Kryolan Professional 1711 Shader Brush Review

Kryolan Professional Shader Brush

A slanted-head brush made of very soft natural bristles. The slanted form of the brush is outstandingly suited for application of blusher and shading preparations.


$23.40/ INR 525

I am reviewing a brush I am loving these days. I picked it up from Kryolan Chennai, which I dearly miss.I think this brand has some really unique professional stuff which is difficult to find in regular brands.The best part is that, though they may not look the best of the lot, they are super affordable and super durable.I love this brush as I find it very unique,  perfect for shading, contouring and I find it very versatile.This did not cost me a bomb, which is something I love again.

This brush comes in a rugged look, with a silvery grey handle,the brush feels thick and big-ish.The brush has animal fiber, I dont think, this has synthetic bristles.The brush is not too long, it feel chubby. The shape of the brush head, is medium to big, almost the size of the big contour brush.The handle is wooden which might crack due to many washes but it looks intact so far.
The brush bristles may look rough but trust me, they are quite soft.The top of the bristles might poke at an angle, that is if you do not use the brush, flat.But I think it is nt bothersome.You can use foundation or souffle to apply with the brush, using flat strokes.The brush can be used best to apply some contour color under the cheekbone.The brush blends well.The brush can also be used to apply blush on and blend it.It works great for all this.And anything else you can think of, powder or contour applications. this is perfect.The bristles feel taut and tightly packed.
The brush does not shed or bleed at all.The brush may look rough but I think a hair condtioner after the wash will help.It dries in a few hours and does not lose shape.It feels soft enough after multiple washes.So no issues there again. I think it is a very versatile brush to own and I love it, I am happy I decided to buy it before leaving Chennai.

kryolan shader brush

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  1. I want it I want affordable.r u still in chennai? Or Pune ? I read the review at right time.want to include this in my anniversary haul.thanks for the reco.

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