Know Your Style – Bohemian, RockerChic or Preppy


Know your style
Know your style

I agree, you do have a style of your own.
High pony tail, a pearl chain and some lip gloss might be your style, but didn’t ever get influenced by anyone, when you were young?
Everyone does have his/ her own style and everyone always will.
All of us have our own fashion icons and idols who we try to ape. Not literally APE , but some of us at least try to take some ideas from them.
No , I wouldn’t call you a “WANNABE” if you did that, because if I had to , I would have to call the whole world so 🙂

Today I am going to be talking about , different style / styles we adopt :

The preppy girl

To achieve this look you need :

  • Minimal makeup in Nude shades.
  • Don’t go overboard.
  • Apply minimum makeup or maybe natural looking makeup.
  • Nude eyeshadows, Baby pink eyeshadows go well with this look.
  • A nude lipgloss with a hint of pink won’t harm your look.
  • This style is for people who want to achieve classy, polished and “Oh I am sophisticated B-)” kind of a look.

The biggest example of a preppy look would be “Blaire waldorf” from gossip girl.

Know your style
She wears her clothes with such grace.

When it comes to clothes, you may have to opt for something that isn’t that bright. Opt for shades like bottle green,brown,dark blue, white etc. Do not go for neon colours.

Know your style
Know your style

Although it doesn’t harm in using a few bright colours carefully like red or yellow.

Accessories should be minimal. A headband can help you a lot or maybe a Vintage look a-like hairclip.

Your hair can be straight or curly. But do not keep it messy. Tie it into a bun or may be have loose curls.


You will need:

  • Some confidence
  • Dark eye makeup
  • Most of your clothes should be black
  • Some black/red nail paint

Rocker chic look is a complete opposite of the above preppy look.

  • You will need some dark kajal eye pencil to prep up your eyes or you can do the Smokey eye look.

About the clothing :

  • Wear everything black.Leather jackets go well with this.
  • Black stockings play a very important role.
  • Wear a white tank and layer it up with a Black leather jacket and some chunky necklaces.
  • Pair it up with boots or shocking pink converse.
  • Layer your clothes with a lot of long chains and wear a lot of braceletes

Know your style

Who cares about your hair now? Haha!

  • Bed-head look suits this look the BEST.
  • Keep it messy!
  • Get out of the bed and do not comb your hair .You’re done! 😀
  • Or put some effort and make it look messy.

The whole point of this look is that-You should look rugged and People should come up to you and ask “Hey!How was the gig?” 😛

Source for the pictures 1, 2

The Bohemian Babe:

When I think about the bohemian look, all that comes to my mind is “COMFORT” Comfort plays a very important role here. Bohemian look is a very laid back and casual. I would suggest everyone to go for a boho-chic look rather than a complete bohemian one.Because a complete bohemian one might make you look like a beggar 😛 ,you want that? Hahah!

Dresses and tops with flower patterns on them,Peasant type tops, skirts etc. Bohemian clothes tend to be loose and feminine, with ruffles and layers.


  • Wear boots-Flat ones.
  • Wear flats-which has an ankle tie to it .

Wear a lot of chunky bangles and necklaces.

Know your style

The main aim of the Bohemian look is to give you a EARTHY FEEL . :_
Keep your hair messy but feminine 🙂 ,it should look effortless [ALTHOUGH YOU MIGHT HAVE SPENT 2 HOURS DOING IT HAHAH!]

There are many sub-categories to these looks . But you think i am going to mention all that?
Okay so I want to add that, everyone has their own style and we do tend to adopt some tips from others. But it’s best to be known for your own style 😉 RIGHT?

-sarcasm intended-

Hope this helped you guys 😉

Take care


43 thoughts on “Know Your Style – Bohemian, RockerChic or Preppy

  1. lol I feel like a weird combination of all three 😛 Like boho-rocker-preppy-chic …. Love my black nail paint and eyeliner, but I love straight cut classic preppy clothes, and very boho style jewellery and shoes. My hair is alternately very messy, in a messy bun or neatly tied ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)
    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

    1. Hey jahnvi 😀
      Yes same goes with me,
      i am more of a preppy girl
      but i do have a bit of rocker chic in me when it comes to dark eyes 😛
      So yes i do tend to wear a feminine dress with sort of a edgy bag or something!
      And yes bohemian when it comes to my footwear 🙂
      I am more of a flats person! haha!

      I would say ..You should tie your hair into Low messy bun 😀
      and then wear preppy clothes with a bit of boho chic.
      Because your hair then will obviously look semi-boho-preppy as
      it’s messy [boho]
      and it’s a BUN [preppy]
      Super chic 😀
      add some accessories onto your hair [optional] and you’re ready to go! 😉
      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

      1. I love the low messy buns, my hair just ends up in those by default. Hair accesories however elude me. I used to wear these red tic tacs on one side, like just a hint of color on my other black and blue outfit OMG the flak I got for that from my bf – you wouldnt believe it !!! Then I switched to red lipstick just to spite him 😛
        .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

          1. Hahahahah Yes yes – He hates the Red lippy – Im guessing its a bit of a shock to desi men 😛 who are used to women sticking to browns and nudes. But if you are in coll (so am I but I know in bbay girls in coll dont do lippes, just lots of eyeliner n gloss/ lip balms) go for a lip tint with lip balm over it no ??? Or maybe the moisturising sheer kind of lippies ???

            I still wear the red tic tacs if im in the mood to annoy the bf a bit 😛 😛 😛

            Reds are classy but they can also go very wrong and look very *ahem* hookerish if you have the wrong shade 😛 😛 😛 😛

            If you do go to MAC just to have a look – check out this lipstick shade called Chilli – instead of the blue undertones that most reds have this one has yellow, brown tones which look
            amazing with Indian skin.

            Out of curiousity – somewhere u mentioned you were studying the history of Indian Journalism – Are u a BMM student ? 😛 😛

            1. ahahahahaha!
              i know red lipsticks can look a bit :giggle: …hahaha
              But yes if it’s worn occasionally it might look good 😀
              Yaaaaa Noone wears it in college,
              Even if you do wear something extraordinary
              all you get is a -:O HAAW?
              haha so i am mostly planning to move out of bombay after my grad. so annoying!

              hhaha i used to wear those tic tacs in 11th grade, it was a big rage then na? :D!
              Yes i am in BMM :O OMG!
              hahahaha 😛
              You toooo?
              .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

              1. Yes I know the HAWW 😛 😛 😛 I still get it at times but I think I love make-up too much to care anymore – but apart from the red I keep it pretty simple. My friend however gets a lot of flak – she loves eyeshadows – and generally in some very funky shades like yellow 😛 which in bbay are rarely rarely ever worn during the day so you can imagine the kind of comments she gets ….

                Coll girls in Bbay Im telling you – play it too safe – too much kajal and not much else. You should see girls in coll here in Mel – OMG the colors !!!! its absolutely amazing to see the possibilites !

                Yeah the tic tacs were super big then and a lil later – like when Aditi wore them in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 😛 😛

                BMM – guilty as charged. Im finishing mine in Melbourne though – I have a fair few friends in Bbay who just graduated this year 😀 😀 😀 😀
                .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

                1. hahahaha 😀
                  yes you guessed it right jahnvi 😛
                  oohhhhhh i know
                  i hate eyeshadows anyway, maybe because i got used to the whole
                  routine life here!
                  I might as well move to some country where i can experiment with all this hahaha! 😛
                  Even about the clothes- i cannot even wear blazers or jackets
                  it’s so freaking HOT! AAAAAARGH! 😛
                  nevermind 😛
                  How’s BMM there?
                  obviously must be better 🙂
                  i havent seen jaane thu….till now 😛
                  I am not into movies at all 😐 i know weird
                  haven’t even watched DDLJ till now 😐
                  hahaha 😛

                  oh i know, even having a smokey eyes makes people stare at you …
                  haha so yellow shadows YES! :p
                  PEOPLE will like pounce on you!
                  .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

                  1. Media student not into Films ???? 😛

                    I don’t like eyeshadows myself – I don’t like the shimmery ones even though I have them and unfortunately I don’t have any matte ones – def have to look into getting some .

                    The course is good here but very very diff what what you guys do in Bbay, its more theoretical and general here, unless you wanna do journo (which I am guessing you are majoring in). I used to wear this short funky corduroy blazer in the 11th grade, but I was in school with AC all over so 😛 . But yeah no fun with jackets in bbay – but on the other hand you get to experiment with kurtas and textiles – believe me its like a funeral on the streets here – everyone is in black, blue or brown ICK !!! I feel like im in some black and white film.

                    In Bbay – anything that isnt kajal will make people stare at you 😛
                    Once just for kicks I put on black lipstick (after a visit to MAC) this was the rage a year ago thanks to Twilight – and OMG you would believe the looks i got from aunties !!!!! 😀 It was awesome to their faces !!!!

                    Seriously whats the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done make-up wise ?
                    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

                    1. hahahah i know right? 😛
                      I am doing journalism, but i am totally not getting to that journalism side 😀
                      I am planning to be a graphic designer [fashion stylist and photographer-side kick]

                      let me think
                      This might make you laugh 😛
                      But i had just worn some liquid blush on my cheeks 🙂
                      That’s it!
                      does it harm you? or harm anyone ?
                      CRAP!everyone was staring!
                      it looked normal ok?
                      i felt like , as if i am in some village or something 😛

                      ok ya so talking about the weirdest thing-
                      I had done this super ultra goth like smokey eyes once.
                      I used to look super goth like in my first year
                      Not those dangerous types 😛
                      but yes GOTH
                      and even i didn’t realise that
                      except for that pale face-i did look like that
                      and i had this super ultra SMOKEY EYES!!!!
                      and people were like :O :O :O
                      and i was like “I AM GOING TO DRINK YOUR BLOOD”
                      what else 😐
                      so lame na?
                      hahaha! 😛

                      I own just one kurta that my mom got for me recently.
                      I know i sound super weird 😛
                      actually i am. 😐
                      THAT BLACK LIPSTICK incident was :O
                      i mean seriously hats off to you to be so brave and all 😉 😉

                      and one day i had worn this sort of a vintage like hair bow
                      and a white shirt with a long chain..
                      i looked complete vintage
                      with an umbrella that frills 😐

                      so 😛 i got weird stares !
                      haha 😛
                      tell me more?
                      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

                  2. The reply button went from your last comment so I’ll reply here 😛

                    I totally get what you mean about the blush – I used to get that when I was in the 10th and wore lip gloss even !!!

                    Lol – No one gets the concept of vintage only – Its like if its old – throw it away !!! No fun only …. Btw that out fit sounds super super funky !!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: me like !

                    Im surprised the smokey eyes got stares, If Indian women get their kicks off raccoon eyes no ( IMBB chicks excluded) 😛

                    In bbay – I use Blue Mascara, its not very noticeable but it def gave my mom a bit of a surprise.

                    My fav though was here in Melb – I was trying to dress up like a vampire – but i needed to look vampireish without the fangs – so i whitened my face with baby powder, rubbed blue liner under my eyes (like all over) so it had that recently died blueish tinge, on top I lined my eyes with red lip liner and smudge, rubbed red lip tint over the eye lids, then put some purple liner and the blue liner and smudged – so it kind of looked bloodshot and bruised. Then I put Blue liner on my lips and smudged again so my lips had a blueish tint. I walked to a friends place and bumped into this Indian family there they had this lil kid with them and I think I freaked the kid out like seriously !!!!!!

                    Being a stylist is awesome fun !!! I did it for a shoot once and it AMAZING !!! All the best with that – its super creative and sounds purrfect for you :D:D:D
                    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

                    1. i was a BIG GEEK
                      till my 8th grade 😀

                      you’re scared a kid 😛 poor thing!!!!!!! haha
                      you into twilight or something???

                      Planning to be a make up artist? 😀
                      Woah amazing 😀 that you could do the photoshoot thingy 😀

                      I get free passes for lakme fashion week, but i never go because it’s silly 😛
                      20 mins -they walk-we see-
                      🙂 OVER
                      and the clothes are silly
                      very silly !
                      Don’t you think?
                      How can an average indian women wear it?
                      If you ask them to describe the clothes
                      “oh so…i have just given some texture here..
                      with these diamonds from africa….and then
                      you can see the flow here ”
                      😐 BULL CRAP 😛

                      i mean i hate those shows 😐
                      They don’t really make sense 😛

                      We talk so much :O
                      Did you notice that?
                      Thank you 😉
                      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

                    2. Ok all the reply buttons keep disappearing 🙁

                      I was always a geek – Im just a geek who loves make-up 😛

                      Twilight is ok – books are better but I LOVE True Blood and The Vampire Diaries !!!! IF you haven’t seen the Vampire Diaries just check out the main guys – they make Edward Cullen look like Horse poop !!!! *Drool*

                      Speaking of Fashion Week – I was just sent this link today check it out
                      A Mini Sareeee !!!!!! Talk about un-wearable and Bizarre !!!!
                      Some of the Designers are good though (vereeee pretty dresses) and the wedding collections are generally AMAZING but yes on the whole I’ll agree with you …. there is a fair bit or pretentiousness around … but thats what you get in an industry thats all about appearances (even though everyone will dis-agree and say that its all about self expression yadda yadda)

                      Hahahaha yes we do talk alot, Im super talkative , when I was a kid my mom used to pay me to shut up !!!! great way to earn pocket money 😛 😉

                      Yeah the shoot was pretty cool – just look for a stylist who is willing to take on an apprentice or an intern – they get free slave labour and you get work exp …. win win !
                      .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

                    3. i do not like twilight 😀
                      andi would love to watch vampire diaries i don’t because i get scared even of the
                      smallest horror scene 😐 and gore
                      so 😛 i stay away from all the scary crap!
                      I got scared of “SCARY MOVIE -1” 😐
                      I might sound all timid ,scary cat like..
                      but i am not 😎
                      my weak point is scary movies haha 😛
                      haha i know
                      that sari looks hideous !! 😐 haha
                      bad !
                      and the person wearing it? :O
                      WHO THE HELL IS THAT?

                      Even i talk a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

                      ya 😀
                      it’s better to intern with stylist.
                      and you slog for them
                      -they have fun
                      -you get some experience 😀
                      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  2. hi gia

    liked your write up…am a complete boho girl…right thr my college years,work and motherhood…its very versatile for all age groups…saw ur videos on you tube and i really liked them…pretty creative…specially the background score…well i think you are the right person to answer my query…where in mumbai(linking road,hill road) can i buy a jump suit?? i know i can buy all he shrugs and hair clips and bands there…planning to visit soon…

  3. hey

    i just remembered…i did a project in my fashion design course on 6 diff looks…boho,punk,casual,ethnic,fusion n one more which i dont recollect now!!! :-((

    n i had so much fun doing it…i just love fashion…n thanks to IMBB(started following recently) have developed intrest in makeup too…. 😉

  4. Hey Madhura

    I know you asked Gia but I saw some interesting jumpsuits in Bandra in July – try this place called H2O at Pali and also the other lil bandra boutiques like purple turtle etc ….

    And Im sure Gia has a much more accurate answer for you but I figured I’d just share this with you 😛
    .-= Janhavi´s last blog ..Power ! – Kanye West =-.

    1. 😀 i would suggest you to go to colaba for some reason.
      Bandra is an amazing place to shop.
      But then colaba has a shop which has products from H & M , Topshop and even F21 🙂
      Okay so to go there,
      enter colaba causeway..
      and as you enter the place
      you will find many shops/stores on the left side 🙂
      I am not talking about those stalls
      but real stores 😀
      It may not seem that amazing.
      But enter the shop..
      go through the clothes.
      Trust me you will find amazing pieces 🙂 and yes jumpsuits too!

      Okay talking about Bandra,
      as jahnvi mentioned check those shops out. 😀
      Also there are many boutiques between bandra to santacruz
      on the way!
      Okay so here are the names of the boutiques in bandra
      Just phat,Aura,hues,Orange blossom and many others
      I recently saw this amazing jumpsuit for just 250 bucks.
      The long one 😀
      [ day before yesterday]
      It was on hill road-Do not remember the shop name 🙁

      THESE are the usual boutiques like-
      khodal,outfit,kink etc on linking road.

      I guess you should walk a lot on hill road and linking road 😀 and you will discover new shops !
      There are so many out there !! Like a lot of them! 😀
      I used to find a new one , each day haha 😀
      Hope this helped!
      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  5. Madhura-
    I love the whole Boho look ..
    It looks so casual and feminine yet a bit “Don’t mess up with me , am already messed up! ” look haha!
    Oh you did fashion designing :O?
    Amazing 😀
    I always wanted to be a fashion stylist :-))
    Might do it in future.
    And yes i was planning to add all those categories there,
    but it would be super super long :-((

    Oh and about the channel 😀
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I am glad you liked it 😉
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  6. I mostly lean toward preppy looks. I tend to go all OCD on looks without clean lines and symmetry so boho is out for me 😛
    Loved this post! More fashion posts please! I guess Rati will need to change the name of this website to 😛

    1. Thank you devie 😀
      i am glad that you liked it 😉

      hahahaha 😛
      So you’re ” audrey hepburn ” type eh?
      haha even i tend to get all obsessive about it.
      But my hair is curly it does look ..sort of messy and curly 😛
      so yes i need to bear with it 😛
      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  7. Hey Gia…..m new here..just joined….
    saw ur channel on youtube…ur super cute 🙂
    i have curly hair too :laugh: :yes:
    loved the post.. :yes: :yes: … m more of a rocker chic…a bit of boho(accessories n flats)…n preppy make up wise(m a sucker for nudes)…except for the eye i love the heavy kohl or smokey look 😉 😉

  8. hey gia

    thanks dear for your help :-*

    i was a regular @ bandra 4-5 years ago bfr i got marriedand moved out of mumbai…but hv shifted back to mumbai now. :yes: …so just wanted to chk the latest stuff…you young girls know better naa 😛 😛 😛 😀 he he he :giggle: :giggle:

    my boho look now is my naturally curly hair,dark eyes,gloss,nose ring,ear piercing…now a days i wear lot of kurtas(to hide my post pregnancy flab 😉 😉 ) with churidars…hv tried straightening my hair but it kinda kills the look…so right now its all original for me… 😎

    you know wat even though i did that course in FD iam a banker by proffession(currently a homemaker,mother) on a break…i hv a degree in economics 😀 !!!but yess i hv plans to go back to FD once my son is lil older…

    now keep up the good work…i will surely follow ur work from now… :-* :-*

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