Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack Review

Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack Review

Aroma Magic face packs have been a hit with me with very few misses.  I have used their Glossy Pack, Milk Pack, Beauty Pack, and a few other packs that I solely bought on the recommendation of IMBB reviews 🙂  This pack from Aroma Magic called the “Thermo Mineral Face Pack” I bought because of its unique title.  I had no clue what it was supposed to do, I thought it would heat up on contact with skin like some MJ masks, so much for wrong guesswork 😛 To my surprise, it was for dry skin which I do not have 🙁  Anyway, I have a belief that all face packs are good for all skin types except for those specially formulated for acne prone skin 😛  Here’s me reviewing the thermo mineral pack:

Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack Review

Product Description:

Improves skin moisture balance.  Helps penetration of essential oils to nourish, lighten, and tone the skin.  Helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  Stimulates circulation and oxygenation.  Can be used on the face, neck, and body.


Directions To Use:

Mix 50 gm of pack with water and add minerals from pouch and make a pourable paste.  Cleanse face.  Protect eyes, lips with cotton pads.  Place gauze on face and apply pack on to gauze.  After 20 minutes, remove gauze, clean face.

Active Ingredients:

Neem, Mint, Garlic, Kaolin, Seaweed, Mineral Mud, and Salts.


Rs. 50 for 45 gm.

My Experience with Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack:

The face pack comes in a loose finely milled powder form in a tub.  Along with the white powder, there is a small pouch containing coarse and grainy crystals.  There is a lot of powder in the tub and I couldn’t use all of it at one go, so I took an approximate
amount of the powder and the salts in a ratio that I thought was appropriate and mixed them with water.

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 4

I was confused with the function of using a gauze beneath the face pack, but I any way went ahead and applied the pack after laying down a fine gauze.  When I applied the face pack, it didn’t feel too good.  It in fact had a stinging sensation.  The pack dries off after a while and takes lesser than 20 minutes for that.

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 1

After washing the pack off, I realized that it had worked like a mild exfoliator, scrubbing away dead skin, but I couldn’t see any other change.  It does not lighten or improve the skin tone.

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 2

There are no dramatic results, in fact, you could get the same results with Everyuth Mild Scrub.

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 5

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 6

Thermo Mineral Face Pack 7

Pros of Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack:

  • Claims to contain neem, mint, garlic, seaweed, mineral and salts.
  • Does mild exfoliation and clears off dead skin.
  • Comes at a cheap price.

Cons of Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack:

  • Does not lighten skin tone.
  • Does not bring on any exceptional result on the skin.
  • Exfoliates like a mild scrub, nothing great.

Would I Repurchase Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack?


Do I Recommend Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack?

No, just use a good scrub.

IMBB Rating:


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22 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Thermo Mineral Face Pack Review

  1. ohh.. i once tried their clamine face pack for acne .. i dont remember its exact name.. but it smelled so much of garlic that I had to wash it off within few minutes of applying it.. 🙁

  2. 🙁 Thanks Jomol, I was really thinking of buying this pack. Good Lord, now I can invest the money in the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. That has got some fav reviews until now. 🙂 Thanks IMBB.

  3. Jomol first AM pack that I’ve heard hasn’t worked well. I am using the Seaweed pack and it works like magic on me…I have oily n sensitive skin.

  4. Very nice review Jomol. Actually we need these type of reviews.. someone has the courage to say that the product is a complete failure. Seaweed pack try cheyyam next.

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