Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette Review

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Hello everyone,

Doing my eye makeup is the favorite part of my makeup routine. I love being creative and experimenting with new different colors on my eyes. I have been addicted to buying eyeshadow palettes (which I am sure you all love reading reviews of and seeing my EOTDs).  I have had good luck with a string of hits but my luck was bound to run out and a dud was inevitable. But that is what reviews are for; to convey our reviews so that all you lovely readers may spend your hard-earned cash wisely.  This review will be of a fairly new release by Laura Mercier. It’s the Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

Product Description:
An elegant and modern eye palette featuring a dozen eye shadows that range from cool to warm shades.  Enclosed in a luxurious textured, chocolate brown case, this complete compact includes a large mirror and 12 eye colors hand selected by Laura Mercier. Mix and match for endless eye looks.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette


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Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

My Experience with Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette:

I have lots of colorful eyeshadow palettes, but the stuff that’s usually missing in those palettes are good quality lighter shades, the kind which really shows up on the eyes and not blend into nothingness. I had been on a hunt for a good eyeshadow palette that would help me create dramatic cut crease look in which the eyelid is matte and light colored while there is a very visible deeper color in the crease resembling a cut.  When I saw this palette, I fell in love with the color scheme with a variety of shades of cream white and beige shades progressing to pale pinks and then deeps purples.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

Packaging:  No doubt about the fact that this palette is gorgeously packaged. It comes in a sleek case with a cushion-y top with embossed paisley design and signature of Laura Mercier on it. It has a nice size mirror inside and I love how the colors are arranged. The top row features all cool tone shades and the bottom row has all warm shades. The shade progress from lightest to deepest.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

Texture:  These shadows are very smooth and creamy. Even the shimmery shades do not feel gritty but the matte shades take the cake in the category of being the smoothest shades in the bunch.  They do not feel too powdery hence do not cause tons of fall out.

Shades/Blendability/Pigmentation:  When I bought this palette, I was actually very much in love with the color scheme, but when I started using it, that was the biggest drawback of this palette. Since this palette features so many shades from the same color family, there are very limited number of eye looks that you can create with this and most of the times, it has to include purple in some way or the other.  There are a lot of lighter shades (around 6 out of 12) in the palette and the pigmentation on these lighter shades is underwhelming and they tend to look all the same when blended. All the deeper and matte shades have good pigmentation and I am pleased with them.  All these shades are very easy to blend and feel very high in quality.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

Row 1 (Cool tones):

Sparkling Dew:  This is a nice matte white shade with a hint of shimmer. The shimmers sort of disappear as you blend away leaving just a hint of glow.
Guava:  A pale baby pink shade with a hint of shimmer. Pigmentation is poor and doesn’t really show up on my eyes unless built on heavily.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette swatches

African Violet:  This shade looks so very beautiful in the palette, but I was disappointed with how it applied. It doesn’t have good pigmentation and needs to be built up.  Even then, it doesn’t apply very evenly. I find it best to use this shade wet. When applied wet, it gives a beautiful plum color with a golden shift shimmer. I have used this shade as a primary color in the EOTD below.
Plum Smoke:  A cool-toned matte greyish plum. Makes a good transition shade and a shade to blend out harsh edges in the crease.
Kir Royal:  Deep mauve purple, a good shade to use in the crease, outer V or to smoke the lower lash line.
Violet Ink: A very deep violet, good shade to use to create purple smokey eyes or to smoke out kohl on the lower lash line.

Row 2 (Warm tones):

Vanilla Nuts:  A matte beige cream shade, makes a good highlight shade.
Primrose:  A pale pink with a hint of shimmer. Looks very similar to the shade “Guava” above it except for a difference in the undertone. Pigmentation is poor and doesn’t really show up on my eyes unless built on heavily.
Fresco:  A beautiful matte peachy shade. When applied, blends very well to my natural skin tone hence makes a perfect shade to set primer and cancel out any darkness on the lid. Also makes a good shade to blend out any harsh edges while blending.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette swatches

Bamboo:  A taupe-y brown with a satiny finish and hint of shimmer. This shade is a good everyday shade to wear on the lid, can be applied heavily for deeper color or sheered out for a light wash.
Truffle:  A nice deep matte milk chocolate brown. Essential to use in the crease and to smudge under the eyes to complement all the other purple tones.
Espresso Bean:  A deep matte dark chocolate, almost light black. Good to use to create smokey eyes.

Staying Power:  All these eyeshadows wear beautifully with minimal fading. The lighter shades do benefit the most with a primer underneath. I did not find them to crease, but I always use a good primer hence that is rarely an issue for me.

Look 1:

Pretty eye makeup

Used “African Violet” (wet) all over lid with “Kir Royal“ in the crease, “Plum Smoke“ as transition shade“Violet Ink“ in the outer V. Used a Mix of“ truffle“ and“ espresso bean“ on the lower lash line. “Sparkling dew“ as highlight

Look 2:

Brown eye makeup

Used “Fresco“ all over lid with “Truffle“ blended in the crease. Used “Bamboo“ on a precise pencil brush to wedge color in a thin line in the crease to create and illusion of cut crease. Used “Guava” in the middle of the lid to give dimension.“Vanilla nuts” as highlight. This look did not turn out as I envisioned it in my mind due to lack of pigmentation of the lighter colors on the lid.

Overall, this palette did not blow me away. Though I have nothing bad to say about the high quality packaging and feel of all the shades in this palette, I was unimpressed with the lack of versatility of the shades and lack of pigmentation of some shades. If I would think about spending money on a palette, I would want to be happy with each and every shade to feel like I have got my money’s worth, which is not how I felt with this product. Hence I will not recommend this.

Hope you found my review helpful. Thank you for reading.

Pros of Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette:

  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Shades are beautiful even though there is lack of versatility.
  • Nice size mirror.
  • I am very pleased with the pigmentation of all the deeper shades.
  • Shadows feel very smooth and soft.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Not a lot of fallout.

Cons of Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette:

  • Lack of versatility in the shades, hence you are constricted in what kind of eye looks you create.
  • Light shades which consist of almost half the shades in the palette.  They lack pigmentation and do not show up well.
  • Expensive

IMBB Rating:


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