Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas

Our intimate areas are often ignored by us and they are also darker as compared to other exposed areas of the body, due to various reasons. In today’s post, I will tell you a few home remedies to lighten your intimate areas.

Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas


Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas 2

As we all know lemons have natural bleaching properties, so it makes a great lightning agent for intimate areas. You can just take a piece of a lemon and rub it directly on the dark skin, avoiding the sensitive areas. Do it daily for a least a month to reap the maximum benefits. You can also mix the lemon juice with a little cucumber juice or turmeric, if you have sensitive skin as lemon may sting the delicate parts.


Milk is acidic and a slightly an exfoliating agent. It helps to remove dark skin cells from the skin. Take gram flour or rice flour, add yogurt and milk to it, and make a paste. Apply this paste on the dark areas. Leave it on for 15-20 min and wash it off using water.


Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas 3

Yogurt has bacteria that hydrates the skin, soothes it and also helps to lighten it. Yogurt also helps with the yeast infection. You can make an exfoliating mixture by adding yogurt and oats. Leave this on for 20 min and then wash it off.

Tomato Juice:

Mix a table spoon of tomato juice with lemon juice and aloe vera. Apply this on the darkened areas. Keep this on for some time and then wash it off. Tomato juice and lemon juice will bleach the skin and aloe vera will moisturize it.


Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas 4

It is a natural antibiotic and it is full of anti-oxidants. It is a staple ingredient in every Indian household. It is used in so many DIYs too. Just add turmeric to cucumber juice and apply on the dark areas of the skin. This mixture will soothe the skin and will lighten it too.


It soothes the skin, provides relief and has a cooling effect on the skin. Make a paste of sandalwood and water. Apply the mixture and leave on for 20 min. Then, wash off with water. Do it twice a week.


  • Wear loose fitting clothes and cotton underwear. Cotton prevents excess sweating, since it does not absorb much heat.
  • Drink lots of water because it helps to flush out toxins from the body, keeps the skin smooth and hydrated too.
  • Avoid shaving and using depilatory creams on the pubic area. As they may result in discoloration and darkening of the genital areas.

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8 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks to Lighten The Intimate Areas

  1. This is so ridiculous! How do you even get your self to write such things?
    Lighten your vag? Like really? Are you going to love yourself more once you have a white vag? Or is your man going to love you more? Like seriously. And to IMBB I am disappointed in you that you are encouraging such faff as blogs on your site. Absolutely ridiculous.

    1. How sick people can be ! It’s good we discussed about it , if you are not happy with the content don’t read it. Who is forcing you to do these but there are people who love pampering themselves and mai ting themselves in every possible manner and this is post for them , not for people like you who are disgusted about the topics which should be discussed openly !

    2. I think you’re right Riyana.
      Also, vaginas have a certain pH level which is not to be messed with. Lemon, turmeric and other such substance are not meant to be applied over an area so sensitive. Cosmetic needs shouldn’t trump basic health care.

      1. I dont see the need for disgust in this article. The vagina is not an object of disgust. Due to negligence and improper maintenence the area can become dark. The author has used the word Intimate areas. I dont know about others but for me other than my pubic area, my under arms, the area under the breasts (big breasted ladies can understand) also come under neglected areas and intimate areas. While using lemon juice, the author has clearly stated that the sensitive areas should be avoided. What else is reqd? The person who follws the advice should use his or her commonsense if availabe and not blame third parties for the lack of the same. I repeat – The vagina is not an object of shame, for a woman it is a most prescious path to her uterus. Discussing something in relation to its hygene and maintenence should not be shamed. We have many women dying of cervical cancer and breastcancer because they are too ashamed to talk about thier problems when it can be cured at the first stage if she had discussed it with her health provider.

  2. And I dont know about other cultures, In tamil nadu, girls attaining puberty are advised to use turmeric and gram flour paste to clean their body including their privates after their courses are over and so its not a new thing to be shocked about.

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