Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue Review

Hello Ladies,
Today’s review would be on ‘Mauve Hue’, the uncovered shade from the recent lip launches from Lakme.

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Price: 650 INR for 3 g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:
Crème look curated by backstage experts at Lakme Fashion Week. A chubby lipcolor that gives you luscious color and a moisturizing crème finish.

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My Experience with Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue

Mixed emotions surge through me as this would be the last lip tint crème Lakme experience that I pen down here. So far the journey has been very good with Lakme’s shiny cute chubby sticks which have mostly on the corals and pinks end.

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Color and Finish: A shade that would suit a wide variety of skin tones, for pigmented lips a lip liner could be used for an overall better finish. The overall finish has a blend of micro shimmers that these ranges of crèmes carry. Mauve Hue is shade of mauve that leans more towards purple with a hint of pink which is dependent on the reflection of light. Mostly a purple dominant shade with a shine similar to Nivea fruity shine lip balms, these are non shimmer lip tinted sticks. With a finish that is not too glossy, this shade of mauve is not a boring mauve, and is a ready to wear everyday shade of mauve that can sported with ease.

Texture: Light on the lips, these tinted crèmes do not hydrate but moisturize the lips. You can be certain that they will dry out your lips. They do not feel exactly creamy on the lips but if your lips are prepped properly, the application is smooth. If you got very dry or chapped lips I would highly recommend exfoliation or else the product might settle on the lip lines.

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Coverage and Staying power: Although these lip tint crèmes with a mediocre staying power provide a hint of intensity for a tinted lip crème, much cannot be expected in terms of staying power. They perform well for a hint of tint and last a meal and a snack after which a shade like ‘Mauve Hue’ is wiped off. As much as the color is easily buildable, this shade is likely to suit moderately pigmented lips with a mediocre coverage. The tinted lip crème does not crease immediately upon application but eventually settles down in the lines. No, it does not bleed or feathers out of the lips. It does not heavily transfer as well. This particular purple-pink shade probably leaves a tinge of stain that is barely noticeable otherwise no stain or shimmers are left behind. For some reason, I feel the lighter shades leave the lips faster 😛
Easy to build and to re-apply, ‘Mauve Hue’ carries again the same old mild vanilla fragrance to it that is barely noticeable. A small tip from my end would be to wear Lakme’s Lip Love Care Grape for this particular shade beneath as it is a great lip balm and the performance of the balm is so that it would help to obtain better coverage and finish. I have not used as it just did not occur to me then 😛 and in this case, you can skip a lip liner.
To conclude on these chubby sticks from Lakme, performance of the lip crème is shade dependent. Although it provides only a hint of tint, it is not regular mauve color in my opinion. This range of tinted crèmes from Lakme is colors crafted mostly carrying the spirit of summer. Containing hues of pink and brown, I enjoy wearing this shade immensely. If you are a mauve lover, it is a perfect to wear everyday shade.

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Pros of Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue:

• Packaging – Color coded short chubby stick with a classic silver cap with net weight, shelf and name specified below the tube in color coded sticker labels.
• Color – A shade of mauve leaning towards purple with hues of pink that makes a great everyday casual shade.
• Texture – Pearl-like non-shimmer finish with a shine not too heavy. A products that weighs light on your lips.
• ‘Mauve Hue’ can suit a wide range of skin tones and any complexion.
• Affordable.
• Easy to carry.
• Easy re-application.
• Mediocre staying power for a tinted shine lip crème.
• Fragrance – carries a mild vanilla minty flavor.
• A color that might camoflauge moderately pigmented lips with better results upon using a lip liner.
• Color that is easy to build.
• Does not contain heavy shimmers that will weigh down on the lips eventually upon fading.
• Mauve Hue does not leave a stain or tacky shimmers behind upon fading.

Cons of Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue:

• This crème is not a high shine or high shimmer one rather it provides a pearl mirror like shine finish which some may not prefer.
• They do not exactly crease but with a mediocre coverage, they make the lip lines obvious eventually upon settling on the lips.
• Lighter shades like ‘Mauve Hue’ need constant re-application considering the staying power.

IMBB rating: 4.95/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue: Yes, I would definitely repurchase this comfortable shade of mauve as I see myself likely to be wearing this shade on a regular day to day basis. I recommend this for you if you are willing to settle with a staying power like this, more so if you love purples and pinks with a little bit of shine.

Verdict: ‘Mauve Hue’, my everyday best lip BFF lip color to sport!

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10 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Crème in Mauve Hue Review

    1. TY Priyanka 🙂 *blush blush* . Was quite apprehensive while picking it. Thought I would not like this shade like I do, turns out that it is really good. Works for me atleast 😀

  1. I am in love with this beauty too. Luckily it has not dried out my lips yet. I am sorry that you have bad experience dear 🙁 I fully agree with you….this one makes a great daily wear mauve tint.

    1. Glad you love it Tiyasa. I too love this shade 🙂 Maybe my lips were strained :/ but I am very comfortable with this shade so yes daily and any day!

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