Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera Review

Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser – Aloe Vera

Hello Girls!!
When I go for shopping there are two words that attract me the most, ‘HERBAL’ and ‘SALE’!!!

I love natural products and always on a lookout to find things not loaded with chemicals like Pantene, Head & Shoulders, etc. Few years back I came across Khadi brand. Initially I was skeptical but then I found their Lemon and Honey shampoo. I used it religiously till they stopped making it!!!

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So few days back I saw Khadi store with new variety of shampoos. After thinking a lot I chose Aloevera Herbal cleanser for everyday use. Here is my take on it!!

Product Description:

An ideal preparation for everyday hair wash to promoting growth of hair.

Ingredient List:

Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera Ingredients


Rub into wet hair. Massage well into scalp and wash off.

It comes in a simple transparent bottle with a flip top cap and has a plastic stopper to avoid spillage. Its shell life is 2 years.

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Rs. 100 for 210 ML.

My Experience with Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera:

The hair cleanser is very mild and can be used every day. The shampoo is transparent green in color and looks like liquid alovera. Also its smell is very mild and hardly stays after wash. But I do feel fresh after using it.
The product claims that it promotes hair growth. But I’m not too sure about that. In fact I experienced little hair fall and while writing this review I came to know why!! It might be because of SLES present in it. Also you have to apply some conditioner after using it or your hair might feel little dry.  But pairing it with conditioner makes my hair soft and silky smooth.

Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera Swatch

Pros of Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera:

1. Travel friendly packaging
2. Inexpensive and easily available everywhere.
3. Everyday use and makes hair soft.

Cons of Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera:

1. The biggest con is that it’s not 100% herbal.
2. It contains SLES ( Sodium Laureth sulfate), a type of detergent used in shampoos which may cause eye and skin irritation and hair loss.

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Though it’s cheap and I love Khadi brand, I will not purchase this product again. Also while purchasing any shampoo next time I’ll ensure that it doesn’t contain any SLES!!

Last but not least I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to IMBB, because reading and writing reviews had made me ingredient conscious which I never checked before!!!! Kudos!!

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9 thoughts on “Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanser Aloe Vera Review

  1. nice review neha!!! *duh* agree with you about the sles thing *oye balle*
    does anyone know whether aroma magic products contain SLES… *jalwa*

  2. nice review neha…i alwayz wanted to try khadi herbal shampoos and coditioner but negative reviews on imbb alwyz stopped me from doing that 🙂

    n ya about the ingredient thing..i also never chekd the ingredient list befor..but nw i cant buy any thing without chekking th list…thanks to imbb *puchhi*

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