5 Lesser Known Makeup Tricks You Have to Try!

Hey there beauties !

Time really passes by so fast, feels like just yesterday when I had started writing for IMBB. Writing for IMBB is such a great experience! It’s such an amazing platform for learning and meeting new people. 🙂 Today, I wanted a to share a few tips, that are really easy to do, and believe me, you won’t have to spend a penny to try them out. Hope they work out well for all you beauties! 🙂

Baby Lips for Highlight

5 Lesser Known Makeup Tricks You Have to Try!

Sounds crazy, right? Take your baby lips, (of course the clear one) and rub a little amount between your fingers. Then, use it on high points of your cheeks to get a beautiful highlight. It looks very effortless and natural. I saw this in action in Maybelline’s Show in the London Fashion Week just a few weeks back, and when I tried it, I totally loved it. But remember, when it comes to highlight, less is more!

Make a Custom Lip Color
All of us have lipsticks that we either do not use anymore or were a total disappointment. So, to put such lipsticks to a better use, make a custom color or two out of them. All you have to do is pick colours that you feel would look good in conjunction with each other.

Take your lipstick and use a hair dryer to melt the top. Make sure you don’t end up melting the entire bullet; just need to soften the texture. Use a lip brush to apply on your lips. Now, mix a second lip colour to get the desired colour.

You can also do this by mixing your lip liner and a lipstick. This is genuinely my favourite way to get the desired colour, as the lip liner upon drying leaves a matte finish, that really complements the texture of the lipstick.

Add Dimensions to Your Lips
At times, a bold red lip can look boring. It’s always fun to spice up your red lips. All you need is a dark coloured lipstick, like a dark purple or maybe a blue eye shadow. Using a lip brush, add the lip colour at the sides of your lip. This helps you add dimension to your lip and get a more versatile look.

Bring Those Business Cards in Action
Honestly, no matter how hard I try, I am never able to get a perfect cat eye. It’s so tough to get the exact look on both the eyes. This trick will help you get the desired look. Just take a business card, and place it at the same angle as the angle where your eyebrow ends. Now, use small strokes of your eyeliner along the edge of the card and you will get the perfect cat eyes or wings! 😉

There are many other ways to use the business card as well. Place the business card under your lashes while applying mascara. This will make sure that you don’t get the mascara all over your face, and also allows even application too!

Fix Your Mirror
When I look at the Instagram pictures of perfect eye makeups, all I think about is how to get such perfection! Well, for getting the perfect eye makeup, we need to take care of techniques a lot. While doing your eye makeup, always look at a mirror at an inclined angle. The mistake that we tend to make is by looking straight up at the mirror. Looking at an inclined angle helps you get perfect crease makeup.

Make sure, you use good brushes, and also use a light hand while doing your crease. This helps in getting a better finish and better blending of colours.

Additional Tips:

1. Blot Any Lipstick to Make it Matte: Want to turn your favorite shade of glossy lipstick to matte texture? Here’s what you need to do – apply the lipstick evenly on the lips. Take a tissue paper and blot on the lips gently. Now, apply some translucent powder over the lips and pat all over. Tada, here’s your matte lipstick!

2. Apply Concealer in a Reverse Triangle Shape Brighten Under-Eye Area: The easiest way to brighten up your under-eye area is to draw a reverse triangle and blend in with a sponge. It lifts the eye area in an instant.

3. Mix Moisture with your Foundation to Make Skin Dewy: No need to splurge on dewy makeup products when you can mix a few drops of moisturizer with your foundation and blend it as usual. Try for yourself to believe.

These were just easy tips, hopefully, they were useful for you guys. Have a beautiful day!

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