pores n checks oil bt washing job is driving me crazy.. *scared*
    great review neha.. *clap* *clap*

  3. Thermoherb facial procedure-

    ▶Ye acha hoga ki aap is facial Ko kisi professional se karwaye.. or u can take help of Ur sister or Friend or anyone. 😊😊

    ▶For best result apply thermoherb Mask after facial.. or atleast cleanup.😊😊

    ▶For best result buy a tightening facial kit (or any facial kit)

    ▶Can go on any skin type, best for dry skin (donot use it when u have acnes on your face)

    ▶(Cut thick layer of cotton in round shape to put it cover your eyes, then cut 4-5 strips of Gauge(Patti) according to your face size to cover your whole face, and some cotton for hair line. )

    Step 1- cleansing
    Step 2- scrub
    Step 3- facial massage with massage cream for 15 min

    Srep4- after massage apply a layer of massage cream on your face (apporx one teaspoon or a little less)

    Step 5- put cotton pad on your eyes and some cotton on your hair line, then put one by one gauge strip from forehead to below chin area (stick gauge on Creamy face with light pressure, donot cover your nose holes)

    Step 6- Mix the thermoherb powder with water, mix it very quickly (with the help of spatula)

    Step7- apply a thick layer on allover your face except eye area and nose holes. (You can Cover your lips also or if u some breathing issue don’t cover lips)

    Step 8- leave it for 15-20min (the mask will get Harden and will start heating. this heat will repair wrinkles,fine lines,tighten open pores, hydrate N thighten Ur face)

    Step 9- release sides of mask from skin , then full the mask from face at once ( it is like your second face) 😊😊😊

    Your skin will feel very much hydrated,tight, and a GLOW on it. 😍

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