Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review

Skin tone: Medium tanned

Hello, beautiful ladies!

Recently, Lakme has launched Argan Oil Lip Colors in 15 beautiful shades. Since then, I wanted to try this lipstick, and I finally bought a shade called Soft Mauve. I always love neutral shades, and it is one of the perfect MLBB shade for Indian skin tones. Let’s get into the details of the lipstick.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review2

Price: Rs. 750/- for 3.4g
Product Description:
The power of traditional argan oil, now in your favourite lipstick. Say hello to argan oil infused lip colors, the all new invention by Lakmé.These lipsticks nourish your lips while delivering intense color. The best of both worlds is now a reality with its nourishing power as well as rich pigments. It has a beautiful creamy texture that gives your lips a smooth and silky finish. Available in 15 vibrant shades that complement all Indian skin tones, Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color is where the power of argan oil comes to life! Argan oil as a base makes for a wonderful lip treatment – almost like a replacement for chap sticks/lip balms. They can heal cracked lips and also keep them soft, smooth and conditioned. The use of this argan oil based lipstick during the cold seasons is perfect to prevent rough and dry lips.

My Experience with Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color:

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review1

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color comes in a gorgeous golden packaging along with a black outer box. It looks luxurious, and I absolutely love this packaging. Initially, I thought it is a metal tube but, it is a plastic tube still, it is one of the gorgeous looking lipsticks from Lakme. The only drawback in the packaging is that it doesn’t have any color-coded sticker, not even at the bottom so, spotting a particular shade is difficult. However, the shade name is written in a small font at the bottom.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color range has 15 gorgeous shades, and I’m really happy that Lakme has included some beautiful nude colors for all skin tones. Many women felt that the shades are quite identical, but as I don’t have much Lakme lipsticks, I am happy with the collection. The shade Soft Mauve is a beautiful and natural mauve color with a neutral undertone. It looks very beautiful on the lips and is a perfect MLBB shade for Indian skin tones.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review3

I love such daily wear nude shades that go with any makeup look. Soft Mauve is the perfect mauve nude shade, which I always prefer to wear on a daily basis. It doesn’t wash out my skin tone and doesn’t clash with any undertone. It provides a good color payoff in just a couple of swipes. It doesn’t contain any shimmers in it, and it can hide pigmentation on the lips really well.

Now, Lakme claimed that this lip color contains Moroccan Argan oil, and it actually feels smooth on the lips. It has an extremely soft buttery smooth texture that glides effortlessly on lips without any tugging or pulling. The consistency is very smooth and slippery which feels extremely light and comfortable as well. I am totally amazed at the texture and its formula. Also, the rich formula provides a gorgeous silky and creamy finish to the lips. It actually gives me a break from my non-stop love for matte lipsticks.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review5

But due to its creamy finish, it does transfer, but the color doesn’t fade away from the lips. It still looks good, and over the time, it settles into a beautiful mauve stain. Also, the lipstick doesn’t settle into fine lines or creases. Though the texture is creamy, it never looks messy or smudgy on the lips.

The formula is great to provide intense nourishment to dry lips, and it keeps the lips soft for long. It gives that perfect moisturisation to my lips and never highlights dry patches. Only after a long day, my lips starts to feel slightly dry, but it is pretty normal. The lipstick never looks patchy, so I can easily layer it up or reapply it. It genuinely feels comfortable and soft on the lips.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review4

The lipstick stays put for around 5 hours and can survive light meals. But, it looks faded after a heavy lunch, and after 4 hours, the color starts to fade. So, it needs a reapplication. Also, the color is easy to remove. Thankfully, the lipstick doesn’t carry that traditional Lakme lipstick smell, which I really hate. It has a mild smell that is good for all.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review6

Overall, Soft Mauve is such a beautiful shade that would look flattering on a lot of skin tones. The formula provides a plumping effect to the lips. Only the round-shaped tip might create a little problem to achieve that perfect cupid’s bow shape for beginners. But, I can apply it nicely without any problems. I do find it a great buy still, some might find it a little pricey.

Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color Review7

Pros of Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color:

  • Luxurious golden packaging.
  • Comes in 15 gorgeous shades.
  • Beautiful natural mauve shade for all.
  • Perfect daily wear MLBB shade.
  • Super soft buttery texture glides smoothly.
  • Beautiful silky creamy finish.
  • Moisturises lips well and hides dryness.
  • Doesn’t feel patchy or heavy.
  • Comfortable texture and feels very soft.
  • Contains Moroccan Argan oil.
  • Color lasts longer for around 5 hours.
  • Survives light meals.
  • Leaves a pretty nice stain.
  • Nice smell.

Cons of Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color:

  • Packaging could have been better.
  • Does transfer and needs reapplication.
  • Can’t survive heavy meals.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Lakme Absolute Soft Mauve Argan Oil Lip Color?
Yes. I would love to try more shades from this range, and if you are looking for a perfect daily wear shade, just go for it.

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