Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub Review

Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub

Hello lovelies,

My review for today is the scrub from Lakme clean up range of fresh fairness. The face wash has already been reviewed  and I went to pick up all three but unfortunately the mask was unavailable, so I could pick up only the face wash and scrub. I picked this up on my trip to “Health & glow”. I badly wanted Walmart to come here but still I am very thankful that atleast Health & glow is there.

Lakme Cleanup  Fresh  Fairness Face  Scrub

Price: Rs. 110 for 50 g

About the product:

Salon like clean up now everyday at home!

• Its vitabeads and natural exfoliants are known to unclog pores to help remove blackheads, dead cells and excess oil for deeply clean, fresh and fair skin.
• Professional tip: Use the complete 3 step lakme fresh fairness clean-up regularly

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Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub  (3)

Directions to use:

Wet face. Take a generous amount and gently massage for 2-5 minutes in circular motion with fingertips avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

How the Lakme clean up fresh fairness face scrub worked for me:

To start with, my skin is a combination one and is little acne prone as well. Sometimes the oil secretion increases which makes it a necessity to have such small handy scrubs. The packaging I should say is very cute which is pink in colour with white and silver fonts on it. There were two sizes available, this one and a 100g as well. I picked the small one as it was a trial pack for me to see how the product suits my skin. The cap is a turn and open one in transparent white colour which does not cause any inconvenience. Although they had advised to use all the 3 steps together but I did not do it that way, I just used it as a scrub instead because I have many facial kits to be used and they have 4-5 steps where I enjoy my facial even more. The texture of the scrub is very similar to the St. Ives apricot scrub just the difference is that the granules are a little smaller  and the colour is light pink.

Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub  (4)

I expected it to be a gel scrub but it turned out to be a creamy one but it made me happier. When I applied it on the face , it was really smooth and not at all harsh. The smell is really good, it’s a floral one and I had a firangipani body wash so I know the smell and the smell of this scrub is somewhere near that. The scrub has neither  harsh granules which would make the skin go red or break out nor very tiny granules where you will feel that proper exfoliation is not happening, the consistency is perfect. I massaged it for 2 minutes and washed it off with cold water and my skin felt smooth and soft. I actually had touched my skin before and it was oily and this helped to remove all the oil and dead cells and I have lots of whiteheads on my nose area and the small not-so-very-harsh ones were removed and the area felt smooth as well. Although it did not brighten my skin or gave me fairness, the skin looked a little fair after washing it but that effect happend to me with plain water too.  There was no dry or stretchy feeling although the dry-skinned people may face a little dryness. I could actually saw that after using this scrub, the moisturizer is absorbed in the skin very well. Overall it’s a very nice affordable scrub and everyone should give it a shot!!

Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub  (2)

Pros of Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub :

– Budget-friendly.
-Cute packaging.
-Small and handy to carry in the bag to freshen up the face while travelling.
-Wonderful granules which do great exfoliation.
-Creamy and smooth consistency.
-Removed all the dirt and excess oil and even some white heads from my skin.
-No dryness seen although the dry-skinned people may.
-Smooth and soft skin.

Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub  (5)

Cons of Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub:

-May have given better results if would have been used with the entire range.
-Did not brighten or make my skin fair.
-They gave me only 40 g , the tube was not full . More than ¼ th part from the top was empty.

Will I repurchase/recommend Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub?

People who want to try out a new affordable scrub can try this, in fact everyone should try it at least once as it exfoliates the skin very well. I may or may not buy it if I find some better scrub.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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17 thoughts on “Lakme Clean up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub Review

    1. Yes totally Neha di *haan ji* *haan ji* and i haven’t tried the mask but from the facewash and the scrub i would tell you to go for the scrub *happy dance* its better than the facewash *happydance*

  1. I was supposed to get this, but somehow I forgot 😛 I guess this will be the only thing i’d purchase from this line. Won’t get a big tube 😛 *thankyou* *thankyou*

    1. Lol i guess now you’ll remember *hifive* yeah this works better as compared to the face wash *pompom* *pompom* yet to try the mask … as its your first time go for the smally one only *announce*

    1. I went to inorbit wala health & glow *hifive* yes pakka worth a try *happy dance* *happy dance* and *thankyou* *thankyou* soooo much *puchhi*

  2. as i see the scrub bits, i wanna try this too. but not available here where i live. i wish someday. – valarie

    1. Yes i know Val the scrub bits are really good exfoliaters *hifive* *clap* sad not available there *cry* do try it once someday lol *happydance* *happydance*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* soo much Tanvi *woot* me too loved the packaging…girly and cute *pompom* see how it works for your skin *hifive*

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